Monday, January 3, 2011

D-Guy say lets go to the U-S-A!!

Nice D-Guy said lets go to a nice place in the U-S-A ok?

I said ok ok, but what nice place?

THIS nice place!!!!

It has yummy bowl bowls just for Jaffaman and my Sunshade, see see,

Nice place has bed beds too for me and my Sunshade,

(mum: Derek's X-mas present to us were a trip down to Seattle for the New Years. He had booked a hotel that catered to dog guests especially. They even had complementary daily walks if you choose to!! I'm a worry wart, so we did all the walks ourselves.)

Mummy and DD-Guy hungry, so they got yummies. Jaffaman and my Sunshade hungry hungry too..... My Sunshade talk talk a lot and she hit hit the table and D-Guy's leggie with her big paw paw. Jaffaman no no talk, me just watch,

(mum: Sunshade is still being effected by Cushings unfortunately, so food still brightens her day like no other... LOL. Jaffa isn't a food hound, its actually hard to get him to eat. So he doesn't really care much during meal time. He just wants to be where the crowd is!)

Mummy and D-Guy no no hungry anymore, and D-Guy said he go play play wif his toy ok ok? I said can Jaffaman play too???

My Sunshade and I got KOOKIES from nice place!!

Jaffaman got to eat 1,2 KOOKIES cause mummy no no let my Sunshade eat hers,

(mum: Sunshade has wheat allergies, so Jaffa scored both!)

Jaffaman ate all my KOOKIES (Sunshade: after 28 minutes, he finally finished.) and came to this place. Mummy said lots of friend friends live here,

Jaffaman happy to see more friend friends!!

Me walk DD-Guy and my Sunshade to look for new friends,

Jaffaman ready for my new friend friends!! (Sunshade: they should have an exhibit at the Zoo just for you!)

But mummy said new friends might eat eat Jaffaman... so I said ok ok, me no no want to see new friends.

Mummy said we go to a park ok?

DD-Guy say come come Jaffaman, play play with Sunshade's stickie! I said no no fanks, me play with my own stickie ok? Me no no want my Sunshade to get mad mad,

But D-Guy said no no you come and take it!! So me listen and try try....

My Sunshade gave me scawie look, so I said ok ok, me get my own stickie ok? (Sunshade: D-Guy was forcing us to play..... geezus!)

Me got a stickie, my Sunshade got a stickie too, we bof happy happy. Me want to lie lie next to my Sunshade, see see,

(mum: Sunshade had taken her stick and moved away from Derek and Jaffa. But Jaffa just wanted to be close to his Sunshade, so he followed her. He laid down next to her, close enough to feel like he was close to her, while far enough to give her the space she liked having.)

We walk to see more of the park park,

Me found a BIG cone cone. I hit it with my strong paw paw!!

Mummy and my Sunshade sit sit, so me and DD-Guy went to do boy fings, see see,

D-Guy said you jump jump on there brave Jaffaman ok ok? I said no fanks, it moves, D-Guy try try. He no no brave either, so he no no try it....

D-Guy found no no move fing and said Jaffaman come up ok? I said ok let me try first ok?

See see, brave Jaffaman up here. Me could see everyfing!!!

My Sunshade went to guarding place too, she looked at me and DD-Guy from far far away. She said we are trubble trubble....

Me saw funny looking square fings, see see,

They all got funny doggies on them. One got cut into free pieces!! (Sunshade: "three" pieces, and its because it's a Dachshund!)

I saw my Sunshade play wif mummy at the slide. See, she catch pine cones!

I said me want to play too ok ok? But my Sunshade no no want to play wif me.... she took her pine cone cone away....

(mum: as soon as Jaffa showed up, Sunshade decided the game was ending!)

My Sunshade walked up the fun fun fing, so I said me do do it too!! See see, brave Jaffaman and my Sunshade!!

Then DD-Guy said he got sexy frozen face, so he no no want to stay out anymore,

I said ok ok, lets go back to nice place to get warm warm ok D-Guy?

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Jaffaman say say HAPPY NEW YEAR to my wifey Lola (me miss u...), and all my girliefriends and friends!!

We saw bright bright sky,

And loud loud lights.....

Me no no like loud loud lights... so me stayed next to mummy so loud loud lights won't come down to hurt Jaffaman....

Wishing good good fings happen to my friends in the New Year, and no more loud loud lights!!!

Jaffaman will write more later ok ok?