Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Anything Sunshade do I can do do TOO- (15 weeks old)

Weight at 15 weeks old: 24.2 lbs

Mummy took some pictures of me me today. I always try to do do what Sunshade do do.

Sunshade tilt tile head head,

I can tilt tilt head head TOO!

Sunshade run run,

I can run run TOO!

Sunshade show show her big big nose,

I can show show my sorta big big nose TOO!

Sunshade pose pose,

I can pose pose TOO!

Sunshade play play with a stick,

I can play play with a stick TOO!

Sunshade give give her side profile,

I give give my side profile TOO!

I got thing things!!!!!

Sunshade's friends send me thing things (Sunshade: as in pressies...) !! I think they like like me!!

The thing things were from Sunshade's boyfriend, Bogart, and Baby n Boy. I was so happy happy. Look, I gave mummy my paw paw and asked nicely for my thing things,

Bogart is so handsome handsome, and he gave me pine cone-cones wrapped in blue ribbons. I love love pine cone-cones!!

I play played with them,

(Sunshade: while I made sure none of his stinky parts touched me!!!!)

Then Sunshade and mummy told me "Come here Jaffa/STINKY, let's put this pretty thing on you."


Sunshade said said that's what the blue ribbon was for, so I listen listened!

Mummy said said LOOK HERE!

Mummy said said SMILE!!

Mummy said said STICK YOUR TONGUE OUT!!

Then I open opened my thing from Baby n Boy,

It's a Dino CUZ CUZ!! It makes funny funny noises, it makes me laugh laugh. (Sunshade: told you he's more than a little awkward)

I love my thing things from Bogart, Baby n Boy so much. I put them together in front of me and play played with them for a long long time.

Thank You Thank You, Jaffa is happy happy!!

But I no like the ribbon.....

Dear Handsome Bogart:

Can you please please not wrap my pine cone-cones in girly thing things next time?? Mummy and Sunshade make me gay gay.....

Sincerely & Love lick-licks,

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday (2/23/07) 14.5 weeks shots

Weight at 14 weeks old: 21.9 lbs

Mummy clean clean some hair off my face and ears, and she say say I look like a big boy now. I say say, can I eat more more???

(mum: he already eats more than Sunshade at about 500-600g of raw meaty bones a day.)

We finally had a few hours of sun today so mummy took Sunshade and me to Thunderbird field.

I ran ran with Sunshade, and do do all the things puppies do.

I eat eat grass

I look look up at the sky

I made a wish

I wondered if my wish will come true....

I eat eat some leaves

I got close....


I chuckle chuckled

I thought about the bone bone I had

I got distracted

I pose pose as BIG foot foot

I wave wave the camera good bye!!


(mum: Here are pictures of Sunshade at 13/14 weeks old:

She's my FLUFFY gurrrrl!!)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Puppy Class Graduation

I graduated, I graduated!!!! I'm happy happy, I got my graduation certificate.

We had lots of play play time, and we played lots of game games today. Mummy's camera battery was dead dead before we even got to class, so no pictures. (mum: I think I need new rechargeable batteries..)

We did "LEAVE IT", one pup at a time. I had to walk walk past a roll of toilet paper, a bag of cat treats, and a peanut butter filled KONG. Anytime I show show interest in those, mummy say say "LEAVE IT" and I look at mummy and got a treat treat. I didn't like the KONG at all because it's got peanut butter in it. No peanut butter for Mr. Jaffa... I don't like like.

After that we had Puppy Come Races. Our mummy's stay-tayed at one end of the room and we stay-tayed at the other end of the room with the helpers. Then when Lisa say say "GO" mummy's call call us to "COME", and see who went to his/her mummy first. I ran fast fast at first, but then I saw Hector and Darcy beside me, so I slow slowed down to see see them. (mum: he looked like he was sightseeing.) Then I saw Darcy, and Hector went to my mummy, Gerogia went to Zoe's mummy, and Zoe went to Georgia's mummy, I said ok ok, I'll go to Darcy's mummy. (mum: OMG.. it was HILARIOUS!!!!) We didn't go to right mummy's so we had to race race again to get a winner. So we ran ran again, and I went to Hector's mummy this time because Hector and Darcy still went to mummy. Only Georgia and Zoe went to right mummy's, and Zoe was faster, so she won!!

Just before our graduation ceremony, we each show show tricks that we know. I only know paw paw and wave wave...... Gracie did roll-over and Turbo did "go get your ball".

Graduation time!! We each had to go go to a platform and "SIT" to receive our graduation certificates. Along with the certificate, I got my photo album from the Scavenger Hunt, a bag of yum yum from Fetch (mum: dehydrated liver treats), and an orangy ball ball from Fetch too.

The photo album had all the pictures of me me from my scavenger hunt. The first page of the album has business cards of our trainers; one of Lisa's Dog Dayz Daycare, and the other one of Joan's training center.

I didn't go go to all the places I was supposed to go for the Scavenger Hunt because mummy didn't have time to go to N. Van that often. But but mummy did take me to other places and I got got bonus points. These are all my bonus points:

Outdoor Event

Night time socializing

With Georgie

Back yard zoo


Good job Jaffa!!!

Hopefully I am a good good socialized pup now. Mummy say say I might start good good boy class soon (mum: basic obedience class), but she has to check her work work schedule....