Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spanish park park wif Stellie

Mummy said said to Jaffaman, lets to see Stellie at water park park ok? I said ok ok, fank you mummy!!! (Sunshade: I was abandoned at home BY MY SUPERSELF!)

I meet meet lots of friends, see see,

Jaffaman stand tall tall to look for my sister Stellie, but me no no find her....

Me look look more for Stellie, see see,

But I still no no find Stellie anywhere....

I said said to mummy where do we find Stellie??

Mummy said me no no worry, me play play first and then we will find Stellie! I said said ok ok, me got a stickie!

Jaffaman jump jump and throw stickie up, like this,

Then I fink I see see Stellie!!

Yes yes, Jaffaman got good good eyes, that's Stellie and KOOKIE lady far far away!

Me love love Stellie!

(mum: then... the camera ran out of battery...)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yummy Bone Bone

Good good mummy buy yummy bone bone, see see,

One for Jaffaman and one for my Sunshade,

See see, we no no touch bone bone. We wait wait for mummy to say OKIE DOKIE,

My Sunshade took bone bone out of plate plate,

She eat fast fast!!

I said said, Jaffaman lick lick first,

Play play with bone bone second,

(Sunshade: I'm sorry to inform you, but the cow is already dead (RIP).)

Jaffaman no no want to play anymore, me want bone bone out of plate ok ok mummy?

Good good mummy took bone bone off plate for Jaffaman. Yummy yummy!!

See see, I eat like a good good gentleman, my Sunshade eat eat like hyena,

(mum: Jaffa is my delicate eater, Sunshade is umm.... an efficient eater LOL)

Piggie Sunshade eat fast fast, see see, her bone bone got no no meat. Jaffaman's bone bone got lotsa meat!

Me eat yummy bone bone,

My Sunshade eat yummy bone bone toooo,

We eat eat yummy bone bone together!!

Then my Sunshade no no want her bone bone anymore,

She said said she want mummy food!!

She sit sit funny like this,

My Sunshade said said she like green green things,

See see, she happy happy!

I said ok ok Sunshade, you eat green thing thing, Jaffaman play play wif your bone bone ok?

Me eat eat too for you Sunshade!

(Sunshade: he STOLE my bone bone while I wasn't looking, what a thief!)

I said said ok, you have Jaffaman's bone bone ok?

My Sunshade tire tired, she no no want to chew chew anymore, see see,

I said said me no no want to chew too. Me rest rest too like my Sunshade,

See see me sleep?

Jaffaman's big big teef!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bean Beans

My Sunshade show show you how peeple eat bean beans, now Jaffaman show you how cool cool doggies eat bean beans ok?

(Sunshade: how is that "cool cool"? It's more like dumb dumb!)

No no Sunshade, its no dumb dumb. See see, your video is 46 seconds long, mine is only 12 seconds long (mum: should really only be a 3 second video LOL.), so Jaffaman can eat 1,2,3,4 when you can only eat 1!! So it's cool cool and smart smart!

(Sunshade: yeah and you must enjoy having mum pull the pods out of your butt hole cause they get STUCK!)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adventure Den

Mummy and Weeebecca took Jaffaman and my girliefriend Lola to play play inside, (Sunshade: he meant Lola's mom, "Rebecca".)

Me walk around with Lola at new new place,

Lola check out dark dark house, see see Sunshade, Lola's got mussle bum bum too!

(Sunshade: excuse me? Are you talking to ME? There's only ONE muscle butt in the world, and that's mine OKAY?)

Ok ok Sunshade, you're right right, me wrong wrong ok?

Jaffaman like bright bright house!

We went to the back and see lots of friend friends,

(mum: a new daycare center had opened up in our area, and they had an open house for potential clients. Rebecca and I just took Jaffa and Lola there so they can play with other dogs!)

(Sunshade: I was abandoned at home, BY MYSELF, btw...)

Jaffaman test the big big water bucket,

Lola did too!

We play play in big water bucket together,

Then Jaffaman see see a doggie poo poo outside, and I said me go go now, buy buy!

(mum: Jaffa is VERY sensitive towards dog urine or feces. He cannot stand the smell of them LOL.)

Me got far far away, see see,

I love love the tall tall slide,

Its soooooo fun! Jaffaman run down fast fast, see see,

Lola and other friend friends followed Jaffaman to play play inside too,

One friend friend was hiding. Me me and Lola said come out and play play ok??

See see, we play play, Lola pull pull wif grey friend friend, and Jaffaman run fast fast down slide! (mum: the dog you see tugging with Lola is a salt & pepper Giant Schnauzer puppy! Such rare colouring!)

Cute cute Lola want to pull pull on string, but she no no know how.....

More friend friends come to play play on slide,

One guy from UFC hit hit my girliefriend Lola in the head head, see see,

Jaffaman said said, you no no hit my Lola ok ok? Or me pee pee on you! (Sunshade: and he WILL!)

Lola like this friend friend a lot, his name is Oskar. He bark bark a lot, but he was a cool cool dude,

Me watch friend friends play from high high place, see see,

I can see see all the peeple and doggies,

Jaffaman is cool dude up here!

Me love love it!

Lola said said she want to try try too, but its scawie.....

I said said no problemo, me go go wif you Lola!

Then Lola brave brave, see see,

My pretty girliefriend Lola *muah* (Sunshade: more like *landshark to the face*)

Lola's mommy said good good Jaffaman and Lola sit sit ok?

I said ok ok, me lie down down, but Lola sit sit ok?

We got a wittle bit tired... Jaffaman said we look for bed bed ok?

Lola said ok ok, she help me find bed bed too,

I found found one! But.... it no no smell good....

So I said said to mummy, we go home now to see my Sunshade ok ok?