Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two J's

Jaffaman sleep in my eating cage yesterday because mummy said no eating Juicy Juice.....

(mum: The x-pen we have set up was from way back when he ate the Advils. Now he just goes in to eat because he has a tendency to wonder off to play if you don't keep him in one spot. Not a good eater.)

Good good mummy let me out, and I said me go see Juicy Juice ok ok?

But me no no see Juicy Juice.....

Mummy said my Sunshade got Juicy Juice outside,

She guard guard him, see see,

Me want to see Juicy Juice toooooooo!! Mummy made me sit and wait wait, Jaffaman good boy, me listened,

Then mummy said OK, GOOOOO!

So Jaffaman run to see Juicy Juice, and then me no no know what happened but my Sunshade jump jump on top of me and her big mouf was on my neckie and head head and she yell loud loud...... Then she did it again when me got up to see Juicy Juice.....

I said to my Sunshade - okay okay, me no no think Juice is Juicy ok? Me just want to be friends and play.

My Sunshade said ok ok, and she let me be friend friend with Juice!!

(mum: This part is just a copy and paste from Sunshade's blog, feel free to skip it.

it was very interesting to watch this whole thing with Juice unfold. The previous night when we first brought Juice home, I wasn't really sure what to expect from Jaffa. Since he had only spent a very brief time with our late rabbit when he was about 10 weeks old, I wasn't sure if that meant he was socialized with rabbits. So he slept in the x-pen last night. This morning, I decided to have the rabbit in an x-pen out in the yard and let Jaffa "free". I wanted to see what his body language was around the rabbit, so I could get a better idea.

Sunshade watched as Jaffa approached the pen in top speed, but in a stalking motion. Tail hanging half way, head low, eyes focused, mouth closed. I thought to myself ah-oh, I think he might want to kill...... As I was thinking that, out of no where, Sunshade went up to Jaffa and grabbed him by the scuff and pinned him. He cowarded, and she let him go. He got up but proceeded to do the same stalking motion again while circling the pen. Sunshade saw it, and right away got on his back and pinned him down again. I think Sunshade perceived his actions as being threatening too.

After that, Jaffa's body language totally changed. His tail went up, not held in a stiff position, and whenever he sniffed Juice, his tail would wag. His mouth was now open, he panted like a normal dog. The times that Juice went right up against the x-pen, Jaffa gave him a few licks. After a while, Jaffa laid down (in a more submissive position) beside the pen. I knew then there was no kill in Jaffa. Funny enough, the moment I could tell that Jaffa was just "excited" but did not want to harm Juice in anyway, was the moment that Sunshade took her eyes off Jaffa and did not care anymore what he was doing to Juice.

I find it very interesting to watch how Jaffa learned from his mistakes, how Sunshade read his body language the way I had interpreted and acted accordingly. If I had walked Jaffa to the pen in a controlled manner (which we are doing now), Sunshade would not have pinned him. She felt she needed to control him because I wasn't doing a good job being an alpha, and did not have him under control. The reason I let Jaffa approach the rabbit however he wanted do was because I really wanted to get a good read on what his intentions were towards Juice. Can't get a true reading (IMO) if I tried to have him controlled. Now that I know he doesn't want to harm Juice, we are working on the initial excitement when he first sees Juice in the yard. Everything is so much easier when you know you they are not in it to kill :-)

Jaffaman and my new friend, Juice,

We are 1,2 J's!!

I told my Sunshade she rest rest, me guard guard. She said ok.

See, Jaffaman guarding Juice,

Then Juice came back home,

Jaffaman and my Sunshade came home too, see see,

Juice like corn pops,

My Sunshade's Georgie like corn pops too!!

(Sunshade: MY Georgie was so much cuter and friendlier. He never yanked the corn pops out of mum's hand like mean Juice does!)

Me no no care, me like Juice the way he is,

Me watch him clean clean himself,

And me no no want to leave his side,

See see, me just sit by Juice,

Because Jaffaman and Juicyman are friend friends!!

(Sunshade: as always, you can read my version on my SuperBLOG!)


Kari in Alaska said...

you are doing great with Juice!


ellen said...

Aren't you glad you like Juice and don't have to pack a bag and move out? I still think Sunshade and Giant Georgie overreacted to you. Good thing you're such a nice guy, Jaffa!

Molly the Airedale said...

JaffaMan and JuicyMan! We love it! You have a new friend, Jaffa!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

JaffaBoy, U are such GentleBoy....How can Juice not be friend with you...

Keep up the good work towards Ur friendship with Juice.

Sharon @ Singapore

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Oh cool, Jaffaman has a new friend. That's good.

brooke said...

Maybe Juice is Jaffa's Georgie!

Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

Does your new friend share the corn pops with you, Jaffa? Looks like Juice is going to be your new best friend!