Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long Long Trip ONE

Mummy and DD-Guy said said lets take Jaffaman and Sunshade to a driving trip ok ok?

(Sunshade: "driving trip" = road trip. We took a road trip down to Seattle to the Penny Arcade Expo. You can go to my blog if you want to read proper English.)

I said ok ok, but my Sunshade no no want me in car car......

(Sunshade: he kept on FARTING and KICKING ME!)

Mummy drive to put car car in line. I said sorry sorry but Jaffaman poo poo coming out now ok ok? My Sunshade yell NO NO! Nice DD-Guy took me out to poo poo, see see,

(Sunshade: we were waiting at the border and he kept on FARTING, like those freshly brewed farts.)

I poo pooed and everyfing was A-OK! I sleep for long long time, and then I said said by-by to DD-Guy. He said by-by too and run run to this place, he was happy happy!

Good good mummy said lets take good boy Jaffaman and my Sunshade to play play ok?

(mum: since Sunshade and Jaffa had been stuck in the car for the 2.5 hour drive down, I decided to drop Derek off at the Seattle Convention Center first and then take them for a walk. Derek had been very excited about PAX for I don't know how long now, there was no way he could have waited one more second after arriving to Seattle... LOL)

I said ok ok, are we there yet??

Mummy said said YES, we're at Magnet Park!

I said me me is safe, I no no got medal on me,(Sunshade: errr... "Magnuson" Park.. and he meant metal...)

We walk by wittle peeple off-leash park park. Wittle peeple behave good, they no no run away,

We walked more to Jaffaman off-leash park, see see,

Mummy took my line line off, but I no no go yet, see see,

(mum: Jaffa gets VERY excited at the sight of dogs and can act a little bit ummm... Airedale-ish on leash. So I usually don't let him off the leash until he is in a calmer state of mind where he's actually able to respond to commands.)

Then mummy said OK OK Jaffaman, go play play. I said FANK YOU FANK YOU, by-by mummy!

Jaffaman play played with new friends, see see,

Good good Jaffaman came to see mummy when she said COME-COME. My Sunshade said she no no want to move because she no no want to step on dirty ground, so she stand stand,

See me happy happy,

Jaffaman make white white things wif my mouf when I'm very happy, and then white white things go on my face, my Sunshade's face, my Sunshade's ears, my friend friends' face, peeple's arm arms and leggies. (Sunshade: "white white things" = his disgusting slobber and foam)

Sometimes me shake shake and white white things go on mummy's face and hair too. Me make powerful white white things!

Mummy and me walk more, but see see, my Sunshade no no want to walk on dirty ground ground....

We wait wait for her, and she slowly walked, 1,2 steps at a time then she stop again. (Sunshade: you never waited for me, you were long gone!)

Then we meet meet new friends, but my Sunshade a wittle bit afraid of long long hair black and brown friend.. Jaffaman said no no worry my Sunshade, me protect you, me go put white white things on him ok ok?

(Sunshade: I'm NOT afraid of Shepherds ok? I would just rather not mingle with them that's all. You can read why on my blog.)

Jaffaman walk walk with my Sunshade and mummy, see see, (Sunshade: yeah right, you had ran up to meet this dog, and you were just following him back!)

(mum: while it was true that Jaffa did run up to greet dogs, sometimes quite a distance away, he did however, always come back to check in on us before taking off to greet another dog. Although there is still more off-leash work that needs to be done, Jaffa has become much much more reliable off-leash. Nowdays, well, for the most part, despite his obsession with greeting "new" dogs, he does remember he has a mum! My biggest worry about walking both Sunshade and Jaffa together had always been the need to chase after Jaffa over a long distance while risking Sunshade hurting or injuring herself from chasing after me. I am delighted that the worry is almost non-existent at this point!)

Then Jaffaman found two same same dog, and run run with them,

Another new friend came to play with two same same dog and Jaffaman,

My Sunshade no no like dirty ground... good good Jaffaman found a water park for my Sunshade. She like like water!

I said in there my Sunshade. She said you open open door for me ok?

I said said NO PROBLEMO!

Jaffaman run run fast to open another door for my Sunshade, me is a good good boy! (Sunshade: he was running because he saw a dog on the other side of the chain linked fence!)

Here you go my Sunshade, clean clean water park for you!! (Sunshade: OMG! What is that Vizsla doing??)

Jaffaman and my Sunshade happy happy,

I play played with friends,

My Sunshade play played with mummy,

I got thirfty, see see, (Sunshade: you saw what that Vizsla did in the water right?)

And me stand calm calm for a wittle bit to make mummy happy, me is a good boy,

I play played wif this black doggie, he bite bite my neck and yell yell at me. I said you go go away, but he no no go away..... Jaffaman said you WATCH OUT for my Sunshade!!!

See see, my brave brave Sunshade came in between and saved Jaffaman. Black doggie stopped bite bite and bark bark at me,

(mum: Sunshade is protective of her pack, and that includes Jaffa. She has protected, stood up for him on many occasions, towards different levels of aggression. In this case though, it was just a play that got a little rough and Jaffa didn't like it. Sunshade recognized that the dog was being a little rowdy, but it wasn't aggression nor was Jaffa in danger. So she just walked calmly towards them and proceeded to push her way through in between, separating the two without making any noise (she actually had a rock in her mouth!). The black dog read Sunshade's body language well and stopped the rowdiness immediately. I should also mention that Jaffa knows Sunshade will stand up for him, so when he's in an uncomfortable situation, he'll head for Sunshade wherever she is.)

I no no want to play with black doggie anymore, so I play with mummy. She throw Jaffaman a stickie and I got got it,

Mummy play play my Sunshade's rockie game wif me, see see, all the rockies,

She throw them for Jaffaman!

I said ok ok, me no no want to play at the water park anymore ok ok?

My Sunshade said she want to go go too,

Mummy said ok, she love love us lots, so she give us yummies. We wait wait like this,

Good good Jaffaman wait wait for mummy and my Sunshade,

Then me see see friends, and I said me go see friends ok ok? By-by mummy and my Sunshade!

Do you see Jaffaman? Me far far away to see friends!

(mum: That's how far (sometimes further) I used to have to go run after him because he would go from one dog to the next to the next, completely forgetting about me. Now he goes that far, but comes back to us!!!)

Mummy said I got dirt dirt on my belly so she use water to clean clean. I said ok ok, anyfing is ok wif Jaffaman,

(Sunshade: did you see me in the background, waiting by the gate? I wanted to leave so bad, so I could get some fresh aire! I, of course wouldn't go with anyone except mum, so I just waited for her to hose off dirty STINKY. Passerbys kept saying how cute and bootiful I was, but they also kept asking random hooman if I was theirs....)

Jaffaman clean clean now. My Sunshade is happy happy to go, I said me too, me had fun fun, now we go find DD-Guy ok?

Mummy said ok ok, but yummies first for Jaffaman and my Sunshade, see see,

I said FANK YOU FANK YOU mummy! My Sunshade said MORE MORE mummy!!

We walked to car car, and Jaffaman said me sleep here now ok ok?

Mummy said sleep in car car ok? See see, my Sunshade turn flat flat.....

Good good mummy got me and my Sunshade yummies, see see,

She said good boy Jaffa and good girl Sunshade eat eat drum stickie in car ok ok? She go find DD-Guy. I said ok ok, fank you mummy!

My Sunshade finish her drum stickie fast fast, and she ask Jaffaman can I have ur drum stickie too? I said no no Sunshade, me me hungry too. My Sunshade said ok ok, she go find more drum stickies when mummy no no there. She find 3 more and eat eat them, then she find big juicy ribs and she eat eat them too. Me no no got any.....

(Sunshade: I scored in the DaleMOBILE AGAIN!!! I found the stash of food that mum hid inside D-Guy's duffel bag with zipper all zipped up. She even put a 2.5 gallon water on top so I couldn't move it. Well, the SuperDALE went to work and I SCORED!!! 3 more drum sticks (that's 4 all together), and 2 huge yummy beef ribs. I left the 3 marrow bones alone so mum won't go totally crazy!)

Mummy found DD-Guy here,

He play played with new friends too like Jaffaman,

(mum: Derek was entered in the Magic card tournament thingy at PAX. He was very happy about the whole thing.)

Mummy and DD-Guy took Jaffaman and my Sunshade to new home home, (Sunshade: "new home home" = hotel suite at Larkspur Landings)

Me show you inside of new home home, see see living room,

Sleeping room and potty room,

Mummy and DD-Guy got yummy dinner,

Jaffaman's dinner no no yummy......

Me no no want to eat my dinner ok mummy??

(mum: I have one child that eats through cans and another that prefers to go days without eating! Yes, Jaffa was having one of his many picky days. Note the comatose state Sunshade was in after eating (stealing) 4 drum sticks and 2 beef ribs.)


Duke said...

What a super duper time you had at the dog park, Jaffa! Mitch gets those white foamies too, especially when food is involved and he drools too! It's really yucky!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

brooke said...

I have to admit, Darwin pees in the water like that Viszla all the time. If there's a puddle water, she'll pee in it. Don't tell Sunshade!

I love that Sunshade looks out for you! Even if she calls you a stinky shark she still loves you!

the many Bs said...

hey Jaffa, it looks like you had so much fun at Magnuson park. you looked really happy in the water. you are a good off leash doggy.

we will post this weekend about our meeting at Marymoor. we really liked meeting you and Sunshade and your mum.


ellen said...

Jaffa, your posts make me laugh out loud. Talk to mummy and your Sunshade about a book, ok ok?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Jaffa!
Sure you all had a pawesome time there!
I had a good laugh seeing that Visla peeing there in the water! Oops!
Thanks for sharing your trip!
Kisses and hugs

Toby said...

Jaffaman had so much fun!!!! But why did you pee on Sunshade? BOL!!!

I'm have picky days too. Mom gets down on the floor and hands feed me bit by bit which usually works. I have her trained that way.

Tell Sunshade I say hi!!!