Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pacific Spirit Park (25 weeks)

Me me is 25 weeks old and 2 days today ok ok?

Weight at 25 weeks and 2 days: 44.2 lbs

Mummy took me me and Sunshade to a big big fun fun place today. Me me FIRST time there to play play!!!!!

Jaffaman was happy happy, so I did zoom ZOOOOOOOOMS!!!

Me me zoom ZOOOOOOOOOM to my Sunshade and did did kiss-kissies because I love love LOVE my Sunshade!!

(Sunshade: do they look like kisses to you???)

Me me follow my Sunshade every where because my Sunshade know know all the fun places to go play play and get dirty dirty.

Sunshade go go in here here, and I said said WAIT WAIT for Jaffaman!!!

But me me was too late late... Sunshade ran ran out already..... see...

(Sunshade: don't worry, you didn't miss out much, there were no poopies in there today to roll on.... SIGH..)

We met met a big black curly guy guy (Sunshade: he's a Standard Poodle.)

I said HI HI, his mommy said said she love loves Airedales and I'm handsome handsome. I said said I KNOW I KNOW, thank you thank you!

This is Chance the Labbie (Sunshade: Black Lab), I like like him a lot, but he no no interested in Jaffaman.....

He said Sunshade is pretty pretty and he's not shy shy. Sunshade is not shy shy too too!!

We met more more doggies, and me said HI HI nicely to them all.

Then me ran ran after the wrong mummy.... so mummy said said Jaffaman, THIS WAY!! And I said said OOOOPS!!

(Sunshade: did you hear how hard I made Chance pant??? He didn't even want his parents anymore!!) (mum: Sunshade, please keep Jaffa's blog kid/puppy friendly, thank you for your cooperation.)

Me me had so much fun fun, me me want to come back back soon soon!!

(mum: I was very pleased with the way both Sunshade and Jaffa behaved. I was ready to be chasing after Jaffa, but he followed me and Sunshade, and came when called. Sunshade didn't get over protective of him, she let him play and socialize, so that was very good as well.

Here are pictures of Sunshade at 25 weeks.)


Boo Casanova said...

jaffa jaffa,

me me like like... ok ok i gotta stop talking like jaffaman!

well, i think those are kissies all right. not sure what's sunshade problem tho!

she probably will enjoy it more if no papparazi was following!

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

oh jaffa, you have to stop KISSING sunshade, but other than that you behaved SO well. We loved the video with the samoyeds because I miss my brother Lobo who was a samoyed. He went over the rainbow bridge a while ago so I love to see pictures and videos of other sammys!!!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Jaffa, I love the 2nd pic. It looks like you're bouncing off the ground. That looks like an upsize version of T-man. :)

~ Girl girl

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

What a fun walk that looked to be. You are such a good boy coming back so quickly when mum calls!

I like Sunshade's little black moustache in her baby photos, hehehe!

Oscar x

Duke said...

You're such a handsome boy Jaffa and you're so obedient - not like SOMEONE I know!

Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...

Wow... you get to meet up with all those pup for a stroll in the park.. so fun!

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Jaffaman...
What a fun place to visit...with all those doggies. So much fun!!! That picture of Sunshade was funny funny. What's with that moustache??? Ha, ha, ha!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

jaffeboy said...
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jaffeboy said...

Jaffa, thank you thank you for the tag tag. MaMa say I look nice nice wearing my new tag tag. Now I smell nice nice!

U R a good boy boy cos U run run to mummy when she calls calls. I am a good gal gal too cos I run run to MaMa when she calls calls.

I'm happy happy U had fun fun.


Sunshade is the cutest! Jaffe

Ben & Darling said...

Hey Jaffa baby, I like your running shoot, those pic make you look like a happy handsome pup.

Stanley said...

Jaffaman Jaffaman!

You are such a lovey and big boy! So fun to watch you with your Sunshade (keep up the kisses - she'd miss them if you stopped and it gives her something to pretend to be grumpy about).

Your goober bud,