Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Me is genttleman

Me wait wait to eat, see see,

Me nice nice to girlies, (mum: This is Gracie, my Welsh grooming client.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

San Juan's Day THREE

Mummy said to Jaffaman, today is last day here, you enjoy ok ok?? I said ok ok, no problemo!!

Jaffaman run on sand sand,

Me run on sand sand wif stickie in my mouf!!

Mummy threw a stickie for me, and see, JAFFASANITY!!!

See, good good Jaffaman brought fat stickie back,

My Sunshade got a purple rockie. She got ring rings around her neckie hehe... Jaffaman no no got rings on my neckie! 

Ah-oh... me fink my Sunshade heard me say ring ring on neckie and she no no happy......

Jaffaman in truuuuuble now........


Me was so fast me flew from sand sand to grass!!

My Sunshade came wif me too,

Jaffaman see see SOMEFING!!!

Do you see see somefing too??

Then me my Sunshade's butt butt. She slow slow, so me look at her butt butt. (Sunshade: that's an honour you got to get so close to the infamous MUSCLE BUTT. Consider yourself very lucky.)

Then JAFFASANITY again again!!!

See see handsome Jaffaman, me is KING KING!

My Sunshade came up too,

She said she's QUEEN QUEEN. I said ok ok, you be QUEEN QUEEN and me be KING KING ok?

My Sunshade said ok ok, but QUEEN QUEEN is bigger than KING KING,

And KING KING has to listen to QUEEN QUEEN..... I said okay okay....


Me is handsome KING KING!!

Then me JAFFASANITY back to the car car, see see,

Me saw saw a friend, see see,

Jaffaman want to go meet meet new friend, but mummy said no no. Then my Sunshade said GO AWAY to new friend. She no no nice.....

(Sunshade: it's a WILD animal! But then... I wouldn't put it past you to try to play with bears, cougars, wolves if you ever came face to face with one!!)

Me a wittle bit sad sad that me no no play with new friend. So mummy said we go find another new friend ok ok?? I said OK OK!

See, my new friend Ru!

Mama Ru was nice nice, see, she gave Jaffaman yummies!!

Mummy got treat treats for me and my Sunshade. My Sunshade good good, she help carry treat treats to go home!!

We went on big boat boat and Jaffaman said zzzZZZZZZZZ.....

Monday, May 14, 2012

San Juans Day 2

Mummy and DD-Guy took me and my Sunshade to see BIG fishies!! (Sunshade: as in whale watching from Lime Kiln State Park.)

I said watch Jaffaman, me jump jump like the big fish!!

Me is smart smart, me read read about black and white big fishies,

My Sunshade found a dark dark spot to rest, (mum: this was apparently the prime location to see whales. Sunshade was getting too warm, so she laid down in a shaded spot.)

Me no no need dark spot, me is good sit sit on big rockie,

Mummy sit sit wif Jaffaman, see,

D- Guy Guy and mummy said they no no want to wait for big fishies anymore. I said ok ok, let's go get stickies ok??

Mummy said leave stickie now, we go walk walk ok? I said OK! Me be leader ok ok?

Then we went to another place, but it rain rained..... we no no stay long..... (Sunshade: this was Roche Harbour, a very neat little town!)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Me go to San Juans

Mummy and D-Guy said let's go to fun fun place. I said ok ok, me be good good and sleep beside my Sunshade ok?? (mum: they are such easy travelers, I'm blessed!)

We got to a coooool island, and we walk walk around, (mum: San Juan Islands in Washington State.)

D-Guy said he hungry hungry, so we go here,

They got weird, soft, squishy, stinky fings like this. Jaffaman no no like it! (mum: that's the Oyster Cocktail, very yummy!)

Me was a good good boy, see see,

Mummy said good good boy get yummies,

I said fank you fank you!!

After Mummy and D-Guy done done wif yummies, we walked to our new home, (Sunshade: as in our inn.)

Jaffaman and my Sunshade got yummies toooooo, see see,

Me done done, more??

Mummy said no no more, but we go to fun fun place!! I said OK OK!!

Fun fun place went WOOSH WOOOOOOSH, like this,

Jaffaman, mummy and my Sunshade. We almost fly fly away!

Jaffaman and my Sunshade,

My Sunshade turn black black....

Then Jaffaman brave brave, see, me run run down there to pee pee on big rockie to tell bad monsters to stay away, (Sunshade: he just ran down the cliff!)

(mum: I okayed it! It was a steep slope of a path down to the water. Sunshade was a little concerned about Jaffa!)

You no no worry Sunshade, Jaffaman coming up now,

See, Jaffaman A-OK!!


Slow-motion JAFFASANITY,

Me and my Sunshade play play, see,

(Sunshade: Yes, total INSANITY!! I wasn't playing with you! Was trying to keep you from being all crazy hyper around mum and D-Guy. You just never learn...)