Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jaffaman busy busy!

Mummy said Happy Birfday to me, and did this to Jaffaman on my 1,2,3,4 Kake Day, (Sunshade: he meant his 4th B-Day)

She did same to my Sunshade, see see,

Mummy and DD-Guy went to fun fun place, (Sunshade: you can see the full ABANDONMENT report on MY SuperBLOG.)

So me me and my Sunshade look like this now...

Mummy and DD-Guy went to another fun fun place, and they said to Jaffaman, there is a store for you!!! (mum: We were at Universal Studios in Orlando.)

Me no no know why this is Jaffaman store, it no no look like handsome Jaffaman...

(Sunshade: that's your store because it has YOUR NAME on it! You ARE the landshark, and we are all the victims plus all the dogs you meet. I find it puzzling that they had your store and not a MUSCLE BUTT store.)

At the same fun fun place, mummy and DD-Guy saw funny things and peeple,

Mummy got picture with a big big kitty!

Big big kitty is from this story,

See see, mummy, DD-Guy and my Sunshade and me all got Thing Things!

Jaffaman and my Sunshade,

My Sunshade and mummy are Thing Thing 1,

Jaffaman and DD-Guy are Thing Thing 2. DD-Guy said Thing Thing 1 are for bossy girlies like mummy and my Sunshade. We no no bossy like them. (Sunshade: you guys are SOOO in trouble!)

Then my Sunshade was no no well......

She got cut cut like this, see see,

Jaffaman said you play play with me ok ok my Sunshade? And mummy said NO NO, and she said me go play wif my friend Simba ok?

(mum: Some of you know this already if you have been following Sunshade's blog. Sunshade was diagnosed on November 12th with a type of cancer called Soft Tissue Sarcoma. She needed to be on IV before and after the surgery, and she also had a huge scar. Jaffa being the energetic, goofball that he is, is sometimes a bit too much for Sunshade. While Sunshade would try to tell him off if he's in her space, I on the other hand preferred that she didn't so we didn't risk the incision splitting or getting infected. So Jaffa has been staying with Derek's family dog Simba.)

Jaffaman said ok ok, me like Simba, me like everybuddy,

(Sunshade: POOOOOR Simba.... Unfortunately Simba, I'm still *ahem* not feeling well, and I doubt I'll ever feel well. So it looks like you're stuck with him FOREVER.... so sorry....)

Simba's house no no far from my Sunshade's house, so mummy come see Jaffaman 1,2 times a day. She take me and Simba for walk walk,

We go to park park to play, see see,

Mummy throw ice cubies for Jaffaman, see see,

Me jump high high and eat ice cubie in the aire, (Sunshade: OMG! Do you see his crazy landsharking teethies?)

Simba do do the same, but he no no jump as high as Jaffaman!

(mum: when Jaffa jumps, all 4 of his feet leave the ground!)

Then mummy said Jaffa Simba come come, you walk on same line line ok?

Mummy said Simba good good boy and me learn learn from Simba ok ok?

(Sunshade: so mum saw a few episodes of the Dog Whisperer where Cesar Milan tied a troubled dog to a well balanced dog and saw improvement with the troubled dog. Well I guess she tried to do the same thing with STINKY (troubled) and Simba (well balanced). Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it has worked. Mum tried to tie STINKY to me once so he could learn from ME, the perfect me. The HORROR it caused... I ALMOST LOST MY HEAD!!! Good thing Simba has about 30 lbs on STINKY, who is wearing an Afro right now.)

I said ok ok, me take Simba for a walk walk!!!

(mum: They don't usually get walked like that. This was the first time I tried it with them LOL. Mainly to keep Jaffa from running all the way down to the other end of the park at the sight of dogs walking by. Simba is very good about staying with me, and he is a strong dog so he does a good job holding Jaffa back LOL.)

See good good Jaffaman and Simba walk home together!! (Sunshade: He wasn't good, poor Simba was.)

Mummy said lets eat eat breakie ok ok?

I said ok ok, but Simba eat eat too ok?

(Sunshade: So mum has been trying to have Simba switched to raw food, but Simba's pawrents say no its ok (politely). And then mum hears from D-Guy that they think STINKY is an hyperactive landshark because he eats like a savage........LOL!!)

(mum: That is not true!!!!! (for all you people feeding raw or considering making the switch) Jaffa is just Jaffa kibble or raw food, and Sunshade who has always been super calm will always be super calm raw or kibble! Raw food does NOT change your dog's personality!!!)

We eat eat together!!

(mum: Luckily Derek's parents' place is only about 10 mins away, so I am able to go take the goofball for a walk twice a day and feed him as well. He really need to be stripped.... hopefully I'll have more time after Sunshade stabilizes.)

Me saw saw my Sunshade on her birfday,

See see, mummy made yummy kakes for us,

Me got thing things!!!

My Sunshade got thing things too!

We both got thing things!!!

This is my thing thing from my friend Mitchy. Jaffaman love love it, fank you Mitchy!

Mummy got this from fun fun place. Jaffaman want it please!

It's soft, me like like it,

Fank you mummy!!!