Sunday, March 28, 2010

We all look the same same!

Mummy said said to Jaffaman, lets go see Stellie-tellie and Lola ok? I said said OK OK!

Mummy no no want to bring my Sunshade, but I said said but Sunshade is crying...... we bring Sunshade too, me no no want my Sunshade sad sad ok mummy?

(mum: Sunshade doesn't play much anymore unless its with an un-neutered male, so I usually don't bring her to Jaffa's playdates. She wanted to tag along today tho!)

We met another big big boy just like Jaffaman there, peeple called him "Taj". That's Jaffaman's sister Stellie too!

Taj no no run around like me me & Stellie and Lola, so my Sunshade said HI HI to Taj! He's 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 years old,

(Sunshade: yes, I have been so deprived of the CALLLLLLLM-NESS that I so desire (over the last THREEEE years) that I must seize every opportunity to absorb the calm energy.)

Remember wittle Lola? She's no wittle anymore. She's Jaffaman's gurrrrlfriend. Me love love Lola! She can bite bite Jaffaman here and there and everywhere and me no no care!! (Sunshade: that's because YOU do that to everybody/doggie else!!)

Taj said said he want to ride ride Jaffaman. I said said, I'm a JaffaMAN ok ok?

Me me and Stellie run run fast, see see? My Sunshade and Taj said WOW WOW, they no no run that fast fast anymore.......

We all look the same same and play play together,

One peeple said said to all our mummies, we all look like GOAT GOATS!! His dog looked like this,

(mum: This guy with a Chinese Sharpei kept asking us on many different occasions what breed they were, and we kept repeating "They're Airedales", "yes, all of them are Airedales", "yes, this one too is an Airedale Terrier". Then after staring at them for the longest time, he said they looked like "goats" LOL! I found it amusing that the guy with the CHINESE SHARPEI was telling us our Airedales look like goats!)

My Sunshade got hot hot, cause she eat eat a lot, and got a lot a lot of hair! HEHEHE...

(Sunshade: what does being "HOT" have anything to do with how much I eeeeeeat genius? GEEZUS!)

My Sunshade turned flat flat, we no no flat, see see,

You see see Taj's ears?? He look the same same as my other gurrrrlfriend Faye Faye!

Mummy said said maybe Taj and Faye are brother and sister like me me and Stellie!!

(mum: Taj was the spitting image of Faye (more than just the ears!) except he was a little bit bigger. Faye was a rescue that my friends adopted. We knew the approximate area that she came from, her approximate age and that was about it. Taj's owner mentioned that he was from a breeder in the area that we were told Faye was from. His breeder also only had a pair of Airedales that he was breeding, and all the pups got tattooed in the thighs before they went to their homes. I asked my friends to check Faye for tattoo around the thigh area, and sure enough, it was there! Taj is 8, Faye is 6, so they could be brother and sister from a different litter!)


Molly the Airedale said...

What a fun play date you had, Jaffa! We wish we could have been there to play with you and all of those Airedales too!
Goat, huh! We think Shar-pei's look like hippos, in the nicest sort of way, of course!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Dexter said...

I am glad Sunshade agreed to go along even though she got flat much sooner than you. How could anybody not know what an Airedale is? Only the best kind of terrier there is!


Joe Stains said...

Looks like a fun day with your pals. Those sharpeis are funny looking for sure. Glad Sunshade got to come along too!

Lorenza said...

Sure you all had a pawesome time together!
Lola is your girlfriend, Jaffa??
Glad Sunshade went to have some fun too!
Kisses and hugs