Friday, May 25, 2007

Play play at park park!! (5/26/07)

Sunshade still no no here, I miss miss Sunshade... but me got Qila Qila to play play!

Mummy took took Qila and Jaffaman to a wittle school field to play play. Qila wear ooooooorange collar and purple harness ok ok?? Me me wear black black harness ok ok?

Jaffaman play played with blackie Labbie!

I said said Qila come play play with us ok ok??

Qila said said ok ok!! Me me so proud proud, see see Qila's pretty tail up up?? It was no up up yesterday yesterday. (mum: couple days ago he meant.)

Jaffaman said said follow me Qila Qila, me show show you all the fun fun places, fun fun things to do do and chew chew! MY Sunshade show showed young young me.

STICKS are fun fun ok ok?

It's fun fun to chew chew,

See see Qila Qila, like this this!

Qila said said ok ok giiiiiive me try try!

(mum: Jaffa is fairly passive, he lets his sister take anything away from him without complains. Although not as confident about the outside world, Qila is actually the dominant one of the two. She is more pushy, more demanding, following in the footsteps of her Aunt - Sunshade LOL)

Me show showed Qila how to make make stick fun fun to play play,

Play play like THIS THIS!!

Jaffaman show showed Qila pine cone cones!! Sunshade love love them, so me me love love them too, now Qila's turn turn ok ok?

(mum: guess what Qila picks up on our walks now? Yup, pine cones!)

Jaffaman and Qila Qila see see a puppy, but he no no got four leggies, only two two. Mummy said said it's a hooman pup and be gentle gentle.

(mum: Qila seems very intrigued by children. This little boy we met has a big dog at home that he plays with so he was very calm around the pups. Qila just couldn't stop herself from following the little guy around. She's very gentle, but still easily startled if a kid were to cry or scream. However, she definitely chooses the flight instinct by getting away instead of biting or snapping.

Jaffa on the other hand didn't seem too interested in the little boy.

I was worried the stick Jaffa was holding was going to scratch the little boy.)

Jaffaman and Qila play played game game called Terrorist of the Hill, see see, like this this,

But but Sunshade no no here, Sunshade should be on the hill hill.... hehe, so me came down down.

(Sunshade: HEY! Just because I'm in Victoria doesn't mean I can't READ you know!!!!)

OOOOPS... sowie Sunshade, me me just joking ok ok?? Don't be mad mad... I'm scawered....

Me me and Qila playing on hill hill,

Jaffaman said said this was so fun fun, me me happy happy HAPPY!!


More HAPPY HAPPY, pretty pretty Qila!!


Duke said...

What a great brother you are Jaffa! You're showing Qila the ropes and she's looking more confident by the day! Nice job!

Love ya lots,

Ruby Bleu said...

How fun...Qila is fitting in nicely! I want to come and play play with you guys!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Toby said...

Oh Jaffa, you are such a great big brother!! You're showing Qila all the fun stuff to do at the park. Good job!! Great to see her tail up up now!


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

You two are so sweet together. Qila is going to be super socialised in no time. I am still so jealous of all the fun you're having!

Oscar x

jaffeboy said...

Nice to see you playing so well with Qila. Don't let her bitch you around too much thou, ok?!

Headgirl said...

Gosh! You guys are ssssooooooooooo adorable, all I want to do is get a puppy!
Anyway, when back from next trip to CA, going to the rescue this pace!

Pats to both of you

wally said...

Haha! The ladies sure do rule the roost at your house.


Stanley said...


So fun to watch you and Qila girl together! I wish I lived close enough to hang out with you two. I want to get in on the fun!

Tell me, what is about the women in your family and their dominance? I'm trying to better understand Airegirls and thought you could give me some of your expert insight!

Goob love to you & Quila!