Sunday, July 29, 2007

Me got BIG BIG!! (8.5 months old)

Me me is 8.5 months old ok ok??

Weight at 8.5 months: 55 lbs
Height at 8.5 months: 24 inches

Mummy said said Jaffaman is a big big boy now, and have to be good good. (Sunshade: good good means STOP BITING ME and people trying to pet you!)


BIG BIG Jaffaman get to eat more more??? (Sunshade: what about the BIGGER Aunty??)

Mummy pull pulled my hair, so me no no dark anymore and got a wittle bit no no hair (Sunshade: he meant "bald". Boy am I glad I get to be clipped instead!)

See see dark dark me from before?? (mum: picture of Jaffa at ~ 6 months old)

Me me now, no no dark dark..

Me me shy shy... because no no hair here and there... so I said said I no no want Kaylie Kaylie to see see me go no no hair so me go behind the tree tree ok ok??

Mummy said said it's ok Jaffaman, dark dark will come back back and you will be handsome handsome for Kaylie Kaylie!

I said said ok ok mummy, me come out from behind the tree tree ok ok?

Jaffaman stand stand tall tall, because dark dark will come back back!!

Me me is happy happy dark dark will come back!!

Jaffaman is taller than MY Sunshade now, see see,

(Sunshade: that's why you should STOP BITING!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Me like like Sunshade's ball balls!

This morning, mummy said said lets go go Jaffa, we have to take Sunshade swimming.

Jaffaman said said OK OK!! Me love love Sunshade's swimming place, cause it's fun fun!

There are a lot lot of toys, but I no no like them cause they are not Jaffaman's.

I only like like MY Sunshade's toys. (Sunshade: he meant to say, he "especially" likes MY toys..) Remember MY Sunshade only like like Sunshade's toys??

Jaffaman TOO, see see,

Sunshade is good good at jump jump and catch ball balls in water and on ground ground,

Jaffaman want to be just like like MY Sunshade, so me practice! I said said I'm ready ready mummy! Throw throw ok ok?

Me GOT IT GOT IT!!!! (Sunshade: that's my muscle butt in the monitor behind STINKY, just thought I'd point it out.)

Me try tried with Sunshade's stickie ball,

Me GOT IT GOT IT too!!

Jaffaman is good good to bring Sunshade's ball balls back to mummy. Sunshade swim swim, me run run get Sunshade's ball balls. See see, like this this,

(Sunshade: this video can make you very dizzy, make sure you watch it on an empty stomach.)

I said said me me run run a lot lot, me take a rest ok ok??

See pretty spot spots on Jaffaman's tongue tongue??

Do I look look like MY Sunshade?? (Sunshade: dogsonally, I think my tongue + spots are one of a kind. Oh, and my tongue came complete with a drop of drool too!)

My tongue tongue no no go inside mouph.. I no no know why..

Stanley Stanley, me got good good juicy nosie too??

Mummy said said my tongue is nice nice. Jaffaman happy happy!!

Me me got ICE CREAM!!!

Mummy said said Jaffaman and MY Sunshade can have ice cream cream to help help friend friends.

Jaffaman said said ok ok, may me have it please please???


(mum: that's the difference between my girl and my boy. One asks politely, the other one DEMANDS!!)

(Sunshade: HEY! It WORKS doesn't it??)

Cream cream so yummy yummy! Jaffaman love love it!

Me me had cold tongue tongue, and my head head no no feel good..... (Sunshade: brain freeze LOL)

Mummy said said Jaffaman eat eat cone cone.

Me said said OK OK, thank you thank you. Me take take cone cone ok ok??

(Sunshade: how come you got to eat the cone??)

Mummy said said wheat wheat bad bad for you Sunshade, so me eat eat bad bad thing things so good good for you ok ok?

(Sunshade: NO! I'll take the hot spots!)

Happy Happy Birfday Maggie Maggie

Mummy said said Sunshade friend friend Maggie born born today (Sunshade: he meant 9 years ago today.).

Me me and MY Sunshade say say,

See see KOOKIES mummy got for Jaffaman and Sunshade??

Mummy said said "WAIT WAIT",

And then "OK" to eat eat!! Jaffaman was happy happy, so I no no eat eat KOOKIES, I said said I want to play play with my KOOKIES!! (Sunshade: BIG MISTAKE I tell ya, but a great one I gotta admit!)

Me me roll roll on my KOOKIES, me me no no eat eat them. Then me see see Sunshade walk walk away like this this, (mum: heading towards the bench where the rest of the kookies were..)

Then only wittle bit kookies left.....

Then no no kookies left, where did they go go to???

(mum: while Jaffa was busy rolling on his ONE cookie, Sunshade was busy making sure she cleaned up the REST of the cookies/cupcakes...)

My Sunshade told Jaffaman to watch watch and learn learn, see, like this this,

Jaffaman said said ok ok me me watching your mussle butt butt!!

(Sunshade: I told you he's helpless...)

Mummy said said no no learn learn Jaffaman, you're a GOOOOOOOOD GOOOOOOOOD boy!

Me me is 8 months old ok ok??

Weight at 8 months: 54.1 lbs

Height at 8 months: 24 inches
at withers

(Sunshade: OMG! STINKY's taller than me by 0.25 inches!)

(mum: don't worry, you still beat him in *ahem*.. width.)

Who is STINKY?? I no no know him.

Note: (mum: I know you're all wondering about Jaffa's sister, she is doing well and is a lovely little girl. Her posts are coming up, we are very behind at the moment.)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy Birfday Day Canada

Mummy said said today is Canada's birfday and Jaffaman live in Canada, so Jaffaman had to wear thing thing on my neckie and go walk walk.

We walk walk around a lot a lot of peeple, see see,

Me me see see water thing thing, and me me said said can Jaffaman eat eat water?? Mummy said said NOOOOOO, but I brought water for Jaffa. I said said ok ok. Mummy said said can you sit sit and STAY??

Jaffaman was good good, me stay stayed, see see,

Me me said said this is no no fun, me chew chew on my leash!

But mummy said said NO BITE Jaffa!! (mum: that's his command for stop mouthing) So I said said ok ok, me go bite bite MY Sunshade!


Me me said said ok ok sowie sowie Sunshade..... (Sunshade: NO YOU DIDN'T!!! You kept on BITING either ME or the leash!!!!)

Sunshade said said lets go to there, and mummy said said ok ok, let's take picture, look HERE! Sunshade said said let's look THERE!

Then Sunshade said said let's go see boat boats!! See, Sunshade know know all the fun fun places to go take mummy and Jaffaman.

Me me was a wittle bit scawered.... me see see water under me me ...

MY Sunshade said said just follow my mussle butt, you will be ok ok. I said said ok ok Sunshade, me me trust you..

Jaffaman was brave brave!! See see, me got down down and see boat boats! YIPPEE!!!