Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Owie tag tag...

Me me was 24 weeks on Monday, now now is Weday (Sunshade: he can't spell Wednesday yet), so me me is 24 weeks and 2 days old.

Weight at 24 weeks and 2 days: 43 lbs

Mummy took Sunshade and me me to see see Sunshade's Aunty Janice. I no no spent a lot a lot of time with Aunty Janice so I no know know her well like Sunshade know know her.

(Sunshade: okay.. he meant he hasn't spent a lot of time with MY Aunty Janice, soe he doesn't know her as well as I do. MUUUUUUM! Speech therapy is NOT working!!!)

Sunshade's Aunty Janice and Jen were nice nice to Jaffaman. Aunty Janice said said Jaffaman looks big big and healthy healthy. Jen said said have some treat treats Jaffa, and I said said OK OK OK OK, yummy yummy ... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I got owie owie neck.....

(mum: he got microchipped, and Jen the vet tech was checking to make sure the tag was reading properly)

Jen said said I got a tag tag in my neck neck, but I said said my Sunshade gave me a tag tag already, I no no need owie tag tag in my neck. See my tag tag with my name name on it??

(Sunshade: *leaves the room*)

Mummy said said I was a brave brave boy to get my owie tag tag. She said said SMILE for the camera brave Jaffaman! I said of course of course!

Sunshade got acupuncture for her elbow and boo boo mussle. Then mummy took us for a walk walk. We came to a wittle park park!!

I stay stayed on my line line because Jen said said owie tag tag might run run away if I run run too much. (mum: the newly implanted chip can migrate within the first 24 hrs, so I was instructed to keep him calm.)

Sunshade had no line line, she was happy happy!

(Sunshade: YIPPEE!! For once I got to be the one let off-leash!! All the dogs we met were quite calm, so mum said I could be off-leash since I wouldn't be running.)

Sunshade show showed me how I should pee pee, see, like this,

I said said HI HI to a big guy,

Then mummy said said Jaffaman STAY, take pictures. I said said but I'm hot hot....

Mummy put Sunshade back on line line and we went to walk walk on the street.

I love my Sunshade, so I kiss kiss her a lot a lot.....

(Sunshade: YES...I spent 100% of my time dodging the LAND SHARK!! Those were NOT kisses I can assure you.)

I told mummy Jaffaman wants to walk walk me me okay? So I bite bite my leash and pull pulled.

(Sunshade: he's either biting his leash or nipping at ME while we walk. What bothers me the most is, he doesn't nip at other dogs we meet, only ME... geezus!)

See see, Jaffaman walking Jaffaman!

(mum: he pulled, and I accidentally let go of the leash. It was a quiet street and I called him back right away.)

Sunshade found a pine cone cone, she can always find pine cone cones anywhere we go go. Me no no how yet, but me like pine cone cones a lot a lot too!

Sunshade play played with her pine cone cone. Do you see it? Pine cone cone is between her big paw paws,

I said said to Sunshade Jaffaman really wants to play play too ok ok?

My BIG sister let me play play!!! Pine cone cone in between my BIG paw paws too! Jaffaman was happy happy!

Mummy said said Sunshade got got a nice bum bum, it has a lot a lot of mussles because mummy said said Sunshade exercises her bum bum a lot a lot!

(Sunshade: DON'T get any ideas about my gorilla/elephant/sheepdog!!!!!!!)

Me me want a nice bum bum toooo..... mummy said said I'm too young young right now, what do you think think??

My Sunshade is pretty pretty.... I'm shy shy.....

I hope I'll be as pretty pretty as Sunshade when I grow up up. (mum: you will be handsome handsome ok Jaffaman??)

Mummy drove JaffaMOBILE (Sunshade: IT'S SunshadeMOBILE, thank you very much!! But it does smell like STINKYmobile now....), and mummy got got us yummy yummy white white cold cold stuff!!


The cold cold white white thing thing was soo good, me lick licked everything up, see, like this,

Me got sticky sticky beard, but I want more more!!


Boo Casanova said...

jaffa, why is sunshade off leash? why? why?

wet wet licks


Faya said...

Oh Jaffa you are so cute..... I hope you will have a long long summer with a lot of ice cream.... Kiss, Faya

jaffeboy said...

U lucky lucky Jaffa. I love yogurt yogurt too!!!

U R a brave brave boy too Jaffa Jaffa. the Eeewwwwiiiii tag tag must make you cry cry pain pain but U brave brave.

Jaffa Jaffa, I don't like the yummy yummy my MaMa bought for me. I angry angry with her when she force force it down my throat throat.


Duke said...

Isn't ice cream just the best Jaffa! Mitch and I think so too! Mom just loves that last picture of you! She's still awwwwwwwwwwwwwww-ing!

Love ya lots,

Putter said...

Too FUN Jaffa! I still sometimes bite my leash leash ... That is fun, huh! My Mom does not allow it though:( Talk to you soon, okay!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Asta said...

Jaffa you're growing to be such a bigbig handsome were very brave to get the ouchouch tag, I have one can still use the one your bootiful sister gave you(she does have lovely muscles)
I love the picture of youafter your treat..I want to give you a big smoochie kiss

Joe Stains said...

oh boy that ice cream looks so refreshing, its 100 degrees here!!

You are getting to be such a big dog, but your butt does need some work.

Bogart H. Devil said...

Mmmmmmm Jaffa.... ICE CREAM! You're a lucky boy!!!!!

I have a microchip (uh, I mean ouch tag) too... it's a good thing!


Fu Fu said...

Oh Jaffa, you're so brave to get the owie tag tag. And you can walk yourself? I'm impressed.

~ fufu

Maggie said...

i have an owie tag too :( ooh well ., if your mom ever runs away , it will help you fnd her

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

I got an owie tag too. But unlike you I wasn't lucky enough to get ice cream (or half eaten low fat frozen youghurt!)

Oscar x

Myeo said...

You should have tried to walk Sunshade instead of walking yourself. Try it the next time.

But in case Sunshade gets mad, dont tell her it is our idea.

Boy n Baby

Headgirl said...

Glad to hear you've got tagged,as hate the idea of you ever getting lost. My ' One True Love' loved icecream too, he'd sit & drool if I didn't give him his own tub!

Hugs & pats to you & Sunshade

PS. Please do come & sign my new 'Guest Book' as I'd love a photo of you.

L said...

Jaffa, you are growing up to be a stunning doggie. Although, your butt does need some further development. No worries, I'm sure it will come along is due time. I love the photo of you walking yourself and the photo of you after you've finished eating the ice cream/yogurt! You are very cute, in a male-bonding-we're-so-secure-in-our-masculinity kinda way.


Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Jaffaman...
I hope your owie tag is all better...but it is good you got one so you will never get lost!!! And what a treat to get some ice cream.

Hope you and Sunshade treat your mamma nice on Mother's Day...
lots of licks, Ruby

Duke said...

Hi Jaffa,
You're officially 6 months old today! Happy birthday! I hope you can live with your mom and Sunshade forever!
Happy mother's day to Jaffa and Sunshade's mom!

Faya said...

Jaffa ! I have taggeg you ! You have to show me your tummy ....
Kiss, Faya

Lillie Valentine said...

You are cute,cute Jaffa! You are lucky that you got to have ice cream. I haven't had ice cream. Is it good?

Snowball said...

Oh Jaffa,

you are so handsome. I don't have a owie tag as I follow my human around like a shadow. I go off leash all the time too. Have you tried swimming yet? It will help you build up your muscles real fast.

Luv and licks,


Snowball said...

Btw, jaffa, I have to confess that I have used one of your pictures for the contest I had to celebrate my barkday.



Ben & Darling said...

Jaffa Oh Jaffa, where are u??

PerfectTosca said...

Yo Jaffa, I been watching your good lookin' self. So get yer mom off her butt and tell her to post some more shots of you. I mean my Mom needs a Jaffa fix.

Lizzy said...

Do you really live in Vancouver? I do too!


Putter said...

Hi Jaffa!

Where R U and Miss Sunshade? We miss you and want you to come back to see us! Maybe you are out eating ice cream????

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)