Thursday, March 29, 2012


Look at me me and JaffaPIGS!!! (Sunshade: Please DON'T insult MY SuperPIGS!)

Jaffaman is good wif JaffaPIGS, see see,

(mum: I know we all know Sunshade is great with her piggies, but Jaffa is actually excellent as well. He doesn't seem to have the nurturing/maternal instincts that Sunshade has shown, but he is still very gentle with them as well. He isn't very intrigued by them, so chooses to ignore them most of the time other than to look for their droppings to eat... EW I know!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

See, me IS handsome handsome!

Mummy made Jaffaman's head head look like this today,

Mummy said we go find funny man ok ok?

(mum: After the little funny incident couple days ago, I finished up Jaffa's head. That was all my hand could handle, I have 4 active blisters from hanstripping clients + Jaffa in the last week. I hope we'll run into the man again, and I'll let him know I took his advise and had Jaffa groomed at Squaire Dog Grooming ;-) )

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Mummy pull pull Jaffaman's haire and me look like this, (mum: Jaffa gets handstripped in stages.),

My Sunshade says me is a dork dork... do Jaffaman look like a dork dork??

Mummy said me no no a dork and me will look good good when she is finish pulling my haire, so she pull pull more haire, see, me no no got hair on my back leggies and bum bum now,

She pull pull haire off my head and ears too, so me look like this now,

(mum: Today, I met a man with an Airedale while walking Sunshade and Jaffa. He was very nice, we talked dales, Jaffa and his dale played. Before leaving, he very nicely told me that there was a person who "specialized in grooming Airedales", and handed me the business card for that person. He said he was trying to groom his dale on his own so he didn't need the service, but his friend took her Airedale to this place, and the dale looked like a show dog after. I tried very hard not to smile too much because he handed me MY business card for Squaire Dog Grooming :-)

And I can't blame him one bit for letting me know that someone could groom my dales (better) for me because Jaffa looked like the pictures above.... LOL! He is midway through stripping, I need to wait for my blisters to heal a bit more before continuing. Have had a couple of handstripping clients in the last week on top of Jaffa!

I never told the man it was my grooming service he had recommended to me. Was too embarrassed!)

See, this was Jaffaman last time after mummy done done pulling my haire,

Me no no look like dork dork!!!

(Sunshade: I am WAY more bootiful than him!

And I don't have to go through weird plucked chicken, mangy stages because I get clipped!!)

(mum: those pictures were taken in August 2011, about 10 days after I had finished stripping him and his haire had grown in a bit. He is one handsome boy, after I finish my job of course ;-) )

Please visit Squaire Dog Grooming's:

Saturday, March 24, 2012


See, me is SuperJaffaman!!!!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yummy Chewy

Jaffaman went out with Bikeman Mike to go run run. When me come back, my Sunshade got a yummy chewy, see see,

My nice Sunshade bought me a chew chew spiral tooo!! (Sunshade: mum and D-Guy MADE me give it to you!!!)

It was yummy yummy!! See dirt dirt on my eyebrow? Me roll roll in muddy yard!!

(mum: yes, he desperately needs to be groomed. I have his back stripped already, still need to work on his head.)

Jaffaman and my Sunshade eating chew chews,

Thursday, March 8, 2012


DD-Guy got a funny fing today, it's round round, got pretty lights,

But it no no yummy....

And Jaffaman no no know what to do wif it, (mum: this was when they FIRST met the rolling robotic ball controlled by Derek and his iPhone.)

(Sunshade: HUMPH!! I want MY tripe stickies!!!!!)

D-Guy said he got an idea! (mum: Jaffa's hair above his muzzle has been rubbed short from the halter he wears when he goes on bike runs.)

He told mummy to put yummy on Spherow ball ball,

Me said ok ok, me play now, Jaffaman way!

D-Guy said Jaffaman way no no fun, he gave me yummy and he no no want to play anymore....

Boooo Boooooo.... no no fun!

(mum: haha yes, he looks like Chewbaca! I have started stripping his back, he still needs to have his head and everywhere else doen!)