Friday, December 23, 2011

My cute cute friend

Jaffaman and Juice said hi hi to our black cute cute friend,

See see, Sesame and Jaffaman lie on bed bed together,

Juice said Sesame no no fun, he no no want to stay...

Juice is brave brave, he go close to my Sunshade. Jaffaman no no go that close to my Sunshade, she no no like!

I said me play wif Sesame!

Jaffaman good good boy, me gentle wif Sesame, me no no want to hurt him,

My Sunshade cuddle wif Sesame like this,

Jaffaman said me do the same ok ok?

Me careful wif my leggie, see see, me no no want to put heavy leggie on Sesame,

(mum: I don't know how or why but Jaffa too is naturally very gentle with the critters at home. Sometimes he gets excited and hops around them, but he doesn't make contact then. Neither Sunshade nor Jaffa was raised with small animals; they do chase and kill (Sunshade has) critters they find outside, and yet here they are with rabbit/quinea pigs.)

My Sunshade is always watching.....

She watch Jaffaman and Sesame....

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun fun store!

Jaffaman and my Sunshade came to a fun fun place on my Sunshade's happy day!! (Sunshade: happy day = MY 12th Birfday!)

My Sunshade said you sniff everywhere ok ok?

I said ok ok, me follow what you do. See see, me using my nosie too! (mum: the way Jaffa reads and takes hints from Sunshade's body language is just amazing!)

Then my Sunshade said come come here, I said ok Jaffaman coming!!

She said somefing is in there,

See, my Sunshade was rite rite,

Mousie poo poo in there, so mousie in there too??

Mummy said mousie poo poo no good, so we no no sniff them. I said ok ok, but me firsty..... (Sunshade: the genius tried to jump "into" the fish pond....)

(mum: He didn't really tried to jump into the pond per se. Derek asked him to put his paws up by saying "up up", which was his command or jumping up. He couldn't see that there was over the ledge, so he tried to jump all the way up LOL. I think he thought it was just a platform. As soon as he saw water, he pulled out mid-aire and didn't clear the jump thankfully!)

Then we went to see cute cute friends,

I said HI, me is Jaffaman!!

Me like these friends too,

They run run fast on the wheel, Jaffaman run run fast too,

My Sunshade said she want the guinea piggie in there, (Sunshade: but I still didn't get a guinea piggie on MY birfday....)

Jaffaman said me want THIS!!!