Saturday, May 19, 2007

Long long weekend trip trip (Day 1)

Mummy said said I'm taking Jaffaman and Sunshade to a long trip trip!! I said said REALLY REALLY??

Jaffaman love love trip trips, me me is good good travel-pup! I stay stayed on my bed bed, me no no run to sit in the front front like Sunshade.

(Sunshade: it's not like you didn't try calling SHOT GUN, you just said it wrong. He said me want want shoot gun gun....)

The van van was nice nice, Jaffaman said said it's comfy comfy!

Jaffaman said said me me sleep sleep a wittle bit ok ok? Tell tell Jaffaman to wake up when it's fun fun ok ok?

Mummy said said wakie wakie Jaffaman, come eat eat yummy yummy! I said said HOOOOOOORAY!

Me me no no finish my tatatoe (Sunshade: Wendy's baked potatoe), so me said said Sunshade you are big big (mum: TOO big!), you eat eat my tatatoe ok ok?

Sunshade said said ok ok! (Sunshade: I just didn't want to waste food you know, thought about all the poor starving dogs in the third world country....... sigh..those poor dogs...)

Jaffaman ZZZZZZZzzzz more more, and then me me saw WOW!! Me me in a big BIG sea-bus!!

Sea-bus was fun fun, me me no no get sick!! Then we drive drive over a looooong road road over sea sea....

Jaffaman said said no no fall off ok ok?

We drove more more and came came here here.

Me me was happy happy because me me had to go pee pee... but me know know no no pee pee in van van so me wait wait to pee pee here. (Sunshade: mum, his speech is getting worse...)

Sunshade and me me play played on the beach, Sunshade still got boo boo mussle but she told mummy Sunshade WANTS TO PLAY! So mummy listen listened, just like me me listen listen to Sunshade.

(Sunshade: you can see a video of us on the beach HERE)

Mummy said said lets go walk walk more. Sunshade said said OK OK, I KNOW KNOW WHERE I WANT TO GO GO, FOLLOW ME!!

Sunshade said said GO THERE!

Sunshade said said NOW GO THERE!! Jaffaman said said ok ok, I'll just follow follow you ok ok?? But... me me scawered..... scawwwwwwwie.......


Me said said okay...okay... me trust trust my BIG sister. Jaffaman wants to be brave brave like my Sunshade, see see, my tail was up up like Sunshade's.

Then Sunshade said said GO THERE! Jaffaman see see water on my left, water on my right... me me was a wittle bit scared...

Me me got braver and braver, me me just followed Sunshade's mussle bum, cause everysing is ok ok if I follow mussle bum. Mussle bum will protect protect me me!!

Jaffaman love love my mummy too, so me me look look to see mummy is following Sunshade.

Then Sunshade said said I WANT TO GOOOOO THERE!!

She said said to Jaffaman these are for us to play play! Really really Sunshade??

Me me had a lot lot fun today, but me me was a wittle bit tired... so me sleep sleep fast at the hotel....


Simba and Jazzi said...

That was a big adventure. I can't wait to hear more about it.

Simba xx

Faya said...

What a nice trip with your Sunshade ! Big kiss, Faya

Duke said...

How exciting your adventure is Jaffa! Hurry up and tell us more, okay? I've stayed in a hotel before too! It's fun!

Love ya lots,

Stanley said...


You DO lead such an exciting jet-setting life (well, without the jets maybe). Have fun on your roadtrip with Sunshade. Can't wait to hear more about it.

Your goober,

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Oooh Jaffa how exciting! Looking forward to the next installment!

Oscar x

Anonymous said...

wow... i love the pictures... i kept thinking in my mind...where you going...where...i want to go too!!

Maggie said...

jaffa ,
you are sooo big now !! i remember when you where a tiny little pup a few months ago ( i feel soo old :(...) looks like you had a TON fo fun !!

Joe Stains said...

wowo what a trip you went on!! I cant believe you got a baked potato all to yourself and you were willing to share with sunshade!!

jaffeboy said...

So fun fun Jaffa Jaffa. I love love the water water. Beach Beach is my favouritest place!


PreciOus said...

Jaffa, you were so brave to walk along the port! Bravo!


Ben & Darling said...

oh jaffaman, you are one lucky pup. Thats a nice trip & I never stay at hotel before.

Putter said...

WOW! Jaffa! This looks like a coolest ever trip! Can't wait to hear more! :)

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

ps ... What was the hotel like? I LOVE hotels!

Bogart H. Devil said...

Hey Jaffa, you're a lucky guy! Looks like fun...


L said...

Wow Jaffa, you had one busy, busy day. Lots so exciting. Looks like you had lots of fun. Hope you had a great weekend.