Sunday, March 28, 2010

We all look the same same!

Mummy said said to Jaffaman, lets go see Stellie-tellie and Lola ok? I said said OK OK!

Mummy no no want to bring my Sunshade, but I said said but Sunshade is crying...... we bring Sunshade too, me no no want my Sunshade sad sad ok mummy?

(mum: Sunshade doesn't play much anymore unless its with an un-neutered male, so I usually don't bring her to Jaffa's playdates. She wanted to tag along today tho!)

We met another big big boy just like Jaffaman there, peeple called him "Taj". That's Jaffaman's sister Stellie too!

Taj no no run around like me me & Stellie and Lola, so my Sunshade said HI HI to Taj! He's 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 years old,

(Sunshade: yes, I have been so deprived of the CALLLLLLLM-NESS that I so desire (over the last THREEEE years) that I must seize every opportunity to absorb the calm energy.)

Remember wittle Lola? She's no wittle anymore. She's Jaffaman's gurrrrlfriend. Me love love Lola! She can bite bite Jaffaman here and there and everywhere and me no no care!! (Sunshade: that's because YOU do that to everybody/doggie else!!)

Taj said said he want to ride ride Jaffaman. I said said, I'm a JaffaMAN ok ok?

Me me and Stellie run run fast, see see? My Sunshade and Taj said WOW WOW, they no no run that fast fast anymore.......

We all look the same same and play play together,

One peeple said said to all our mummies, we all look like GOAT GOATS!! His dog looked like this,

(mum: This guy with a Chinese Sharpei kept asking us on many different occasions what breed they were, and we kept repeating "They're Airedales", "yes, all of them are Airedales", "yes, this one too is an Airedale Terrier". Then after staring at them for the longest time, he said they looked like "goats" LOL! I found it amusing that the guy with the CHINESE SHARPEI was telling us our Airedales look like goats!)

My Sunshade got hot hot, cause she eat eat a lot, and got a lot a lot of hair! HEHEHE...

(Sunshade: what does being "HOT" have anything to do with how much I eeeeeeat genius? GEEZUS!)

My Sunshade turned flat flat, we no no flat, see see,

You see see Taj's ears?? He look the same same as my other gurrrrlfriend Faye Faye!

Mummy said said maybe Taj and Faye are brother and sister like me me and Stellie!!

(mum: Taj was the spitting image of Faye (more than just the ears!) except he was a little bit bigger. Faye was a rescue that my friends adopted. We knew the approximate area that she came from, her approximate age and that was about it. Taj's owner mentioned that he was from a breeder in the area that we were told Faye was from. His breeder also only had a pair of Airedales that he was breeding, and all the pups got tattooed in the thighs before they went to their homes. I asked my friends to check Faye for tattoo around the thigh area, and sure enough, it was there! Taj is 8, Faye is 6, so they could be brother and sister from a different litter!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Princess's Makeover Diary - Stella

Hi everyone, this is Princess Stella! It has been so long since I last spilled my Princess thoughts on here, so sorry about that. I mean, who wouldn't miss a pretty Princess like moi (learned that in my Princess Language Class just now!!) you know what I mean?

The last time I was here, I believe I was telling you about a Princess Makeover I was having to turn my silky hair into Princess hair. The makeover process has long been finished, but I have just been given the opportunity to show case part of my Princess Makeover Diary. A Princess keeps a diary for eeeeeeeee-verything you know what I mean?

Princess Stella's Flashback:

6 months old - This was my first makeover!

I was just learning what it felt like to be treated like a Princess. (Auntie Elaine: Stella was kept by the breeder until 6 months of age.)

I learned how great it was to have a silly brother by my side all the time. Afterall, every Princess needs her own body guard wouldn't you say?

10 months old - my second makeover

My Princess eyeliners were setting in nicely,

And my Princess figure was becoming more prominent, you see what I'm saying?

For the last 2 years - Princess Stella had a different stylist

The new stylist did a good job, I mean, how can anyone do a bad job on a pretty Princess right?

The styling technique did however made me lose some of my pretty Princess colours

(Auntie Elaine: Stella was hand stripped in the beginning, and then clipped for the last couple of years. She had lost some of the wiry texture as well as the vibrant black and tan that she used to have due to clipping.)

To bring me back to top Princess form, I re-hired my original stylist - Auntie Elaine!! She was more than happy to do my makeover. I mean, who wouldn't want the honour to service a nice Princess you know what I mean? I was also very wiggly I got to spend time with my silly brother, Auntie Elaine, and um..... hmmmm... maybe Auntie Sunshade.

Thus the beginning of Princess Stella's Makeover

Phase ONE: Saddle (11-09-09)

I was the BEST little Princess Auntie Elaine said,

But I mean, that shouldn't be a surprised as I am part of the Royal Family afterall.

By the end of the day, Princess Stella looked like this....

Oh please please don't be shocked... I'm still the pretty Princess you saw earlier, please believe me....

(Auntie Elaine: I have never stripped an Airedale bald before even tho I know that's what they do for shows. I have always left some undercoat on Jaffa and Stella when I stripped them prior. This time, I thought since she had been clipped for quite some time, that I should reset the hair by stripping her bald.)

Phase TWO: Neck, tail, thighs (11-21-09)

Princess Stella was even MORE bald now......

Oh no, what if nobody recognizes me as Princess Stella anymore you know what I mean?

Auntie Elaine said the princess hair will grow back very nicely. I hope so! I have very special people to meet you know what I'm saying? I guess, I do see my saddle growing back already compared to before.

Hug me hug me Auntie Elaine! Now that Auntie Sunshade is not here to yell at me, will you pleeeeeeeeeeese hug me!!

(Sunshade: You got GUTS posting that picture STINKY #2!)

(Jaffaman: my Sunshade no no let Stellie jump jump on mummy. I jump jump on mummy all the time, and Sunshade get mad mad, but me no no care!!! Stellie smart smart, she no no jump on mummy when Sunshade is around, but she jump jump jump jump when my Sunshade no no around! HEHEHHE!)

Ahhh...oh... I guess Princess Stella won't be seeing Auntie Sunshade for a while now that I'm in trubble...........

My silly brother had to wear socks because you see, he didn't go to Princess class to learn how to walk like a Princess like I did, and he moves a lot. So mean peeple from downstairs was like "GRRRRRR.... don't walk with your high heels on inside!! It's very loud!" to Auntie Elaine.

(Auntie Elaine: Nowadays I groom dogs at Derek's un-occupied apartment instead of the freezing garage. Its warm there and I can separate dogs if I needed to. Those apartments however are not very sound proof, so sometimes we get complaints.....)

Phase THREE: top of head, ears, side of neck, shoulders, chest (12-23-09)

Princess Stella ready for phase 3! Do you see the nice black colouring coming in on my saddle? I guess Auntie Elaine was right, and I'll be back to being a pretty little Princess soon! I'm the happiest ever!

I very nicely asked Auntie Elaine if she could refrain from taking any "after" pictures of me.... Princess Stella was gonna have a bald head & ears, how could I possibly show anyone my royal self in such state you know what I mean?

My shoulders, side of neck and chest were gonna be bare too....

Oh boy oh boy... how can a Princess walk around in public bare chested, I mean, I'm a girl Princess you know?

Phase FOUR: Cheeks, throat, blending of facial, leg furnishings (12-23-09)

Can you believe it? This was the last stage of the Princess Makeover!!

This was me all finished. Do I look more like a Princess now? Auntie Sunshade came with me this time. Sometimes, a Princess like me needs a break from my very busy brother you know what I mean?

Here is a close up of my Princess face,

My cheeks were just stripped, so they are kinda missing some hair.... I hope they don't take too long to grow back.... Can see the hair on my princess ears coming in?

After my makeover was over, Auntie Elaine was like oh I need to bag these left over Princess hair because they're royalty ya know? So she put me in a really small yard...... (Sunshade: She meant mum was trying to sweep the floor!)

I had never seen a flying yard this small in my life time you know? (Sunshade: *faint* its called a BALCONY...) Where's the soft green stuff that I can play on and run on and nibble on?? (Jaffaman: do you mean grass Stellie-tellie?)

I was like e-shuuuu-sssme Auntie Elaine, I think ummm..... you've made a mistake...... I'm a Princess so I can't be treated this way you know what I'm saying?

(Sunshade: Oh be quiet! Do you see who was standing beside you??)

Thank you Auntie Elaine for the makeover, but Princess Stella wants to go back to my castle now to see my KOOKIE family ok?

Auntie Elaine told me once my hair comes in, I will look like the most gorgeous Princess ever. Oh boy oh boy, I can't wait, you know what I mean??

(Auntie Elaine: Stella's leg furnishings are still quite soft and faded from the clipping. I didn't want to strip them all out and leave her with no furnishing, so the clipped hair is still there. With each strip, we will get rid of more and more of that furnishing and new orange wiry hair will come in slowly.)

2 weeks after last phase of the Princess makeover - (01-07-10)

My hair was still short here, but my hair was coming in nicely and looking very black and orange. I'm sure you can recognize Princess Stella here, I mean, you know a Princess when you see one you know what I mean?

(Auntie Elaine: Stella is looking even better now that her hair have all come in. I don't however think I'd ever strip an Airedale bald again!! The scary, ridiculous, bald looking stages they have to go through before looking pretty is a little bit too much. Somebody asked if Stella had "brain surgery" during the stage where her head was balded! I'll stick to the bulk stripping I had been doing with them before this!)

Lastly, I want to show you a video called "Young Artists for Haiti". It is a recording to the Wavin' Flag song from various Canadian talents to help raise funds for Haiti. Princess Stella's KOOKIE sister Hannah is in it. She plays the violin and you can see her at the 3:52 mark.

Princess Stella is so proud of my KOOKIE sister you know what I mean??

New new floor

Jaffaman want to show you my new new floors,

No more old old floors!!


Mummy said we put new colours in coz old old floor got lots scratchies from Jaffaman and my Sunshade,

(Sunshade: He's LYING! Even tho those old red/yellow/blue/green floor mats did have a lot of scratch marks on them, that was NOT the reason why we got these new pink/blue floor mats. The reason was because.......

HIS butt hole lost control and EXPLODED EVERYWHERE(while I was sleeping too)!!!!

So mum decided to throw all the mats that was touched by the STINKY explosion out. Then she couldn't find anymore of those original mats anywhere, so she decided to get rid of them all and replace with the new pink/blue ones.)

(mum: it was my fault... I heard Jaffa whine off and on, but decided to finish my movie before going to see what was going on. Boy did he teach me a lesson!)

My Sunshade said Jaffaman stay stay on blue floor ONLY, so me no no get pink pink floor dirty. But there's more pink pink than blue blue........

My Sunshade no no like the new floor, it make loud loud sound when we walk,

(Sunshade: these mats are a bit thicker and softer, and I can feel my SuperPAWS sink in when I walk on them. Not to mention, the noise - almost like the noise a squeegee makes.

NOT very pleased!)

Brave brave Jaffaman no no care! (Sunshade: that's your problem, you don't care about anything!!!!!!!!)

Me still play play with Mr. Sharkie,

Mr. Sharkie love love Jaffaman, see see,

Poor poor Sunshade, no no like new floor, so she stay on bed bed all the time....