Saturday, March 31, 2007

FIRST time at Pet Expo

Mummy and Auntie Veronica drove far far away today. I stay-tayed in the back of Sunshade's car car with Sunshade. Sunshade said said to me to stay on my blankie, so I said ok ok you're the boss.

I slept slept until we got there. I saw this big big grey dog when we first walked in the door. Sunshade really loved him, she let him put his paw paw on her back, but she no let me.....

There were so many peeple, so many peeple pups, so many doggies. I walk walk good good on leash with Auntie Veronica.

so many funny funny smells,

I met met so many different breeds of doggies for the first first time!! This is a Boxing dog I think, he likes to box box I think.. I said hi hi to him, but he like like Sunshade better. I said ok ok, I like like her too.

I can't weeemember what these guys were, but they were so big big! (mum: English Mastiffs) I was brave brave tho, I said hi hi to them, mummy told me I was good good!!

I met met a lion dog,

I said said to him he looked like like Simba's daddy Mufasa,

He said said I look like like Tramp. What's a Tramp???

(Sunshade: hahaha... TOTALLY except the colours!!)

Then I saw some wittle guys. They were so wittle I had to bend bend my neck neck down to say hi hi. I was a very good good boy, I was gentle gentle.

The black and white one no like me, he growl growled and tried to bite bite my nosey, I said ok ok I'll leave. The cute wittle one with the pink leash really like like me a lot, and I like like her too.

I saw another wittle girl. Her face was cute cute, like an eggie.

She said said she's 16 weeks old, and a terrier too. I said said really really? Eggie Terrier??? I said said I'm only 19 weeks old, but my leggies are growing too fast...

Lots of peeple ask asked mummy is that a Welsh Terrier??

(mum: This is a full grown Welsh Terrier. Notice it's basically a miniature Airedale??

They range between 15"-15.5" at the withers.)

This is me me, see I still have lots of blackies down my shoulders and leggies because I'm still a baby. (Sunshade: a STINKY!)

and I am 19.5" at the withers. So I'm NO NO Welsh Terrier ok ok??

I saw saw Sunshade's boyfriend Studly Dudley. I went to say hi hi.

(Sunshade: that was not my Dudley, that was a GIRL!!)

This was another big big guy, I don't know what he is. He look look like he's mean, but he was very nice nice. (Sunshade: he's a Doberman, just like like Taz) I really like like him so I said said very lightly (Sunshade: um.. whispered) in his ear "brother, we have same same colours!"

(Sunshade: NO WONDER he walked away so fast!)

(mum: too fast for you to flirt with him??)

This is Ben Ben. He is only a month older than me me, but he's so BIG BIG...

I wanted to play play with him, so I jumped around him. (Sunshade: you can see video of this weirdo jumping around Ben on my post)

But when he came came to me, I said said WOOOOOOWOW.... you are a little too BIG BIG...

I saw saw some weird thing thing....

They smell kind of like my food food, but they MOVE MOVE..... that scare scared Jaffa..

But my big, brave sister Sunshade came over. I saw she wasn't scare scared. She just stood stood there and see see them quietly, so I thought ok ok Jaffa can do it too. I want to be brave brave just like my Sunshade.

Sunshade said said she was proud proud of me, I think she like like me a wittle. (Sunshade: I had a couple Dogcohol drinks...)

I was happy happy because Sunshade like like me, so I smile smiled!!

Sunshade took me to see see an alpaca. I no know what alpaca is, but I said said ok ok let's go. She said said we had to be quiet and gentle, so I said ok ok, I'll just do what you do do.

See, this is the big big guy inside inside. I wonder how he can stretch his leggies?

Peeple asked mummy why her Airedales were so calm calm, even the puppy (that's ME ME). And mummy said said it's part my mommy/daddy/uncles/aunts/grandpas/grandmas (Sunshade: he meant GENETICS..), and part having a calm calm older sister - MY Sunshade! (Sunshade: can I have your dinner tonight as my reward??)

Just before we go go out the door, I saw a Balto,

(Sunshade: yes, he watches way too many Disney cartoons, just like
somebody else....)

(mum: this dog was part wolf)

Balto Balto!!!!

Sunshade and me run run on the grass for a wittle bit. We played chase chase, you can see me me running on Sunshade's post.

Before going in the car car, mummy said said go pee pee Jaffa...

I said said no problemo!!

(mum: I was very impressed with how Jaffa behaved. He greeted every dog with proper manners, not jumping up, not hyper, and walked nicely on leash. His tail was up almost the entire time we were there with the only exception being when he first saw the chickens. )

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

English Bay

Jaffaman love love the beach, really really, I do I do!

Sunshade and me me play played chase. She chase chased me,

I said ok ok, I'll bite bite you!

Ah ohhhh.... Sunshade ran ran away..... (Sunshade: DID NOT!)

Sunshade love her RING RING,

So I love her RING RING tooooooo!

I made made some friends,

(mum: notice how Jaffa is always trying to sneak in kisses to Sunshade here and there? He's constantly showing her his submission - and only to her.)

I play played with sticks,

And I play played with Auntie Veronica!!!

(Sunshade: that stick MY Veronica picked up in the end is the same stick I posted on my post - it was MINE!!!)

Beach is the best best, I want to come come again and again!!!

Okay okay mummy???

Please please? Jaffa will not chew on you, please please?? (Sunshade: how 'bout not bite my face??)

Monday, March 26, 2007

SENSE-ation Harness

Mummy made me wear straps everywhere, and I no like it because I couldn't pull pull to catch up to Sunshade anymore.....

I like to walk walk like this!!!

(mum: I'm not sure if it shows from the angle the video was taken, but I was in front with Sunshade, and Jaffa was REALLY pulling Veronica towards us.)

Mummy said said that's bad bad way to walk, so she put this on me.

Side View:

Front View:

(mum: It's called a SENSE-ation Harness. The leash is attached to the ring in front. It works by gently applying pressure behind the dog's front legs and shoulders when the dog is pulling. Instinctively, the dog will try to brace against the pressure which in turn will turn the dog into you. Basically if your dog pulls, he's gently led back to you by the harness.

I personally prefer the SENSE-ation Harness over Halti's because when a dog a lunges on a Halti, the neck gets snapped back and you risk damaging neck vertebrates. My vet has seen quite a few neck injuries in dogs caused by their Halti's. Needless to say, the harness is probably more comfortable for the dog. This is also what trainers from Jaffa's puppy class recommended for training.

Please note, below is what the harness actually looks like.

I had to do a bit of improvising with Jaffa's harness because the harness was used for the Bouvier (90 lbs) that lived with us for a while. It is the right size for Jaffa when he's full grown, but way too big for him right now. I had to bunch up the straps here and there and tie them with elastic bands to make the harness fit for now.

If you would like to read more about the SENSE-ation/SENSE-ible harness, please visit their website:

This is how I walk walk with strap straps on...... I couldn't go fast fast like I like to, so I cry cry a little...

(Sunshade: Ok, I gotta put my two cents in on the SENSE-ation Harness as well. Sure yea it stops pulling, BUT...

What the SENSE-ation Harness will NOT do:

1. It will not stop a stinky from biting his PERFECT Aunt.

2. It will not stop a stinky from getting in the way of his PERFECT Aunt.

3. It will not stop a stinky from going left to right and tangling his leash up with his PERFECT Aunt's.

4. It will not stop a stinky from being self-glued to his PERFECT Aunt.

Other than that, the harness is pretty good. Oh, and if you or you know someone who can invent something that will stop the above 1-4 from happening, please let me know. I would be very interested in barking with you, thank you.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade)