Sunday, September 12, 2010

Long Long Trip TWO

Mummy and D-GuyGuy took yummies from our new home home, and said lets go for a walkie behind our new home home ok Jaffaman?

(Sunshade: mum and D-Guy got some continental breakie courtesy of the hotel, and took us for a walk in the trail behind the hotel.)

I got got a stickie, see see,

Then I said sorry sorry, Jaffaman pee pee now..... (Sunshade: if you come to my blog, you will see him peeing on MY FACE! Grrrr...)

I found more stickied, see see, (Sunshade: that's A TREE, with roots still attached to the ground.)

Jaffaman said play wif me please please??? (Sunshade: yes, he was trying to play with a tree.)

(mum: Jaffa was trying to pull a branch off the tree!)

Nobuddy play play wif Jaffaman, but I said its ok ok, me go find other things,

Mummy said good good Jaffaman sit-sit,


Me and my Sunshade find good good smelling things,

We walk walk more, see, Jaffaman is FIRST!

Mummy find find black thing things and she eat eat them, (mum: he meant BLACKberries!! Those are the "black things" I found.)

She gave Jaffaman some, and I said fank you fank you its yummy yummy!

My Sunshade no no like black thing things, she likes yellow thing things, see see, (Sunshade: "yellow thing things" = Corn POP cereal)

We went back to new home home, and mummy said she and DD-Guy go to play play (mum: at PAX that is lol), and me and my Sunshade no no go wif them....... Jaffaman is sad sad, see, me what to go play too.....

Mummy said no no be sad Jaffaman, there is bone bone for you! I said really really? Fank you, but me no no want to get near bone bone when my Sunshade is there ok ok?

(Sunshade: that was very smart of you to stay away so you didn't get EATEN. However, next time, you should surrender your portion to me on top of that.)

Good good mummy said one for Jaffaman and one for my Sunshade, see see,

Its yummy yummy, fank you mummy!!

Then mummy and DD-Guy said by-by and they be back back soon,

Mummy and D-Guy Guy went to see funny peeple,

They wear funny things,

(mum: people dressed up as their favourite video game characters.)

(Sunshade: ok, it must have been them that gave mum and D-Guy the smart idea..... come to my blog and you'll know what I'm talking about.)

See see, Jaffaman and my Sunshade got draw draw here!!

Then mummy and D-Guy Guy came back, they said surprise Jaffaman and Sunshade, we got got surprise for you,

(Sunshade: where is the SPCA or, ASPCA in this case, when you need them?)

I said its ok ok, we no no want surprise ok? You can go back to see show show and don't come back ok ok?

I no no know what's on Jaffaman's face........

(mum: different video game booths had their own little give away items. According to Derek, this "PLAGUE" mask was from Plants VS. Zombies booth LOL.)

Mummy said Jaffaman wear cool cool shirt ok? I said okay okay.......

See see, coool shirt is Ryu from this video game,

My Sunshade got a cool red shirt shirt too,

Mummy took white white thing off my face and she said put white white thing on Jaffaman's head ok ok? I said no no, but no no means yes yes to mummy.......

(Sunshade: not like we had ANY choice!!!!!!!)

Then mummy put pretty yellow thing on my Sunshade, see see,

I said yellow thing look pretty pretty on my Sunshade, keep it on her head ok ok?

But mummy said yellow thing look good good on Jaffaman too........

Jaffaman no no want my wife and my sister and my girliefriends to see me like this ok ok?

Good good mummy said ok ok, no more yellow and white white things, but yummies for Jaffaman and my Sunshade!! (Sunshade: you call her "good"?)

Fank you fank you mummy!!

Then my Sunshade did did this cuz she want more yummies, see see,

After she ate yummies off the table, she got a bone bone. She hold the bone bone with her big paw paw, see see,

Jaffaman learned from my Sunshade,

Me hold my bone bone with my big paw paw too!


Molly the Airedale said...

It's not nice to pee on Sunshade, Jaffa! Mitch has done that to me before and it shows total lack of respect in my book!
We can't decide who looks cuter in the pacman hat - you or Sunshade! haha

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

the many Bs said...

hey Jaffa! you had a fun walk behind your hotel. you're really good at lifting your leggy to go peepee, but not too nice to pee on Sunshade's head. maybe that's why your mum tortured you with the silly clothes.


brooke said...

Jaffa, I can't believe you peed on Sunshade's head! Ohhh she must've been peeeed off!

Nelly said...

Hi Jaffa,
You look very cute in the pacman hat. I sometimes pee on Finni's head when he barges in or doesn't get out of the way quick enough ... but he isn't bothered. My Mummy has been picking blackberries too this year. I like to try things to eat usually but I was too busy digging up mices. Your stickwork is awesome!
Nelly x

Dexter said...

That yellow thing! EEEEE!


ellen said...

Sssssshh! Don't tell, but I think YOU look cuter as Pacman.

Cassie said...

Looks like the whole fam had a great time! I just love your sissy's pacman hat. Too cute. You are a good looking doctor too JaffaMan! Great photos.
X-Hootie & Baby's human, Cassie