Sunday, May 27, 2007

More play play with MY sister!!

MY Sunshade back back late late today, but she still no no here yet.... but Qila Qila still here here!!! Me me and Qila play play a lot a lot, see see, like this

(Sunshade: that looks like you were trying to eat her neck!!! Geez..)

Jaffaman and Qila Qila play play bitey bitey face a lot a lot!

(Sunshade: boy am I glad Qila is now the target for the land shark attacks!!)

(mum: I have noticed that the way Jaffa interacts with Qila is a lot different than the way he interacts with Sunshade. He only does the submissive face licking/nipping with his ears back to Sunshade and only Sunshade. With Qila and sometimes other dogs we meet, he does the "let's play" kind of biting.)

Jaffaman love love MY sister a lot a lot!!!

(mum: they are SOOO sweet together, I wonder if they remember they were littermates?? Or just two same age pups getting along??)

Qila got groom groomed (5/26/07)

Mummy groom groomed Qila Qila. Fluffy fluffy Qila before,

Short short Qila now....

(mum: I really didn't mean to strip her bald, I just wanted to roll her coat and to give her more shape, but *ahem* I ended up balding her in places. Her coat should grow out nicely in about two weeks time.

Oh, and she was just the perfect little angel on the table!!)

Me me no no got hair pull pulled, me me got hair pull pulled when I was wittle. (mum: he was stripped when he was a little younger. Now his hair has grown out.)

Mummy comb comb Jaffaman and said said SMILE!

Jaffaman and MY sister - Qila Qila!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Play play at park park!! (5/26/07)

Sunshade still no no here, I miss miss Sunshade... but me got Qila Qila to play play!

Mummy took took Qila and Jaffaman to a wittle school field to play play. Qila wear ooooooorange collar and purple harness ok ok?? Me me wear black black harness ok ok?

Jaffaman play played with blackie Labbie!

I said said Qila come play play with us ok ok??

Qila said said ok ok!! Me me so proud proud, see see Qila's pretty tail up up?? It was no up up yesterday yesterday. (mum: couple days ago he meant.)

Jaffaman said said follow me Qila Qila, me show show you all the fun fun places, fun fun things to do do and chew chew! MY Sunshade show showed young young me.

STICKS are fun fun ok ok?

It's fun fun to chew chew,

See see Qila Qila, like this this!

Qila said said ok ok giiiiiive me try try!

(mum: Jaffa is fairly passive, he lets his sister take anything away from him without complains. Although not as confident about the outside world, Qila is actually the dominant one of the two. She is more pushy, more demanding, following in the footsteps of her Aunt - Sunshade LOL)

Me show showed Qila how to make make stick fun fun to play play,

Play play like THIS THIS!!

Jaffaman show showed Qila pine cone cones!! Sunshade love love them, so me me love love them too, now Qila's turn turn ok ok?

(mum: guess what Qila picks up on our walks now? Yup, pine cones!)

Jaffaman and Qila Qila see see a puppy, but he no no got four leggies, only two two. Mummy said said it's a hooman pup and be gentle gentle.

(mum: Qila seems very intrigued by children. This little boy we met has a big dog at home that he plays with so he was very calm around the pups. Qila just couldn't stop herself from following the little guy around. She's very gentle, but still easily startled if a kid were to cry or scream. However, she definitely chooses the flight instinct by getting away instead of biting or snapping.

Jaffa on the other hand didn't seem too interested in the little boy.

I was worried the stick Jaffa was holding was going to scratch the little boy.)

Jaffaman and Qila play played game game called Terrorist of the Hill, see see, like this this,

But but Sunshade no no here, Sunshade should be on the hill hill.... hehe, so me came down down.

(Sunshade: HEY! Just because I'm in Victoria doesn't mean I can't READ you know!!!!)

OOOOPS... sowie Sunshade, me me just joking ok ok?? Don't be mad mad... I'm scawered....

Me me and Qila playing on hill hill,

Jaffaman said said this was so fun fun, me me happy happy HAPPY!!


More HAPPY HAPPY, pretty pretty Qila!!

MY sister - Qila Qila!! (27.5 weeks)

Meet meet MY sister Qila Qila!!!! Me me think Qila is pretty pretty... I'm proud proud, not shy shy!

Mummy said said what should Qila's colour be???

(Sunshade: pink and red are taken, thank you very much!)

I said said OOOOOORANGE!!!! We no no find oooooooorange harness, and we find find purple, so Qila wear wear pretty oooooorange collar, pretty purple harness, and pretty oooooooorange line line ok ok? Remember remember ok ok??

Jaffaman and Qila is 27.5 weeks old today ok ok?

Weight at 27.5 weeks:

- 49 lbs

- 35 lbs

(mum: there is a huge difference in weight between the two of them. Qila was not the runt of the litter, she's just a petite little girl, very elegant looking. Jaffa was the biggest of the litter and looks very much like his dad who is Sunshade's brother. He has A LOT of bones just like Sunshade and daddy. Qila on the other hand is a very fine boned girl, much like the mom who weighed between 45-50 lbs.)

Sunshade's grandpapa took Sunshade and SunshadeMOBILE to Victoria today to play play. I no no know Sunshade's grandpapa, so I no no listen to Sunshade's grandpapa. I only listen listen to mummy, so Qila and me me stay stayed with mummy, Sunshade go go with her grandpapa.

Mummy said said I want to take take Jaffaman and Qila out a lot lot this weekend to super duper socialize Qila!! I said said YIPPEE YIPPEE! We get to play play a lot lot!

We walk walked on a busy busy street with a lot lot peeple. Qila was brave brave, but her tail was down down a lot, but Jaffaman said said no no worry Qila Qila, me me is here to protect you ok ok??

(mum: we live three blocks from West Broadway, which is a major arterial route running from east Vancouver to west Vancouver. It is a busy street with many different types of stores. So I thought it was a great place for Qila to be exposed.
Qila didn't do too bad. She was easily startled, but walking beside Jaffa really helped her. )

Me me and Qila and mummy walk walk a lot lot, we got no car car. We got hot hot, so I said said may I have water water please please mummy???

Qila said said me first! Jaffaman said said ok ok, you can have first.

But but me me got thirsty, so me me shared with Qila.

Jaffaman got a wittle bit too hot hot, so mummy said said stop stop and rest rest. I said said ok ok and smile smile!

I told told MY pretty sister to smile smile too, look look at her pretty smile!!

(mum: sorry, I didn't realize I had a dirty lens.)

Jaffaman and Qila Qila walk walked funny on line lines, see see like this. A dog dog bark barked loud loud so Jaffamn stop stopped and said said me me protect you Qila Qila!!

See see me wait wait at the curb?? Mummy said said I'm a GOOD GOOD BOY!! Qila no no know wait wait yet, but she will will!!

We walk walked looooooong long to come here here,

(mum: 27 blocks to be exact to the dog park..... I was so proud of the two of them!)

We play played with doggies, Qila and Jaffaman were happy happy... Me me got hit hit in the end, and mummy worry worry, but Jaffaman said said no no problemomo!!

Mummy practice practice "COME COME" with Jaffaman, me did did good good!! Qila was good good too, but she no no want liver treat treats. I said said me eat eat for you ok ok?

MY cute cute sister Qila Qila!! (mum: all the videos in this post were taken 4 days after Qila came. She was already so bonded, so well behaved. This was what she was craving for, someone to bond with.)

She's pretty pretty... I'm proud proud! I told told Qila you have a pretty pretty tail, you should hold it UP UP like me me ok ok?

(mum: Qila's tail was down quite a bit, not because she was afraid of "dogs" perse, but rather, the surroundings and everything that was going on. She is well socialized with dogs since she had the kennel dogs to play with, she just hadn't seen a lot of the outside world. Her tail started to come up more and more towards the end, and I am confident that over time, she will come around.)

Me play play with Qila Qila!!

Jaffaman and mummy and Qila Qila walk walked back home, and we were tire tired.... see see Qila and me me??

I LOVE LOVE you Qila Qila, welcome welcome to a home home!! Jaffaman is happy happy!!