Monday, February 15, 2010

Big big, tall tall stone

Mummy said said to Jaffaman, lets go to pretty water park to see big big rock and tall tall stone ok ok?? (Sunshade: big big rock and tall tall stone = the Inukshuk)

See see, me and my Sunshade at pretty pretty water park!

Me me follow my Sunshade,

Everywhere my Sunshade go go, Jaffaman go go too!

Mummy take line line off Jaffaman and said you look cute cute ok ok? (Sunshade: line line = leash... this is where my torture started) I said ok ok!

My Sunshade look cute cute too, see see,

Then we look cute cute together!!

Jaffaman found a friend friend, see see, me play with new friend friend, (Sunshade: that poor dog... he had no choice..)

Me me happy to play with no line line, my Sunshade too, (Sunshade: errrr... I do prefer not have to take sandy, slobbery landshark bites to my face thank you very much.)

Jaffaman's handsome handsome happy face, (Sunshade: *faints*....)

My Sunshade's funny funny face, HEHE..HEHE....

(Sunshade: YOUR face looks funnier!!!)

Mummy asked me , want a stickie stickie??

I said YES YES please!!

Again again!!

My Sunshade play played too,

Thank you thank you! Jaffaman go go now, buy buy!!

Me me and my Sunshade said said more stickies please mummy!!

Good good mummy threw big big stickie,

Me got got it!! (Sunshade: mum threw it for ME you know? It was MINE!)

Ok ok Sunshade, you have turn turn too ok ok? Jaffaman go play play in water.

Me no no care about cold water, see see,

My Sunshade LOVE LOVE water, so Jaffaman love love water too!

(mum: Neither Sunshade nor Jaffa started out loving water. Sunshade was very curious, yet hesitant about water when she was a pup. Finally when she was 6 months old, I took her to a lake and went into the water to about my thigh high. She was desperate to get to me that she took the plunge and swam for the first time. Ever since that day, she's had a special bond with water and has become an excellent swimmer. Big waves don't phase her, and she's drawn towards the water like magnets to steel!

Jaffa has always loved his Sunshade. Wherever she goes, he wants to be there, or at least try to be. He had always been content to just wade in the water and watch as Sunshade swam out. But one day when he was about 9 months old, Sunshade swam out quite far and went around a bend where Jaffa lost sight of her. He seriously panicked and splashed all the way out to look for his Sunshade despite my "NO's & WAIT's". I was very worried because he had not swam before, and I could see him struggling almost vertically in water while splashing his front legs around. I called him, he ignored me of course like any good Airedale. So I called Sunshade to get her to come back (which she did at her own time). When Jaffa finally saw Sunshade mid water, he swam toward her and proceeded to climbing on top of her when he finally reached her LOL. He got a good growl from Sunshade, and they both headed back to shore. He learned how to swim that day, and has become a good swimmer.)

Jaffaman run run lots with my Sunshade,

And pose pose for mummy!

Mummy said lets walk to the big big rock ok ok?

I said said ok ok, but my Sunshade got a big rock rock already!

My Sunshade sleep sleep with big rock rock, see see,

I said said wakie wakie Sunshade, we go find bigger rock rock ok?

(Sunshade: no respect for your elders whatsoever!)

Good good Sunshade got up and walk walk,

Jaffaman follow my Sunshade, see see,

Mummy put me and my Sunshade on line line,

I said said me see friend friends, me go play ok ok??

Mummy said said NO NOOOOOOOOOOO........

Jaffaman see see big big rock!!

Tall tall stone too, see see,

My Sunshade and me sit sit in front of the big big and tall tall rock!!

Then mummy said said lets go back ok ok?

Jaffaman said said ok ok, but I see friend friends, me pull pull and jump jump to play ok ok??

Mummy said said NOOOO, BAD BAD JAFFAMAN....... She did did this....

She put line line around my belly... so Jaffaman no no pull. Line line squeeze my tummy when I pull pull.....

My Sunshade got no line line, see see,

(Sunshade: mum usually has me on leash on the walk way so I don't walk into the bike/roller blade lane. However, today mum decided to let me (get run over) off leash because she needed two hands to hold stupid STINKY back. Whenever STINKY sees a dog while he's on leash, he turns into a bucking bronco. Today was no different.)

(mum: Jaffa is not the politest dog on leash because he is always very excited and enthusiastic when he sees other dogs. He pulls quite hard, and will sometimes bark or lunge at dogs in an attempt to play (no aggression whatsoever). We're working on it, but its still a work in progress. Sunshade is pretty good at ignoring dogs all together or a quick sniff and go, as getting to the beach and finding a special rock are her top priorities.)

My Sunshade silly silly, see see,

She walk walk like this,

(Sunshade: its called "brave brave" ok?)

Jaffaman said me try try too ok ok?

But I said said me no no want to give mummy heart attack, me walk on ground ground,

Good good mummy took line line off Jaffaman,

I said fank you fank you mummy,

Me run a lot alot,

See see, Jaffaman happy happy!

(Sunshade: LOOK! Another one of MY perfect photo RUINED by his big face!)

I saw saw a stickie,

Me love love stickies!

Me play play in water too,

Then Jaffaman saw saw my Sunshade bored bored,

Me no no want my Sunshade to be bore bored, so I said said me play play wif you ok ok Sunshade?

(Sunshade: I was NOT bored! I was just enjoying the scenery, enjoying the fact that MY bootiful face was bite-free, enjoying the peacefulness, enjoying watching you landshark mum's arm as well as putting sandy pawtographs all over mum's jacket!)

Me play play wif you Sunshade, me play play, see see!

(Sunshade: seriously, can you find any dog that's more ANNOYING than him???)

My Sunshade no no want to play wif Jaffaman..... she go far far away...

Jaffaman said said ok, me play play with big big stickie!

Then mummy put line line on me,

She said we go go home now ok ok? I said said ok ok, me me is tired....

See see, Jaffaman tire in car car,


Molly the Airedale said...

You are such a big lovable goof, Jaffa! You and Mitch could almost be twinsies!
Guess what? It's snowing at our house right now!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Good morning Jaffa you goofy guy! You are (both) very good to walk so nicely off leash in public.Our mom's afraid that we'd run off and never be seen again if we did that. That tall rock formation was interesting. Glad you didn't try to take THAT home.BOL.
When we played the video I,BRD, started barking at you like mad!!Mommy had to turn the sound off as she was afraid I'd bother the neighbors being so loud and furious! I was just trying to say hello to you two with good, loud Dale talk.
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRocketDog & Hootie

Anonymous said...
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The Airechicks said...

OMGoodness - you had a mini vacation all in one day -

You guys look so comfortable with everything.

Thank you for sharing you and Sunshades' time out in the great big world...


ELlen said...

I still want to know if you were named after Jaffa Dogs?