Friday, May 25, 2007

MY sister - Qila Qila!! (27.5 weeks)

Meet meet MY sister Qila Qila!!!! Me me think Qila is pretty pretty... I'm proud proud, not shy shy!

Mummy said said what should Qila's colour be???

(Sunshade: pink and red are taken, thank you very much!)

I said said OOOOOORANGE!!!! We no no find oooooooorange harness, and we find find purple, so Qila wear wear pretty oooooorange collar, pretty purple harness, and pretty oooooooorange line line ok ok? Remember remember ok ok??

Jaffaman and Qila is 27.5 weeks old today ok ok?

Weight at 27.5 weeks:

- 49 lbs

- 35 lbs

(mum: there is a huge difference in weight between the two of them. Qila was not the runt of the litter, she's just a petite little girl, very elegant looking. Jaffa was the biggest of the litter and looks very much like his dad who is Sunshade's brother. He has A LOT of bones just like Sunshade and daddy. Qila on the other hand is a very fine boned girl, much like the mom who weighed between 45-50 lbs.)

Sunshade's grandpapa took Sunshade and SunshadeMOBILE to Victoria today to play play. I no no know Sunshade's grandpapa, so I no no listen to Sunshade's grandpapa. I only listen listen to mummy, so Qila and me me stay stayed with mummy, Sunshade go go with her grandpapa.

Mummy said said I want to take take Jaffaman and Qila out a lot lot this weekend to super duper socialize Qila!! I said said YIPPEE YIPPEE! We get to play play a lot lot!

We walk walked on a busy busy street with a lot lot peeple. Qila was brave brave, but her tail was down down a lot, but Jaffaman said said no no worry Qila Qila, me me is here to protect you ok ok??

(mum: we live three blocks from West Broadway, which is a major arterial route running from east Vancouver to west Vancouver. It is a busy street with many different types of stores. So I thought it was a great place for Qila to be exposed.
Qila didn't do too bad. She was easily startled, but walking beside Jaffa really helped her. )

Me me and Qila and mummy walk walk a lot lot, we got no car car. We got hot hot, so I said said may I have water water please please mummy???

Qila said said me first! Jaffaman said said ok ok, you can have first.

But but me me got thirsty, so me me shared with Qila.

Jaffaman got a wittle bit too hot hot, so mummy said said stop stop and rest rest. I said said ok ok and smile smile!

I told told MY pretty sister to smile smile too, look look at her pretty smile!!

(mum: sorry, I didn't realize I had a dirty lens.)

Jaffaman and Qila Qila walk walked funny on line lines, see see like this. A dog dog bark barked loud loud so Jaffamn stop stopped and said said me me protect you Qila Qila!!

See see me wait wait at the curb?? Mummy said said I'm a GOOD GOOD BOY!! Qila no no know wait wait yet, but she will will!!

We walk walked looooooong long to come here here,

(mum: 27 blocks to be exact to the dog park..... I was so proud of the two of them!)

We play played with doggies, Qila and Jaffaman were happy happy... Me me got hit hit in the end, and mummy worry worry, but Jaffaman said said no no problemomo!!

Mummy practice practice "COME COME" with Jaffaman, me did did good good!! Qila was good good too, but she no no want liver treat treats. I said said me eat eat for you ok ok?

MY cute cute sister Qila Qila!! (mum: all the videos in this post were taken 4 days after Qila came. She was already so bonded, so well behaved. This was what she was craving for, someone to bond with.)

She's pretty pretty... I'm proud proud! I told told Qila you have a pretty pretty tail, you should hold it UP UP like me me ok ok?

(mum: Qila's tail was down quite a bit, not because she was afraid of "dogs" perse, but rather, the surroundings and everything that was going on. She is well socialized with dogs since she had the kennel dogs to play with, she just hadn't seen a lot of the outside world. Her tail started to come up more and more towards the end, and I am confident that over time, she will come around.)

Me play play with Qila Qila!!

Jaffaman and mummy and Qila Qila walk walked back home, and we were tire tired.... see see Qila and me me??

I LOVE LOVE you Qila Qila, welcome welcome to a home home!! Jaffaman is happy happy!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my word! So sweet and cute of them to snuggle together :-)

Jaffa and Qila have bonded very quickly, haven't they.

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Aw, you and Qila are sooo cute together! She did really good at the park, playing ever so well and keeping an eye on where mummy was. I keep my tail down sometimes even though I don't seem particularly worried/scared, so maybe that's just the way she is. I do it mainly when I'm looking around somewhere. It's not between my legs in a scared way, just hanging down.

Oscar x

Boo Casanova said...

wow, only after 4 days and you and qila been having wonderful time. you two even sleep together. that's so sweet of you two.

wet wet licks


Duke said...

You sister is a beautiful girl Jaffa and the two of you are so cute together! What a great brother you are to help her along!

Love ya lots,

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey J-Man...You guys looks so cute two little(big, because you are much bigger than me)aire-bears...hee, hee, hee.

Jaffa, you teach Qila right, ok. In no time her tail will be standing tall.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Luckie Girl said...

Awww Jaffa...both of you looked so sweet together. I'm sure Qila will cherish the time spent with your family.

Toby said...

Awwww, you two are simply adorable together!! You are such a great big brother. I'm sure Qila is super happy to have joined such a wonderful family.


Bogart H. Devil said...

Oh Qila you're so beautiful!!! I wish you could come and live with meeeeeeee!!!

You're a lucky girl having a good brother like Jaffa. :)


Stanley said...


Congratulations! You get to stay with your Sunshade! Very cool.

Your sissy Qila is a gorgeous airegirlie. I agree with Ruby. Her tail will be flying high soon. She'll learn from the best cuz you learned from the best (Sunshade & your mummy)!

Goob love to you & Quila girl,

Asta said...

What a wonderful big brother you are Jaffa to your pwetty sister Qila..I loved seeing you walk together, then play in the park..Qila's tail was up at the park , it was sooo nice to see
and then two tired happy puppies snuggled together..the best!
I'm sure Sunshade is having agreat time with grandpapa, and by the way, I rweally like owange and purple.
Jaffa, you're a love! and Qila is Pwetty pwetty
smoochie kisses

Putter said...

What FUN you had Jaffa! These pictures of you and Qila are so cute I can barely stand it!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

wally said...

Whoa! Jaffa your sissy is one nice girl! Do you want to trade sissies? Mine is not quite as nice.

It's very sweet you guys share beds. We do that but only when we both want the same bed and we're trying to force out the other one.


MJ's doghouse said...

wow jaffa..your sister is so pretty and fun...i hope you can keep her furever...maybe your grampa will keep sunshade in victoria...i live in you want me to see what i can do for are one lucky doggy to have a sister that is the same a you.

fee said...

hi jaf jaf, it's so nice to see you and your mei mei together. why can't your ye ye just stay on in canada with you so no one has to miss miss anybody?

fee fee