Friday, November 13, 2009

Jaffaman's KAKE Day

Today is Jaffaman's 3rd KAKE day! Me got got one last year and last last year too (Sunshade: as in last year and the year before.)

Mummy made my Sunshade yummies too because bad bad wheat is in my KAKE so Sunshade no no eat my cake, (mum: Sunshade has wheat allergies.)

Mummy said said Jaffaman and Sunshade sit sit together for picture ok ok? Me said said ok ok, but me no no want my Sunshade to get me,

Good good mummy said Jaffaman no no worry, mummy tell Sunshade be good good, I said said ok ok,

My Sunshade was good good! Fank you fank you Sunshade, me love love you! (Sunshade: you're welcome. Thank you for all the MAGIC-treats earlier!!)

Jaffaman eat eat yummy nut nut butter KAKE on my bed, see see,

(Sunshade: nut nut butter = Peanut Butter)

KOOKIE too from Stellie with my name name on it!!

(Sunshade: I think they forgot to put your full name "Jaffa NOOOO" on it since you get called that ALL THE TIME!)

See see Jaffaman eat slow slow,

Me love love sweet thing things on KAKE, but sweet thing things stuck stuck,

Jaffaman's nosie love sweet thing things too!!!

Then no more sweet thing things.......

Me ate ate a lot, and me no no want to move, see see,

My Sunshade no no move too, see see,

Then mummy said said wakie wakie Jaffaman, pressie time!!! I said said ok ok!

My Sunshade said said Happy Birfday, no no stealing from no no home peeple ok ok??

Me like to take loud loud things from no no nice peeple, but me said said you got a lot a lot, Jaffaman just take one ok ok?

(Sunshade: he loves the NOISE those bottles make when he land sharks on them..... "No no nice peeple" = people that collect bottles on the street.)

See see, me wait wait,

Then me chew chew,

Mummy got got Jaffaman pressie too, she said said take picture ok ok?

Cool cool Mr. Shark mummy got me,

My Sunshade said said go wear handsome Holloween shirt shirt, I said said ok ok!

Sunshade said said Jaffaman and Mr. Shark Shark look same same......

Me love love my Mr. Sharkie a lot a lot,

Me want Mr. Shark Shark wif me all the time!!

(Sunshade: STINKY's ADHJD is so bad that awake or asleep or anytime in between, he needs to have something in his mouth ALL THE TIME! It's like a 3 year old with his pacifier!!!)

Jaffaman tired tired so me rest rest,

Then me wake wake up (Sunshade: and "wake wake" everybody else up...),

(Sunshade: might as well look for more food (from his food pen) since I was already woken up!! I'm always thinking ya know?)

Then loud loud thing got hurt hurt...

and Jaffaman said nite nite to mummy to my Sunshade to Mr. Shark Shark,

(Sunshade: boy do I LOVE the look of that picture! Wish that could be true 24/7...)

Fank You Fank You my friend friends! Jaffaman happy happy..he he!


Molly the Airedale said...

OMG, that picture of you in your sharkie costume with your birthday sharkie is crackin' us up, Jaffa!
Your cake and cookie sure looked yummy but we can't believe you didn't finish it!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Dexter said...

I love those bottles too. What a great present. I think Miss Sunshade must like you a little bit.

How can you eat so slowly with Miss Piggy lurking someplace?


The Airechicks said...

Looks like you had a "WONDERFUL" birthday!

Cake & Cookie - look just DELISH!!!


Joe Stains said...

Those are some great pressies you got there. Tanner does the same thing every time with his bottles. First he takes off the lid. Then he takes off the plastic ring. Then he crushes it and finally rips the label off. It is quite entertaining!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Jaffa!
Sure your cake was delicious!
And those bottles were a great present too!
Kisses and hugs

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey buddy,

You have been nominated for Post of the Month over at the Bone Zone, head on over and cast your vote :)



Asta said...

I looooved seeing you enjoying all ouw biwfday goodies..that was so sweet of youw Sunshade to get you those cwinckle sounding bottles and mr shawlie and you make a pawfect paiw..I love the way you hold on to him all the time.
Youw Biwfday yummies look amazing..I hope bof of you got some good west and let youw tummies enjoy
smoochie kisses

Molly the Airedale said...

Thank you so very much for our lollipups, Jaffa! What a birthday pawty we're having and it's still morning! whoooooooohoooooooooo
You and Sunshade made it so much more special for both of us!

Love ya lots,
Yer friends
Mitch and Maggie