Friday, August 31, 2007

Where did ball balls go??

***WARNING: Graphic images/video throughout middle section of this post. Viewer discretion is advised.

Mummy take take Jaffaman to see Sunshade's Aunty Janice. Sunshade no no come with us. Me me was good good. See see, me wait wait in Aunty Janice's room.

Mummy said said wave wave Jaffa!! I said said ok ok.

Mummy said said look look here Jaffaman! I said said ummm..... ok ok..

(Sunshade: last photo of his lovelies.......)

Aunty Janice come come and touch touch Jaffaman here and there and over there, and said said you are a healthy healthy boy!! (mum: Janice gave him a full physical exam and he was deemed healthy for surgery. He had had a full blood panel done a couple days ago as well to make sure there were no hidden problems.)

Then then Jaffaman said said OWIE OWWWWWWWIE..... my leggie hurt hurt...... and then and then.... my eye eyes want to close close, see see, like this..

(mum: Jaffa was given a sedative so make him sleepy. Janice said a dog will tend to wake up in the state they went under. Preferably, you want a dog to wake up calmly from the anesthetic especially if they have just had surgery. So a sedative is given to make the dog sleepy before being induced.)

Me said said my leggies are soft soft mummy.....

(mum: sedatives were taking effect after 15 mins. He was getting a little wobbly.)

Mummy said said lie down down Jaffaman, and me said said ok ok.

Jaffaman no no wemember what happened, but me me see see Aunty Janice and Aunty Jen and me me stand stand on table. Me me got another owie owie in my leggie, but me me was good good, me me said said Jaffaman sleepy sleepy..... (mum: catheter was put in his foreleg)

Aunty Janice put thing thing in owie owie in my leggie. (mum: the induction drug Profovol was injected into the catheter)

Me me feel weird weird..... me no no know why me no no know how to stand stand.... and then..... and then.... ZZZZZZZZZZzZzzzzZZZZ..

(mum: here Janice was continuing to slowly give Jaffa the Profovol while monitoring him. As soon as he was out, she stopped giving him the drug.

Janice doesn't like to give a dog its maximum induction dosage (pre-anesthetic drug given) unless necessary (ie, dog refuses to go under) because she would like the dog to be able to wake up and be able to walk out of the clinic same day of the surgery. The effect of the Profovol can last up to 12 hour, which means you can have a completely stoned dog long after surgery. A completely stoned dog would need constant attention to make sure he's breathing ok or isn't suffering from any complications.

I'll be taking over for a little while here since Jaffa was out cold. He was intubated,

Shaved and sterilized for surgery,

Moved into the surgery room,

Jaffa was strapped down since muscle spasms can occur even when a dog is under. He was hooked up to oxygen and Isoflurane gas to keep him anesthetized.

Also hooked up to the blood pressure monitor. You can hear his heart beat here,


Surgery Begins:

This is a laser surgery machine.

Janice likes to call it her $30 000 clotting machine because it seals small blood vessels during surgery so causes very little bleeding and speeds up surgery (less time under anesthesia, the better).

Just look at how clean the incision was - through the skin and layer of fat,

Perineum region, notice how there is virtually no bleeding? That is because of the laser.

Here is a video showing the laser making the incision and actually the extraction of a testicle.

Testicle 1, (Sunshade: OMG!!!!! OH NO OH NO.... his lovelie....)

Blood supply going to the testis,

Testicle 2, (Sunshade: *speechless*.....)

Closing up the incision,

All sewed up. The incision was only about 1 inch long.

I am very fortunate to have laser surgery available as an option for my guys. It causes less pain, less bleeding, less swelling, less chance of infection, and faster recovery period.

To read full Advantages of Laser Surgery, please click HERE

He was tattooed for indentification,

Jaffa was in surgery at about 12:30pm, and out by 1 pm. We took x-rays of his hips because you can only really get good x-rays of hips when dogs are put under.

Janice said these are good hips!!!

Lastly before moving Jaffa to recovery, his nails were dremelled.

Janice allows owners to come while their dog is waking up from anesthesia as it is the most confusing, even traumatic period for the dog. Having owners there talking to their dog while he or she is waking up is very comforting for the dog.)

Jaffaman no no know what happened... but me me heard mummy said said Jaffa? Jaffa, good good boy. Mummy pet pet Jaffaman and said said you are brave brave Jaffa!

Aunty Jen was nice nice, she put warm warm good good baggies around Jaffaman. She said said blankie and warm warm baggies keep Jaffaman warm warm and comfy comfy. See see,

Then Jaffaman want to say say me see see doggie, but me no no how because tongue tongue no no listen..

(mum: he was just starting to be able to lift his head up, but still pretty stoned.)

Jaffaman was brave brave, me said said me can stand stand now. See see,

A wittle bit after, Jaffaman said said I think me me can walk walk now. See see, me try try! Nice nice Aunty Jen said said good good boy Jaffaman, have liver treat treats!!

(mum: my little old man shuffling his feet around.... LOL)

Good good Aunty Janice said said Jaffaman recovered fast fast. She said said Jaffaman walk walk now, so it's ok ok to go go home!

(mum: Jaffa woke up from the anesthesia very well and was walking 2 hours post operation. Janice wants them walking before leaving the clinic and we were out of the clinic by 3:30 pm.)

Me me said said to mummy Jaffaman kinda wittle bit hungry.... So good good mummy took took Jaffaman to friend friend's food food place (mum: my friend's restaurant), and friend friend's nice nice mommy gave Jaffaman eggie. See see,

But me me no no got a lot a lot of energy, so me no no know how to eat eat like this this... (mum: he's such a baby..hehe!)

So me said said mummy mummy, can you please make it small small for Jaffaman?? Good good mummy said said ok ok.

Eggie was yummmy yummmy... but Jaffaman was wittle bit tire tired..

Mummy said said lets go to park park for Jaffaman to pee pee and poo poo before we go go home ok ok?? Me said said NO PROBLEMO!!

Then I said said we go go home ok ok mummy?? Jaffaman want to see MY Sunshade ok ok?? Mummy said said ok ok, good good boy Jaffa.

Jaffaman in Sunshade's car car going home home. Me me was sleepy sleepy....

Me got got home, and my Sunshade said said where are your ball balls?? Me said said HUH?? Oh no... where did ball balls go???

(Sunshade: OMG.. I was so relieved to see you mum, I thought you had abandoned me forever..... and SPCA was gonna show up and take me away ...... and I would never ever see you again..... you never leave me alone ALLLL day mum...... I was so sad... so afraid.....

Do you feel quilty now??)

(mum: okay drama queen! You've been watching too many Animal Cops tv shows!!)

(Sunshade: sigh... sometimes... I feel only Georgie understands my pain....)

Good good Sunshade said said it's ok ok to sleep on Sunshade's big bed bed. I said said thank you thank you.... me me sleep ok ok?

Mummy said said look look brave brave Jaffa, mummy got got you toy toys. Me said said thank you thank you mummy but me me play play tomorrow ok ok??

Good good mummy also got got Jaffaman a new leash because me a good boy. (Sunshade: no, it's because you chewed your old one up!)

Jaffaman said said me me a wittle hungry mummy. Mummy said said ok ok I'll make you food food ok ok?

Mummy said said orangy paste (Sunshade: mumpkin puree) (mum: as in pumpkin puree LOL) will make Jaffaman poo poo not hard hard and not runny runny. White white thing thing (Sunshade: yogurt) is good buggies to make my tum tum happy happy. (Sunshade: keep his intestinal flora healthy)

See see, mummy put put yummy yummy chicken in yummy yummy chicken juice and put two dead dead chicken babies (Sunshade: as in eggs).

Jaffaman's yummy yummy food food cook cooked!!

Mummy put put orangy thing thing in with yummy yummy food food and said said here is din din Jaffa. Me said said thank you thank you mummy. Sunshade said said wow... that smells good good. Me said said yes yes, you are right right. (Sunshade: right right but you don't share??)

See see, Sunshade really want want food food.

Mummy said said ok ok Sunshade have wittle bit ok ok? Because mummy said said Sunshade can't be fat fat. (Sunshade: so stingy....)

Jaffaman said said this is yummy yummy, thank you thank you mummy!

Me me love love yummy food food, see see, no no food food left,

Then mummy said said go work work on computer because she no no work in the morning. So me said said Jaffaman come with mummy ok ok?? Nice nice Sunshade said said it's ok ok to sleep sleep on her bed bed.

Mummy put put my Sunshade's pant pants on Jaffaman.

Mummy said said no no licking sore sore ok ok?? Me said said ok ok, but me no no like pants pants. It no no look good good....

My Sunshade was nice nice, she said said ok ok, me wear pants too too ok ok?? See see, like this,

I said said ok ok, thank you thank you Sunshade. Nite nite!!

(mum: Sunshade was wearing those pants because she had a hot spot that she wouldn't leave it alone.

I am very proud of my Jaffa boy today. He did excellent throughout surgery, peed and pooped no problem afterwards, and doesn't seem too interested in his incisions at all.

Now the tough part - keeping the little man calm for the next 10 days.........)