Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pretty Faye Faye

Mummy took me and my pretty girliefriend Faye Faye for a walkie on Kissmas Day!! We no no got pictures cause mummy said her hand hands got tangled a lot....

Then mummy took us to this place, (Sunshade: That's D-Guy's apartment, being used as grooming room!)

Mummy said Jaffaman and Faye Faye got too much haire, so she take haire off.

Faye no no happy on the table... but she was good good, she listened to mummy,

She said she want to sleep, see see. My funny girliefriend!

Faye wait wait patiently for mummy to get cut cut fings ready, (Sunshade: cut cut fings = clippers....)

Good good Jaffaman stayed wif my girliefriend,

Me love love to be wif pretty girlies... hehe...

(Sunshade: actually, he just likes to be with any dog. You don't really have a choice to get away from him anyway.)

Faye's body got cut short short, Jaffaman still got long long haire, see see,

Then Faye Faye alllllll done!

Her pretty pretty face, see see,

Faye is happy mummy's done done!!

Jaffaman and my pretty girliefriend!!

Mummy no no groom Jaffaman today because DD-Guy said he pull pull my hair like a boy!

(mum: Derek told me he wanted to "groom" Jaffa, so I've been telling him "ok you can strip the black part for now". If you look at the pictures carefully, Jaffa is missing quite a bit of coat on his jacket from Derek's grooming LOL!)

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Duke said...

Faye looks beautiful and much happier now that she's been groomed! Your turn, Jaffa! Are you a good boy on the grooming table?

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch