Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CNY - Saphie 11 weeks - by mum

We were invited to Helen's place for CNY dinner. Helen had asked me to bring both Sunshade and Jaffa, the more the merrier she said. Unfortunately, Jaffa had to stay behind because he had a little play session with a skunk in the afternoon. I don't think I need to elaborate on that. Sunshade was in the yard too, but she knows to stay away from skunks. She had an encounter with one about 7 years ago, and learned her lesson then.

Sunshade assumed her seat beside me during dinner,

I took some pictures of Saphie. She is 11 weeks old now and oh sooooo cute!

The glue on her ears came off, so her ears are flapping now. I haven't had a chance to clip off the hair on her ears to really see how they look, but from what I can tell, they're both coming up a bit with one higher than the other.

Helen is totally smittened with her dogter. She called me last weekend, wondering if she should take Saphie to the emergency clinic because "she's sleeping a lot, and not biting me" said Helen! I assured her that puppies usually have two speeds; chewing/biting/into everything speed, and conked out sleeping speed!

Saphie is growing up SO fast! I see a difference if I don't see her for two days!

According to Helen, this is Saphie's favourite play item - an aluminum pan for the rice cooker.

This girl has amazing attention span for such a young puppy.

She can focus on whatever training it is that Helen is doing with her, and she will continue to focus, make eye contact until Helen stops. I've had to tell Helen to keep training sessions much shorter than the 30 min, few times a day that she was doing with Saphie!!

Saphie must have sat here for no less than 5 minutes because Helen kept telling her to "watch me" (command for eye contact) for guests to take pictures. Since she was such a cute puppy, people wanted to take lots of pictures of her!

In puppy class, they taught owners to put puppies in this position and start naming body parts as you touch them,

So we do EAR - PAW - FEET - TAIL - TUMMY - HEAD - COLLAR, etc

Like I said, Helen practices A LOT with Saphie, even on CNY!!

Saphie is very respectful around Sunshade,

Well, most of the time!!

Saphie did have a consult at Sunshade's vet clinic last week, and she was LOVED by all at the vet clinic. Many commented on how Saphie reminded them of her great Auntie Sunshade, the way she trotted into the clinic as if she owned it!

Saphie weighed 11.4 lbs @ 10 week and 2 days old.

I just looked back on Jaffa's record. He was 13.6 lbs @ 10 weeks and 4 days old. If you want to revisit Jaffa when he was a little man, click here!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Yummy Juicy Juice!

Mummy said Juice no no nice, we eat him for breakie ok ok?

I said OK OK!!!

My Sunshade said WE NO NOOOOO EAT JUICE! See, she no no happy.....

Mummy said its ok ok to eat Juice, I said ok ok fank you!

Juicey Juice is yummy yummy, me like it!

My Sunshade no no eat Juice, she eat chicken only,

So me finished my Juicy Juice, and me eat eat my Sunshade's Juicy Juice too!

(Sunshade: You are beyond DISGUSTING!! If you would like to read my thoughts on this matter, please visit my bloggie.)

After me all done done, mummy said Juicy Juice is no no dead, he's still mean mean and fat fat, see,

Jaffaman ate wittle Juice, not Mean Juice,

I said to mummy, when we eat Mean Juice??? (Sunshade: OMG you are just SO gross!!)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Saphie Update - 9 weeks old (by mum)

I got to see Saphie today when I brought Sunshade over for some Reiki treatment.

Little girl has grown!! I know it's hard to tell from pictures, but she really has!!

She's loving her raw diet. Here she was patiently awaiting her dinner to be prepared,

When it took a little longer than expected, her little brain got working and she put herself in a "SIT" thinking that it would make the food appear faster. She is a very smart puppy, capable of thought processing already at 9 weeks old.

Borderline freaking out face! Food still wasn't ready yet despite sitting there for ages!

Saphie doing "SIT", "Shake paw", "Shake other paw" on command for her audience. My friend Isabelle and her mom were also there to see the "baby Sunshade". (Sunshade: EXCUSE ME??? What did you just call IT??) Helen is still learning about dog training, so we're still working on not repeating the same command over and over again. However, she's doing a good job and Saphie is responding very well. She is such a fast learner.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Her name is Saphira or Saphie

Little Girl Puppy made it to her home at last (last night). Her human brother, Shawn, named her "Saphira". He was very set on this name because his friend's Airedale was named Saphira too lol. Shawn is 15 yrs old, but a University student already.

Brother & sister photo,

Shawn couldn't wait to share pictures of Saphie on Facebook,

Saphie got used to the new environment rather quickly. The little tail of hers was up the whole time.

She quickly showed her new family how smart she was by doing her business beautifully in their yard, in the pouring rain.

During the four days that Saphie stayed with us, we had one accident only (if you count that as one...). Derek and I went out for about 4 hours, as soon as we got home, I asked Derek to get Saphie from her crate and to quickly carry her out to pee. Instead, he took her out of the crate and started cuddling her. I should also mention the way he was holding her pressed on her little bladder. So yup, she peed all over Derek!!! First the guinea pig, now the puppy...lol!

Anyway, after Saphie did her business in the yard, she came back in and showed off her perfect SIT!

Shawn reenforcing the SIT,

Helen very proud of her dogter. She already has a genius son, perhaps her dogter will be equally spectacular.

Saphie waiting patiently for a goodie from the goodie bag,

Shawn working very hard at getting the treat bag open while Helen couldn't keep her hands off Saphie,

Need a little help Shawn? Saphie still sitting very patiently waiting for her treat.

The long awaited bully stick!

Shawn had been studying an Airedale breed book where he read that it was good to touch the puppy while she's eating so she doesn't become food possessive.

He put that to practice immediately,

What language is that you're speaking mom?? (Helen talks to her in Mandarin sometimes)

During the time that I was over, Helen enrolled Saphie with Trupanion, an insurance company. We signed her up for a puppy class at Dogsmart (where Sam's mom teaches at), and we also registered her a city license. I think this little girl is set for life! Puppy classes start this Saturday, January 4th!


The few days that Saphie was with me, she visited lots of friends. She, together with Sunshade have convinced another couple that an Airedale was what they wanted. Unfortunately my breeders won't be breeding again for a while, so our friends have their names down for a "curly hair" (that's what they put on the puppy questionnaire) female puppy from a local breeder. The puppies are suppose to be due end of this month, ready to go home end of March. Saphie might have a little playmate to play with soon!

Saphie also visited a relative, her Aunt Stella who is Jaffa's sister,

Stella was GREAT with Saphie! She really took to Saphie right from the start, unlike Jaffa! Stella's tail wagged non-stop.

Stella's mom, Maureen giving Saphie some reassuring pets while Maggie, the Cairn that they were babysitting got a few sniffs of Saphie,

Stella's beautiful sissy, Hannah!

Stella was just making sure that she was still Hannah's #1 Girrrrrl!

Stella making sure her breakfast was defrosting well on the counter,

Our gentle happy girrrrrl Stellie!

Saphie felt right at home, she's one confident girl!

Lastly, Jaffa warmed up to Saphie a little... sort of.. lol!