Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Puppy Class 2

I stay stay in the crate crate this afternoon, mummy and Sunshade went to play play at the beach. It was okay, I had a chew chew, and I sleep sleep.

I was happy happy when mummy said it's time for me to go play play!!

See the yellow Lab Turbo??? He was like a GIANT to me last week, but this week, he was not so big big anymore. Peeple said I grew grew lot lot in one week. I'm a BIG BIG boy!!

Lisa said I was more perky this week, but still a calm calm puppy. Peeple told mummy she's lucky because I'm such a good puppy. I'm happy to make mummy proud proud.

This is me chilling,

My friend "Shorty" grew grew too, he's still my favouritest.

We did mini obstacle course today. Joan say say it is not to create agility champions, but to build up confidence. Mummy say say it's a very good thing. There were tunnels, weave poles, teeter, A-frame, wittle jumps.

(mum: all the obstacles were miniature version of what you would see on an agility course. Joan and Lisa were by the teeter and A-frame to ensure nobody falls off)

I no like the A-frame and the teether, I got stuck stuck at the top top. I didn't want to move move. Joan say say it's because I no like to have all four of my feet feet off the ground ground. She say say some pups are like that, and no pushing those pups. I said WHEW.....

This is Cheater do do the wittle A-frame. He did did good, he roll roll down.

I LOVE LOVE the tunnel, because Sunshade has two at home. I see see her run run all the time, and I run run too. So I like like tunnel a lot lot!!

We learn learn to "sit sit" today, but I already knew how to sit sit. See, this is me sitting for big black Griffin's mummy.

We also learn learn "watch me". I had to look look mummy's eye eyes when mummy say say "Jaffa, watch me", and then I get treat treat!! It was easy, because I always look look mummy's eye eyes when she talks to me.

Then it was off leash play play time!!!! (mum: Lisa and Joan split pups into three different groups according to age, size and personality.)

I was happy happy at first. Noel the Beagle X Parson Russle Terror, and Hector the French Bulldog were in my group group. But they play play rough rough....

I no like rough rough play play. So I went to watch the wittle guys play.

Lisa saw me and she said I can go play play with the wittle guys. I watch watch them first.

(mum: in any new situation, Jaffa seems to observe first, then decides if he wants to act. A very sensible pup. We do need to work in building up his confidence a bit more.)

I like like my friend Shorty.

I had fun fun, I want to come come again fast fast!!! I want to play play with the wittle guys tho..


Anonymous said...

Whaouw, I remember my first day at school. I liked that soooooooo much like you I can see. That video is just great. You are realy a gooooooooooob boy. Kiss

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Wow, you looked like you enjoyed the tunnel a lot! I am going to start agility when I am 12 months old, it looks exciting!

Hopefully next week you can play with the weeny guys.


Boo Casanova said...

hey jaffa,

you still look cute in that shirt. :P

you are enjoying your time with other doggie aren't you? too bad mom didn't let you join sunshade with big simba at the romp.

wet wet licks


jaffeboy said...

The wittle guys are too wittle for you. U know, I like to play with the wittle ones too but MaMa always stop me from doing that. She says I play too rough...

Molly the Airedale said...

I love the photo of you inside the tunnel! You're very brave Jaffa! There was a "Shorty" in my puppy class and I really liked him too but that was ions ago!

Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with playing with the wittle guys! Sure looks like you had fun - did everyone like your outfit?

L said...

No worries, Jaffa. I'm like you, I don't like playing with rough doggies either. And boy, were those doggies rough! You are such a good, calm, intelligent boy. Your mom must be really proud!

Sweets - a fan

L said...

No worries, Jaffa. I'm like you, I don't like playing with rough doggies either. And boy, were those doggies rough! You are such a good, calm, intelligent boy. Your mom must be really proud!

Sweets - a fan

Toby said...

Wow, that place looks like a lot of fun!! I wanna play in the tunnel too. Mommy says I might be going back to school soon...something 'bout me not being nice at the park.

I like playing with the wittle guys too. They're more fun!


Joe Stains said...

awwe, those french bulldogs can be a lot to handle! We should know they are just like us!! You will get better at being more confident, and then you will be able to play with anypup!

Myeo said...

Hey Jaffa, when we were watching that video, we were telling ourselves...lucky thing Sunshade was not there. Sunshade might give the 'Sunshade Look' to those hyper puppies. We noticed that you are really a very calm boy. You are such a loveable boy.

Boy n Baby

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Jaffa,
You are such a good boy!! My mum kept saying 'Jaffa is so calm unlike you Huskee'.. sigh, guess I am a bad example??