Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's ok, me no no need new friend....

Look, Jaffaman and mini Jaffaman!!

Mummy said she got a new friend for Jaffaman to play today, his name is Atticus.

(mum: Atticus is a new Squaire Dog client, and the first Welsh Terrier officially groomed at Squaire Dog. He is only 10 months old.)

Mummy said we cute cute together,

See, Atticus look cute cute here right?

But Jaffaman say.... he is NO NO CUTE!!!

(Sunshade: OMdoG, I can't believe you let that happen to you, and on the grooming table too!! This would never happen if I were there!)

Me like like Atticus a lot in the beginning, but he ride ride me lots, and then Jaffaman say fank you mummy, but me no no need new friend ok?

(Sunshade: okay... for the first time.... I actually feel bad for you STINKY! I would have helped you if I were there, and I'm sure he would have stopped after just ONE lesson from me.)

(mum: Jaffa literally came and hid between my legs, looking for help towards the end. He's way too gentle for Atticus to take him seriously.

Grooming Atticus was quite an eye opener for me. It showed me just how much spunk and determination you could pack into one little body! If he didn't like something I was doing, he made sure he let me know LOL. Take that dryer scene for example, all of the Airedales I have ever used the dryer on have always given me that sad, pleading look. They usually back up to a corner with their tails down (not curl under) and basically just puts up with it without a complaint. I also use the lowest setting with most of the Airedales as I just can't stand seeing those sad faces.. Mr. Atticus on the other hand had his tail way up in the aire and was biting and attacking the dryer at high setting. Every once in a while, if he's had enough, he would make a run at me in an attempt to get me to stop!! I also caught him mid aire a few times while he flew out of the bathtub repeatedly. The entire bathroom was quite flooded upon completion of the bath.

I had expected the grooming time for a Welsh would be considerably less than that of an Airedale. However, I soon realize it was not going to be the case once the grooming process started. It actually took me longer to groom Atticus than an average Airedale, LOTS of bribery were needed to complete the job. Talk about a sense of accomplishment, now I feel like an expert animal wrangler!!! I love challenges, and I look forward to the next one!)

Atticus all finished!

Jaffaman said to mummy, you take lots pictures ok? And no no put him down on the ground ok??

Good good mummy said ok, she take more pictures!

More please!! Fank you fank you mummy!

Peeple say Atticus look handsome. My hair grow long long now, so me no no look handsome now... But mummy say Jaffaman always handsome! See see, I was handsome 1,2 monf ago!

(mum: pictures taken on 02-03-11, last time he was stripped.)