Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun fun with Faye Faye

Faye Faye got cute cute ears. She was my Sunshade's friend friend, then my friend friend too!! Remember wittle Jaffaman and big big Faye??

(mum: Faye is a 5 year old rescue Airedale that my friends adopted when she was 2.)

I like Faye Faye a lot a lot! We eat eat shoes together, see see,

She said said her daddy's blue shoe shoe is good good, I said said OK OK, we eat eat that!

When I got no mummy, I go sleep sleep with Faye. When Faye Faye got no daddy and mummy, she sleep sleep with Jaffaman!! (Sunshade: he meant to say, when mum goes away, he goes and stays with Faye. When Faye's parents go away, she comes and stays with us.)

(mum: Sunshade with her health issues and "shutting down" issues (when I'm not with her) makes her a little difficult to take care of. So I try to bring her with me whenever I can, or get a good friend of mine to come stay at my place to take care of her. Jaffa is very happy go lucky and LOVES company of other dogs.)

Jaffaman and Faye Faye run run a lot, see see, up up/down down stairs,

Down down stairs,

Up up stairs,

Down down stairs,

Up up stairs,

(Sunshade: OMD! You've turned Faye into a AireDHDale like you!!!)

We play play up up stairs,

We play play down down stairs,

We sit sit on comfy bed bed and watch TV, see see!

We wait wait to eat eat together,

My Sunshade taught me to let pretty pretty girls eat eat first (Sunshade: actually, just me is good enough, ok?)

Jaffaman say ok ok, Faye Faye eat first!!

Me me eat second, and its ok ok!

Faye love to eat eat kibbles and everything,

She no no like to wait wait for foodie!!

Jaffaman no no like kibbles or meat meat.....

But me love love YUMMIESSSSSS!! (Sunshade: as in treats or things he shouldn't eat!)

See see, Jaffaman and Faye Faye. Me love love mummy and me help help mummy in the end, you see see. But mummy no no want Jaffaman helping......

(Sunshade: Let's play a game, see who can correctly fill in the blanks to mum's last sentence - OMG! YOU ..... *blank* ..... JA-FFAAAAAAA!)

Look at that crazy kangaroo landshark face!)

(mum: I CAUGHT the camera, nimble as a cat LOL!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Water park park with Stellie

Mummy said said we go to nice nice water park ok ok? I said ok ok!!

Mummy said look look for my cute cute sister Stellie and the KOOKIE lady (mum: KOOKIE lady is Stella's mom). Jaffaman said said ok ok, I looooook!

Then me see see Stellie-tellie!!!! See see, she's happy happy to see Jaffaman and mummy, she made big big circles with her tail!

Jaffaman happy happy to see KOOKIE lady too. I said said, you got YUMMMMMIES or KOOOOKIES for Jaffaman???

We run run on the sand sand,

Lots of good good smell here,

Good good smell there,

Mummy said said me me and Stellie pose ok ok? We said said ok ok!

Jaffaman look a lot a lot big big than Stellie, see see,

(mum: Stella is a petite girl weighing at just over 40 lbs, and she was just stripped so her hair is still quite short. Jaffa is about 62 lbs and in need to be stripped so there's quite a bit of a size difference between the two.)

Then no no more pictures. Jaffaman see see one friend far far away, so me go go see. Then another friend friend, then another friend friend, and then no no mummy.....!! Stellie stay stayed with mummy and KOOKIE lady, she no no follow Jaffaman....

(Sunshade: OMG you always "forget" about mum when you see or "thinks" you see other dogs, and you just run to meet them doesn't matter how faaaaaaaaaaar away they are! Then mum has to run allllllll the way over jumping/waving/yelling your name (basically looking like an idiot) to get your attention.... This is why mum doesn't walk us together!!!)

(mum: Jaffa is a socialite, he absolutely LOVES other dogs. Whenever he sees a dog, be it a couple feet away or just a silhouette, he has to go greet them. Sometimes, that could mean the distance of an entire football field. I would then need to somehow get close enough to get his attention, then he comes readily back. He doesn't purposely run away from me as he'd always come back once he sort of "remembers" me LOL. He also gets bored of the dogs very fast, so he's always on the look out for "new" dogs. That sometimes means he will go from one dog to another to another, further and further away from me. Because of this, I don't really walk Sunshade and Jaffa together unless its a place that I know dogs don't frequent. Sunshade will always follow me, and if I need to chase after Jaffa, that means she comes chasing after me. Unfortunately, her bad leg would always suffer after she finally catches up to us.

This is something that is still a work in progress with Jaffa (and I'm not doing a very good job...sigh..). Without dogs, his "come" recall is EXCELLENT (actually more prompt than Sunshade), and he follows me everywhere beautifully. Sunshade on the other hand will sniff dogs if she comes across them, but never goes out of her way to see them. She LOVES and THRIVES on her one on one interaction with me. So for now, to keep both of them happy, I try to take Sunshade for our quiet beach/trail strolls, and Jaffa to dog parks or play dates.)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Me learn learned!

Jaffaman learn learned to use my Sunshade's treat machine!! (Sunshade: please go see my pledge program on my blog, thank you......)

D-Gay Gay taught me, and I got got it fast fast, see see,

(Sunshade: he meant to say "D-Guy", at least that's what I think...?) (mum: yes, you're definitely right Sunshade.)

(mum: My previous attempts in teaching Jaffa resulted in him losing interest very fast. I suspect the reason was due to the kibbles I was using inside the treat machine. The kibbles were Jaffa's food on days that he's picky about his raw food. However, being the finicky eater that he is, he gets bored of the kibble very fast. Therefore, he was not very interested in the treat machine previously. However, I have since changed the content to a mix of cereal and nuts, and Jaffa seemed a lot more interested. He learned to use it in 5 minutes!)

Jaffaman can do do standing up,

Me can do good good lying down!

I sometimes hold bone bone thing thing down, see see, like this,

(Sunshade: bone bone thing thing = lever. That's how he emptied MY treat machine!!!!! Again, please check out my pledge)

Then no no more,

Jaffaman sleep sleep now ok ok? (Sunshade: NOO!! REFILL MY TREAT MACHINE FIRST!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Night Night

Mummy stay stayed with Jaffaman and my Sunshade on New Year night night because she love love us the most!!

My Sunshade said said lets read read first, me said OK OK!

My Sunshade got Jaffaman this to study study.

She said said me need to learn learn to stand and no no move, and no no open mouth all the time. (Sunshade: to stand still and not move at all, as well as no landsharking!)

Sunshade got got book with lots boys, see see,

She look look at boys, see see,

She miss miss boys too......

No no be sad sad Sunshade, JaffaMAN is a boy too!! (Sunshade: *faints*...)

Then my Sunshade did did this,

And mummy did did this to Jaffaman,

(Sunshade: oh please! He was already doing THAT at 8 weeks of age, and with a hooman leg too! Just look him!)

Jaffaman study hard hard, see see,

Book book is fun fun!

(Sunshade: studied the WRONG page.... that's a WELSH Terrier, like Faya's Dyos, and Hootie, not an AIREDALE Terrier like umm....ME!!)

My eyes got sore sore.....

I said said me no no want to study anymore.....

Jaffaman tired tired...

I said said to my Sunshade, lets study TV ok ok??

My Sunshade said said she study yummies, see see,

Jaffaman and my Sunshade said thank you thank you mummy for yummies!

I said said me want to eat eat now ok ok??

My Sunshade said ok ok, she eat eat first!!

Me eat eat second,

Mummy said said Jaffaman good good,

Me love love vegetatables,

My Sunshade no no like wittle carrots,

I ate ate all the wittle carrots, see see,

(mum: Sunshade doesn't like any kind of raw fruits or vegetables. Jaffa on the other hand loves most fruits and veggies.)

Then no more yummies.....

No more yummies for my Sunshade too......

Mummy put on Snuggie nuggie, see see,

(Sunshade: You know the "Still struggling to keep warm? Introducing SNUGGIE, the hands free blanket that lets you use your hands and still be snugly warm...blah blah blah.... for only $19.95 you can have this luxurious fleece blanket in the comfort of your home, and wait, if you call now, we will include one state of the art Press n Open book light...blah blah blah")

(mum: it was a present!)

Mummy said said we take New New Year picture ok ok? I said said ok ok, me kiss kiss you first ok ok?

Another teethy kiss ok ok?

(Sunshade: the study session earlier was obviously a waste as he was landsharking mum's face..SIGH!)

Jaffaman ready ready for picture!!