Tuesday, March 15, 2011

White White Day!

We got lots of white white cold fings on the ground today!! (Sunshade: "white white fings" = snow .....)

See white white fings on Jaffaman's face??

Mummy said lets go to her old obedience school to to play play ok? (mum: yes... University of British Columbia was my advance obedience school LOL. This was at the UBC Golf Course.)

I said OK OK, but me no no want to have line line, me want to be like my Sunshade ok? (Sunshade: "line line" = leash)

Good mummy took my line line off! Jaffaman happy happy,

And fast fast!!!

Mummy said she want to play wif me too! See see my Sunshade, she yell yell and said NO NO PLAY WIF JAFFAMAN!! (Sunshade: I said "STINKY")

Then mummy said we rest rest and take pictures. But me no no want to rest, me want to play play, see,

But my Sunshade no no want to play wif Jaffaman... (mum: Sunshade, of course, was totally oblivious to his many play bows. Actually, she was just oblivious of "him" period LOL..)

Maybe DD-Guy want to play play?

Good good D-Guy said ok, lets catch white white fings!! I said ok, me READY READY!

Jaffaman jump very very high, see see,

DD-Guy got another big white fing for me and my Sunshade,



We GOOOOOO!!! Jaffaman got it!!!

(Sunshade: He BROKE MY NECK!!!)

Then my Sunshade got pine cones off a tree tree, and me took those pine cones, and .... and.... me love love my Sunshade!!!

(Sunshade: I don't know if that's "love", and even if it is, its very one-sided. I was lying there with the ONE pine cone that wasn't destroyed by the stoopid, and he just wouldn't leave me alone. How is it that world's most ANNOYING stoopid lives with The Perfect ME???)

Mummy said ok enough enough, picture time. Good good Jaffaman and my Sunshade!

Handsome Jaffaman, me love love YOU!!

Then me no no what happened, mummy die-died.... My Sunshade worry worry, see see,

But DD-Guy said you no no worry Jaffaman, so I said ok ok, me no no worry! by-by!

(Sunshade: It just shows.... I'm the only one mum can count on because I'm forever her best gurrrrrrl! You can read my version of the adventure on my blog!)