Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cates Park

Mummy said said lets take Sunshade and Jaffaman to pretty pretty park park ok ok??

I said said OK OK, thank you thank you Mummy!!

Jaffaman said said me can't wait wait more ok ok mummy!!!!

See see, Jaffaman at pretty pretty park park!!

Me me so happy happy. See see, me run ruuuuuuuuun,

Mummy got got Jaffaman a queaky ball ball. See see, me love love it!!

Mummy said said ARE YOU READY READY?? I said said, yes yes, see see my ready ready face??

(mum: he puts on a very "serious" looking face whenever I ask him "are you ready?")


Jaffaman can jump jump THIS THIS HIGH, see see,

Me me LOVE LOVE to jump for ball balls!! You see see me pretty pretty Kaylie??

Jaffaman saw saw two black black doggies far far away. So I said said me go see see doggies ok ok??

(Sunshade: even tho I was still in the water retrieving, I could hear mum said "NO", but you STILL went anyway!!)

(mum: Jaffa is at the stage where he wants to meet every dog he sees.. LOL)

Black black doggies no no like Jaffaman. They said said GRRRRRRRR....GRRRRR... WOOOF GRRRRR.... WOOOOF ...... GOOOOOOOO AWAY...

Me me scared, me me stand stand with tail down down. I no no know what to do do... Then MY brave brave Sunshade run run over to Jaffaman. Sunshade said said to mean mean doggies no no be rude rude to Jaffaman!! Me said said thank you thank you Sunshade, me go go see mummy first ok ok??

(Sunshade: the picture below is the enlarged view of the area with the red outlines above. I'm the one the red arrow is pointing at, and the blue arrows point at the two dogs.

Where I am in the picture is where STINKY was. He was surrounded on either side. I went to save his stinky ass, and guess what? He ran back to mum leaving me there to fend for myself!!

Can I EVER count on him??)

(mum: Classic example of how Sunshade looks after Jaffa, and yet she does just "enough" to get the message across.

Jaffa saw the two black lab X dogs down the beach while Sunshade was out retrieving a stick. I tried to distract him to have him stay with me. But of course, I wasn't nearly as appealing as the two dogs. He ran towards them but stopped about 10 feet away and "watched". The minute the two dogs saw him, they surrounded him and started growling, snarling, and barking at him. They obviously felt he was intruding or maybe they were being protective of their owner. They weren't making any physical contacts, so I wasn't too worried. Thought Jaffa should learn not every dog would welcome him into play.

Well Sunshade felt otherwise. As soon as she saw Jaffa was in the middle of the ruckus, she came out of the water, and ran all the way down the beach to where Jaffa was. She didn't even have time to drop the stick she had just retrieved, so she brought it with her LOL. Without hesitation, Sunshade went straight up to Jaffa who was looking pretty unsure by then. I watched from afar. I didn't hear any barking or snarling from Sunshade. She dropped her stick, and from her posture, I could tell she was giving them the famous don't mess with me "Sunshade LOOK".

Interestingly enough, the moment Sunshade got in the middle of the two dogs. They stopped barking, growling, snarling all together. Jaffa seized the moment, and ran straight back to me LOL. I continued to watch as I saw the two dogs approached Sunshade respectfully, sniffed her, and went their separate ways. Sunshade then headed back to us.

It's amazing how dogs just get that "Sunshade LOOK" the moment they see it. (Sunshade: what can I say, I look sexy when I'm serious! BTW, that's when my MUSCLE BUTT really gets accentuated..hehe!)

It was a good lesson for Jaffa to learn. After the incident, he stayed with Sunshade and me even when there were dogs down the beach. I could tell he wanted to go visit them, but he didn't. He must have remembered what had happened earlier.)

Jaffaman follow my Sunshade everywhere because no no bad thing things happen when me is with my Sunshade!!

See see, Sunshade swim far far. Jaffaman no no like it when me no no be with my Sunshade.....

(mum: look at how worried the little man looked when he couldn't see his Sunshade. Instead of swimming back the way she had swam out, Sunshade decided to take the shortest swim route and swam straight to shore and walked the rest of the way back along shore. He was so relieved once he saw Sunshade appear around the corner.)

Sunshade go go again. Me said said wait wait Sunshade, I go go with you ok ok?

Me me swim a lot a lot because my Sunshade swim a lot a lot.

Jaffaman saw saw my Sunshade swim hard hard back with stickie.

I said said, me help help you ok ok Sunshade?? (Sunshade: did I have a choice??)

Me no no want my Sunshade tire tired, so me help help.

Sunshade carry far far, good good Jaffaman help carry far far too, see see,

Me me and my Sunshade carried stickie back back.

Then Sunshade said said ok ok Jaffaman take it, me me tired. (Sunshade: Actually, I just gave up!!)

(Sunshade: can't you see, I was rolling my eyes, literally.)

See see, Jaffaman and stickie stickie. Me said said thank you thank you Sunshade!!

Me love love stickies!!

Mummy throw throw stickie for Jaffaman,

Me get get the stickie like Sunshade do do,

See see?? Mummy said said Jaffa good good boy! Me said said thank you thank you mummy!

Me me wemember my Sunshade put head head under water and get get rockie. Like this this,

Me said said Jaffaman can do do too!!

See see, me put nosie under water to get ball ball,

Are you proud pround of me Sunshade Sunshade??

(Sunshade: hmmm... errrrr..... ummm.... yea ok..)

Then mummy said said Jaffa and Sunshade, time to go go now ok ok? Me said said ok ok.... and we go go up high high stairs,

Mummy said said we walk walk to car car ok ok??

Mummy said said you wait wait ok Jaffa, mummy wipe wipe Sunshade first ok ok? Me said said ok ok, but me no no wet wet anymore....

(mum: the good thing about the wire coat is it dries extremely fast. By the time we got to the car, Jaffa was practically dry. Sunshade's coat on the other hand, takes FOREVER to dry since it's all undercoat.)

Me see see Sunshade doing funny thing things when mummy dry dry me. See see, Sunshade paw paw and bite bite bag bag. Me no no know what Sunshade was doing.

Sunshade said said she no no do anything. Me said said OH OK OK.

(Sunshade: I wasn't doing anything... just look at my innocent face!)

(mum: uh huh..)

Mummy said said a lot of car cars right now,

So Jaffaman and my Sunshade come here here first,

Me no no know how to read. Me no no know where here here is, but me want to go see see my Sunshade!

(mum: it was rush hour traffic. I didn't want salt water to stay on them for too long, so I opted to take them for a rinse at the self wash place.)

Then mummy said said ok ok, Jaffaman's turn! Me said said ok ok, me no no want to play play like Sunshade now. Me want to go go ok ok?

Mummy said said wait wait, Jaffa no no go yet ok ok?

Jaffaman happy happy to go go. Mummy said said me me and Sunshade good good, so we go to park park to dry dry. (mum: to wait out the traffic.. or so I thought..) See see,

Sunshade show showed me how to dry dry before,

See see, Jaffaman dry dry like this this too!!

(Sunshade: now that's more like MY nephew!) (mum: NO KIDDING!!)

Jaffaman happy happy. Me said said me want to play play in pretty park park again ok ok mummy??

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Play play at Rusty's water house!!

Rusty said said Jaffaman and Sunshade come come to my house to run run ok ok?? See see, me me and Rusty run run!!

Me see see my Sunshade in water, so me go see see too.

See see, Rusty came to see see too.

Jaffaman said said LET'S PLAY PLAY ok ok?? Rusty said said OK!!

(Sunshade: I was looking for my special rockie in case you were wondering.)

Me got got Sunshade's long long ball ball, see see. Rusty said said hey dude dude, what is that??

Jaffaman said said it's fun fun, you come chase me me ok ok??

Rusty said OK OK I'm COMING!!

Me run run fast, see see, like this,

But Rusty fast fast too,

See see, Rusty beside me now,

He catch catch me me.....

So smart smart Jaffaman said said me run run to boat house ok ok?

Then Jaffaman saw saw my Sunshade go far far in water, so me said said Jaffaman brave brave, me go go too!! My first first time!!

Me saw saw mummy at wood wood bridge (Sunshade: the dock), so me said said me swim swim to you ok mummy? Mummy said said good good boy, but mummy worry worry because Jaffaman swam out out to other side of wood wood bridge. (mum: he swam around to the other side of the dock and was trying to climb "up" to come to me...)

Mummy ran ran back to beach, and said said come here Jaffa!! So me said said ok, me swim swim back to you mummy!!

(mum: camera ran out of memory.....)

Mummy and Sunshade said said me me gooood gooood boy and brave brave Jaffaman!! I said said, thank you thank you!!

(mum: Jaffa acted like he had just discovered something really fun to do, and he couldn't stop doing it!! He is always trying to do what Sunshade does. You could tell he really looks up to her and wants to go everywhere with her.)

Mummy said said look here Jaffaman, me said said ok ok, and mummy said said WAHHHHHHHHH ............ scawie eye eyes ......

Jaffaman had a lot a lot of fun fun with Rusty. Me said said to Rusty me play play with Stellie a lot a lot you know?? And Rusty said said REALLLY!! Bring Stellie Stellie next time ok ok?? Me said said OK OK!!

Stellie Stellie, Captain Terry and Rusty said said you come play play next time ok ok??