Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Me go to San Juans

Mummy and D-Guy said let's go to fun fun place. I said ok ok, me be good good and sleep beside my Sunshade ok?? (mum: they are such easy travelers, I'm blessed!)

We got to a coooool island, and we walk walk around, (mum: San Juan Islands in Washington State.)

D-Guy said he hungry hungry, so we go here,

They got weird, soft, squishy, stinky fings like this. Jaffaman no no like it! (mum: that's the Oyster Cocktail, very yummy!)

Me was a good good boy, see see,

Mummy said good good boy get yummies,

I said fank you fank you!!

After Mummy and D-Guy done done wif yummies, we walked to our new home, (Sunshade: as in our inn.)

Jaffaman and my Sunshade got yummies toooooo, see see,

Me done done, more??

Mummy said no no more, but we go to fun fun place!! I said OK OK!!

Fun fun place went WOOSH WOOOOOOSH, like this,

Jaffaman, mummy and my Sunshade. We almost fly fly away!

Jaffaman and my Sunshade,

My Sunshade turn black black....

Then Jaffaman brave brave, see, me run run down there to pee pee on big rockie to tell bad monsters to stay away, (Sunshade: he just ran down the cliff!)

(mum: I okayed it! It was a steep slope of a path down to the water. Sunshade was a little concerned about Jaffa!)

You no no worry Sunshade, Jaffaman coming up now,

See, Jaffaman A-OK!!


Slow-motion JAFFASANITY,

Me and my Sunshade play play, see,

(Sunshade: Yes, total INSANITY!! I wasn't playing with you! Was trying to keep you from being all crazy hyper around mum and D-Guy. You just never learn...)


Cowspotdog said...

Look at you fly over that jumps - they were terrific photos and what an adventure you are having

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Jaffaman, jumping and climbing that steep slop up will build your leg muscles so that you'll be able to run faster and jump higher in agility. Your evil mum will have to start training too.

Molly the Airedale said...

What a great time you and Sunshade had, Jaffa! We love the picture of the wind blowing back both of your ears and we love the pictures of you JUMPING!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Woody Airedale said...

Jaffa, you are one handsome boy! Looks like you had a great time, luv those ears, and that flying over the fence! Thanks for sharing
Woody Airedale

Kari in Alaska said...

awesome leaping photos!

Stop on by for a visit