Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Sunshade is mad mad.....

Mummy said said to Jaffaman lets go buy buy Sunshade a cute cute thing ok ok? Me said said OK OK!!

See, me got got my Sunshade cute cute thing,

Jaffaman show show my Sunshade,

You like like Sunshade??

My Sunshade always look happy happy and excited excited when she see see this,

(Sunshade: First of all, I DO NOT look "happy happy" or "excited excited" when I see a raccoon. I get mad, so mad I go through my fence to try to go after it, OKAY???)

Okay....but Sunshade, remember you played played with one that rain rain night??

(Sunshade: OMG! That was a fight!!!!! Yes, I do recall you doing play bows while I was rolling around on the ground trying to get the raccoon off my back. But just for the record, I was NOT playing. Geez.. when will you be able to tell between mad vs. play??)

(mum: So umm... I was walking both of them late one night. Two raccoons appeared around the corner on the side walk scrounging for food I guess. Miss Sunshade charged... The bigger one of the two, possibly the mom was protecting the smaller one and jumped onto Sunshade's back. There was a lot of noise and Sunshade was rolling on the side walk trying to get the raccoon off her back. I didn't know what to do and started beating my umbrella at the ground. Surprisingly, the raccoon and Sunshade both stopped and just "walked" away in the opposite direction. Thankfully it was raining that night because Sunshade's raincoat saved her from being chewed up. The coat was all torn up! She did have a couple of bite marks on her tail where the raincoat didn't cover. Ever since then, Sunshade makes the scariest noises when she sees or smells a raccoon. My Jaffaman thought it was all for fun LOL!)

Jaffaman think think my Sunshade like like black and white thing thing, but Sunshade no no look she like like, see.....

Mummy said said, Jaffaman and Sunshade, lets take picture together!! My Sunshade still said NO NOOOOOOOOO.... See see, Jaffaman good good and smile smile

(Sunshade: I really REALLY want to lock you up in the pen forever and ever with that costume you got me 24/7, 365 days.)

Me no no why Sunshade is mad mad..... I said said to my Sunshade she looks good good, but she still no no happy.....

(Sunshade: Can somebody PLEASE tell me (and the stupid him), does THIS,

Look like this at all?

Or does it look like THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS??

Does THIS,

Look more like this?


Jaffaman said said please please smile?? Me think you look cute cute....

(Sunshade: do you guys blame me for being upset?? Do you know now why I am NOOOOOT happy and SOOOO mad??

Not only did my EVIL EVIL mum not stop him from buying me a SKUNK outfit, she made me, the perfect me, pose with stooopid STINKY land shark!)

Mummy said said cool cool Jaffaman pose pose with cute cute Sunshade ok ok?

Me said said ok ok, but my Sunshade roll rolled eyes....see see,

(mum: I'm sorry Sunshade, he told me you like a black and white animal, and he did pick a black and white animal, so I thought that's what he had in mind. You do look very cute tho...hehehe!)

(Sunshade: yeah, that's about all he got right, the colours! I can't believe he can't even tell the difference between a raccoon & a skunk! I go after raccoons, but stay AWAY from skunks!)

I'm sowie sowie Sunshade... me me no no know me got got skunky, me thought thought its coon coon cause they got same colour colour..... no be mad mad ok?? Play play with Jaffaman?

(mum: the x-pen might be something new for all of you to see. The pen was set up after Jaffa's Advil episode almost 2 years ago. For about 8 months, whenever I couldn't watch Jaffa, he'd in there (which wasn't all that often). Then I started only putting him in when I go out, but leaving him out during the night. Now he only goes in for time outs and during meal time. Jaffa is a slow picky eater, so I often have to add other things to entice him to eat. Miss Piggy Sunshade is always trying to get to Jaffa's food or clean up what's left of it. That's why she opened the door, to look for foooood!!)

Oh no Sunshade still mad mad. She wants to leave leave with no Jaffaman....

She left left....with no no Jaffaman....

(mum: she forgot to take her costume off... LOL)