Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun fun with Faye Faye

Faye Faye got cute cute ears. She was my Sunshade's friend friend, then my friend friend too!! Remember wittle Jaffaman and big big Faye??

(mum: Faye is a 5 year old rescue Airedale that my friends adopted when she was 2.)

I like Faye Faye a lot a lot! We eat eat shoes together, see see,

She said said her daddy's blue shoe shoe is good good, I said said OK OK, we eat eat that!

When I got no mummy, I go sleep sleep with Faye. When Faye Faye got no daddy and mummy, she sleep sleep with Jaffaman!! (Sunshade: he meant to say, when mum goes away, he goes and stays with Faye. When Faye's parents go away, she comes and stays with us.)

(mum: Sunshade with her health issues and "shutting down" issues (when I'm not with her) makes her a little difficult to take care of. So I try to bring her with me whenever I can, or get a good friend of mine to come stay at my place to take care of her. Jaffa is very happy go lucky and LOVES company of other dogs.)

Jaffaman and Faye Faye run run a lot, see see, up up/down down stairs,

Down down stairs,

Up up stairs,

Down down stairs,

Up up stairs,

(Sunshade: OMD! You've turned Faye into a AireDHDale like you!!!)

We play play up up stairs,

We play play down down stairs,

We sit sit on comfy bed bed and watch TV, see see!

We wait wait to eat eat together,

My Sunshade taught me to let pretty pretty girls eat eat first (Sunshade: actually, just me is good enough, ok?)

Jaffaman say ok ok, Faye Faye eat first!!

Me me eat second, and its ok ok!

Faye love to eat eat kibbles and everything,

She no no like to wait wait for foodie!!

Jaffaman no no like kibbles or meat meat.....

But me love love YUMMIESSSSSS!! (Sunshade: as in treats or things he shouldn't eat!)

See see, Jaffaman and Faye Faye. Me love love mummy and me help help mummy in the end, you see see. But mummy no no want Jaffaman helping......

(Sunshade: Let's play a game, see who can correctly fill in the blanks to mum's last sentence - OMG! YOU ..... *blank* ..... JA-FFAAAAAAA!)

Look at that crazy kangaroo landshark face!)

(mum: I CAUGHT the camera, nimble as a cat LOL!)


Molly the Airedale said...

Thank doG you're mom caught the camera or you'd be in deep doodoo, Jaffa! WHEW!
You like the stairs as much as Mitch does! He loves going up and down repeatedly too! And how nice that you have Faye Faye!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Jaffa!
Sure you had a pawesome time with Faye!
I love her ears!
Up, down, up, down... that looks fun!
Kisses and hugs

The Airechicks said...

Get the pawty started - Wow looks like you two had a wonderful visit.

Nice of Sunshade to let you and Faye have some alone time - to PAWTY.

We bet Faye slept for three days when you went home...