Saturday, May 19, 2007

Breeders - (Day 2) (27 weeks)

Sunshade and me me came here this morning. My breeder Jan wanted to see see Jaffaman!!

(mum: Jaffa was the pick of his litter and Jan had been wanting to see how the little man turned out, so we brought him back for Jan to see and also to look at more Aire-puppies!!!)

Jan said said WOOOOW! Jaffaman is super duper duper handsome and well built!! (Sunshade: those weren't her exact words.) I said said Thank You Thank You, now I jump jump on you ok ok?? Mummy said said in scaaawie voice JAFFA OOOOOOOOFF!

Me me happy happy cause me me remembered this place. Sunshade and me me were born here!!

Mummy let us play play around for a wittle bit, and me followed followed my Sunshade everywhere.

Then mummy said said ok ok you guys have to go back back to AireMOBILE ok ok?? I said said O-KAY O-KAY....

(mum: Jan had a litter of 5 week old pups, so we didn't want the pups to catch anything from Sunshade and Jaffa.

This litter is out of Hailey who is Sunshade's cousin (sires are brothers), and Koby who is Jaffa's uncle (mom's half brother).

There were 6 pups in the litter, 3 boys, 3 girls. I just about melted.....

This litter seemed very confident, very out going, much like the litter Sunshade came from. Jaffa's litter was much more reserved, much more laid back even at 8 weeks of age.

Yes.... chew chew chew!

They played, they peed, they ate, and they SLEPT!

Jan with one of the pups. She's been addicted to Airedales since the 60's, and has done a wonderful job in breeding them!!!

Pups playing!

Seeing the pups totally brought back memories of the first time I met Miss Sunshade and the rest of her litter. They were 5 weeks old also. Jan wanted me and my dad to go visit to make sure we were committed in getting one of her dogs. Since we were first time dog owners, Jan was a little hesitant as she normally never let first time dog owners have an Airedale from her.

These are old pictures from when we visited the 5 week old Sunshade in December, 1999. Sunshade was the pup marked with a point on the nose.

Miss Point on the Nose!

Here are the side profile of the Hailey X Koby pups. They are all so adorable and gorgeous!

This is the biggest boy,

This is the littlest boy, but one with a VERY short back. The shorter the back is, the better it is according to the Airedale Terrier Standard.

The last of the boys,

Littlest girl, but most feisty and dominant!!

The most laid back pup in the litter, she was very much like Jaffa; happy to just sit and watch the other pups play from afar.

Biggest of all girls. This girl has A LOT of body, a very deep chest, and is the pick of the girls.

Some beautiful pups!! All their noses will darken as they get older, just like Jaffa's did. I had to have a lot of self control not putting down a deposit for a THIRD Airedale..... they were just toooooo cute and tooooo addictive!!)

Mummy came out out of the house and let Sunshade and me me out to play play again. Mummy smell smelled funny, but me me said said it's ok ok, Jaffaman still love love you lots lots!

(Sunshade: I told mum not to touch me, couldn't stand the potent smell of STINKIES. She was only allowed to touch me after she had washed her hands THREE TIMES, thoroughly, with soap and changed her clothes.)
(mum: she's not joking, she turned away when I tried to pet her LOL. That's my girl, she always lets me know of her dismays LOL!!)

Jan told Jaffaman to come come see someone,

Jaffaman said said who are you???

Jan said said that's "Ivy", your sister!!

(Sunshade: she's now known as "Qila" (kee-la), and you know what THAT means right??? *EXTREME EYE ROLL*)

Jan said said to go in in and play play with Ivy, but me me said said nono... I no like inside the pen, me want Ivy out!!

Jaffaman said said I REMEMBER YOU!!!

We played played together before!!

(mum: These were pictures I took of them when I went to pick Jaffa up at 8 weeks of age. Qila (or Ivy) was the most out going pup of the litter, she was the demanding one. Maggie is the other sister who now lives in BC as well. The forth pup you see in the pictures is another male. The males had their ears glued in these photos, not the females.

Here are pictures of Jaffa and Qila taken when we brought Jaffa back to have his ears re-glued. They were 3 months old in these pictures. Qila was the "outgoing sister" in these photos, and Jaffa was wearing the blue collar.

Videos of Jaffa and Qila playing from that trip can be seen HERE, and HERE.

Now why Miss Sunshade is NOT happy?? Well because her mum brought yet another STINKY home.... LOL. This was very unexpected, we weren't planning on getting another dog, we were simply just going there to see the new pups and have Jan see Jaffa.

However, when Jan saw how "confident" and gorgeous Jaffa turned out considering he was the MOST laid back one of his litter, she asked me if I would like to take Ivy (I renamed her Qila) home and work with her. Qila is a very pretty little girl, but she was not doing well in the kennel situation. Most of you know, the litter Jaffa came from was VERY laid back, VERY calm, sensible pups who lack some confidence from time to time. Even tho Qila was the most out going of the litter, Jan realized she really needed to be with a family, be socialized, and be bonded. Just like Jaffa and Maggie (the sister Jan let go at 3 months due to her laid back personality), Qila craved for human contact.

I couldn't say no to Jan, especially the dog in question was Jaffa's sister, Sunshade's niece. I wanted to give Qila a chance to be part of a family and enjoy life. So yes, I, The Crazy Airedale Lady brought yet another Airedale home.

We are very behind in postings, but Qila is improving by the day, and having two other confident dogs around is really helping to build up her confidence.

Am I keeping her?

The answer is NO, unfortunately. She will be with me for a little while to be socialized and learn from Sunshade and Jaffa, but I won't be able to keep her. More on that in posts to come. Jaffa wants to show off his sister!!)

(Sunshade: my mum REALLY needs to go to AA meetings, not the alcohol kind, but the Airedale kind.. Do they have meetings for those??)

(mum: I bet if they had those meetings, the classes would be filled in no time! Am I right Aire-moms?????)


Ruby Bleu said...

OMdog J-man...that is pawesome. Your sister coming to live with you. That is so great. You are going to have so much fun!!! You're Mom is he bestest!!! Now there will be two of you aire-kids to keep Sunshade in line, ha, ha, ha. Are you going to let Qila blog too? You should!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Anonymous said...

oops..i almost had a shock.. i tot she's named gila(ghee-la) which means crazy in malay..then i saw tt it's a Q instead of G and i tot it's a chinese name.. but well it's a nice name.

Anonymous said...

forgot to leave my name..


Joe Stains said...

omdooog this is AWESOME!!!!!! welcome qila!!

Maggie said...

OMG jaffa . you are sooooo lucky !!! btw my mom said she reallllly thinks what your mom said about the aa thing is totaly true !!!!! what a looser !!

Charlie said...

What a surprise!
- Charlie

Bogart H. Devil said...

Welcome Qila!!!! More Dales!!!


Stanley said...


In the words of Sister Sledge (before your time)

"We are family....
I've got all my sisters with me!"

At least you have one sister with you! Have a blast, buddy!

Goober love to you & Qila,

Simba and Jazzi said...

Two shocks in one day, Miss Sunshade was once a stinky and you have a new stinky.

Simba xx

Boo Casanova said...

wow soooooo many stinkies. no wonder sunshade doesn't want mom to touch her!

wet wet licks


Duke said...

This is so awesome for you to be able to live with your very own sister even if it is for just a short period of time! She's a beautiful girl Jaffa, just like you are!

Love ya lots,

Putter said...

Oh My Jaffa! What a weekend! You teach Qila well okay! I know you and Miss Sunshade have this covered! She is a cute little girl for sure:)!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

wally said...

Ohmydog. My ma ape is jealous I'm NOT! I'd be afraid the little ones would steal my thunder!


Luckie Girl said...

Oh gosh,
This is going to be SO SO MUCH fun. Another Airdale??? I can't wait to hear what dogventures you three will be up to!

Anonymous said...

I want to see photos of your Mom walking 3 dogs at once!!! Sunshade must be having fits - poor girl!

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Yay! That's sooo exciting. I'm very jealous!

Oscar x

Lillie Valentine said...

I want to come live with U!!!! I want to be able to play with my airedale friends. Qila is SOOOO cute! So are you Jaffa. And Sunshade, well, she is the fairest of them all, of course!

jaffeboy said...

Jaffa Jaffa, Qila is pretty pretty. I think she is a keeper keeper. I send yummy yummy to you, U share share with Qila Qila ok ok?!

Toby said...

Jaffa!! You are SO lucky!!! To have another sister living in ur house!!! What can be better than that?? Um, how's Sunshade dealing with the whole situation though???

I wanna come to ur house and party!!!


Ben & Darling said...

wow, thasts great. The more the merrier...Jaffaman, you can bully sunshade together gether with Qila !!!

Jas's footsteps said...

cool!! How does sunshade feels about it?

Although many say 3 is a crowd..but we think more is fun!!! ^ ^

Allegra the Airedale! said...

Jaffa boy,

Hi! I'm allegra. I want a brother or sister so bad too. I am sure sunshade will just act a fool with your sister too.


Asta said...

Jaffa, What a nice surpwise! although miss Sunshade is going to be a little upset I'm sure, but you have so many nice things to teach your sis've become such a brave gwonup puppy.
Qila is pwetty pwetty, but you're still the handsomestest boy, and Miss Sunshade has no equal
Have lots of airefun, twy not to dwive your Mommi cwazy
smoochie kisses