Monday, August 1, 2011

Me love Auntie Lydia

A nice lady came to see Jaffaman today. I no no know her, but I love love love her!!!

My Sunshade said she no no know who the nice lady is, so she no no want to say hi....

(mum: polar opposites here. One is aloof until proven worthy (in her mind), the other is just oozing with love to anyone and everyone!)

Mummy said the nice lady is Auntie Lydia. She got a doggie that look handsome handsome like Jaffaman, his name is Daveman,

Nice Auntie Lydia got me fing fings. Mummy said this bag is for Jaffaman, but me no no see my name on it?

My Sunshade said the baggie is for her, see see,

She took yummy fing fing out, and she no no let Jaffaman see it,

Good good mummy said Sunshade bad bad. She took yummy bag away from my Sunshade.

Nice Auntie Lydia said one kookie for piggie Sunshade, one kookie for handsome Jaffaman,

My Sunshade said she want more, and no more for Jaffaman. I said ok ok, me no piggie!

Good good mummy and Auntie Lydia said we go outside and Jaffaman get more ok ok? I said ok, me be good boy!

Yummy yummy, fank you fank you!!

Me said to Auntie Lydia, fank you fank you for making yummy kookies for Jaffaman (Sunshade: they were for ME!), me love love you!!

I said to Auntie Lydia, me sit sit on you ok?

But mummy use scawie voice and said Jaffaman OFFFFFF....... (mum: he thinks he's a 68 lb lap dog!)

Then everybuddy eat eat lunch. After we eat eat, Jaffaman said can I play wif my fing fings mummy? Mummy said yes yes!

See see, me got a new red ball ball and flying fings! (Sunshade: flying fings = Frisbees)

You throw ball ball mummy, me is ready!

Jaffaman good at playing ball ball,

See see,

Mummy said you ready ready for the flying fing? I said but me no no know how to play it...

Jaffaman said I pull pull wif D-Guy ok? But DD-Guy got mad mad at me... he said me breaking flying fing.....

Then mummy said learn from my friend Daveman, see see, this is what Daveman do wif flying fings,

I said ok ok, me can do that no problemo!

Daveman walk like this,

Jaffaman walk like this too!

Super Dave fly fly like this after flying fing, see see,

Jaffaman said WOWIE!! Me try try too!

Me hope me get as good good at playing flying fing as good as Daveman!!

Mummy said Daveman sleeps wif toy in his mouf like this,

I said ME TOOOOOO!!! (Sunshade: he needs a pacifier to fall asleep.....)

Jaffaman said ok ok, me no no want to play anymore, me want some kookies ok ok?

My Sunshade is nice nice, she said she go get get for Jaffaman, see see,

She got got the kookies, see see!!

I said fank you fank you Sunshade, you come out now ok?

I said to mummy, you open door for my Sunshade ok? She got kookies for Jaffaman!

Mummy said ok ok!

My Sunshade was nice nice, she said she bring kookies down the ramp for me, so me no no cawwy heavy fings. I said fank you fank you Sunshade!

My nice Sunshade said she open plastic baggie for me so me no no eat the plastic,

Then my Sunshade said she try try kookies to make sure we no no get tummy ache. I said ok ok, I love my Sunshade, she so brave brave!!

Then my Sunshade yelled her tummy hurt hurt!!!!!

She said the kookies were bad bad, so Jaffaman no no eat them, so me no no get tummy ache too.

I said ok ok, me no no want to get tummy ache..... Me worry about my brave Sunshade... I said your tummy hurt a lot a lot Sunshade?

See see, my brave Sunshade protect me from bad bad kookies!!

(Sunshade: it's so annoying when he just stares at me or at what I want!!! ARGHHH!)

Then me no no why, but mummy said Jaffaman eat eat bad kookie..... She said no no listen to my Sunshade.... I said ok ok, but me scawered to get tummy ache....

But me no no get tummy ache after!!! Jaffaman is lucky boy!

Jaffaman looked over at my Sunshade, (mum: I just finished stripping him the day before, so he's bald in certain areas. He'll look gorgeous in about 2 weeks time once the dark wire haire comes in. Right now all he has is a thin layer of lighter coloured undercoat.)

And me see my poor Sunshade lying there because her big big tummy hurt..... She saved Jaffaman from many many bad kookies. My brave brave Sunshade. Me love love my Sunshade!!

You can see more of my brave brave Sunshade on her bloggie ok?

(mum: I don't think I need to explain anything here.... let's just say the cookies were perfectly fine. The only thing they were guilty of was perhaps being a little too delicious. Thank you Lydia!!)