Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Me got pressies too!!

Nice Auntie Nhi from far far away got Jaffaman and my Sunshade nice fings, see see, 

Mummy said to Jaffaman you sit sit and stay stay next to Sunshade ok? Me said ok but I'm scawered.....

So me make Jaffaman small...... my Sunshade no no like doggies close to her.... but me got to listen to mummy's scawie STAAAAAY voice... so me no no know what to do..... (mum: he's such a GOOD boy, living with two demanding females lol!)

See see, Jaffaman and my ear warmer, (Sunshade: It's called a SNOOD okay? *eyeroll* You can see me in MY snood on my SuperBLOG!)

Me also got a big bone bone!! See see, 

Jaffaman was happy secretly ok? Me just no no show it because me was next to my Sunshade.....

Auntie Sharon from far far far away gave me and Sunshade pretty fings too, see see, 

My Sunshade used her eyes to tell Jaffaman to go away, 

But I said me got no no choice ok? Mummy said me no no move.....

WHEW!!! My Sunshade no no next to me now. See, handsome Jaffaman look proud proud now!

More more pressies, but me no no proud again sitting next to my Sunshade...... (Sunshade: will you stop complaining? Do you think I wanted to sit next to you??)

YAY YAY!!! Jaffaman got yummy!!

Me really want it ok mummy?

Very very please!!

Me no no know what more to do to say please......

Fank you fank you mummy!!

It's ok to let go now mummy, Jaffaman got got it!!

Fank you my far far away Aunties for yummies and pretty fings too!