Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jaffa Update 2 - Nov. 27.2007 (by mum)

Jaffa was taken off IV around 2 am Monday morning. I stopped the IV, took his catheter out. Janice wanted to run another blood work today, which is a week after he ingested 200+ Advil pills, to see how everything is. She wanted the IV to be stopped for at least 24 hours before the blood work.

So today, I gave him breakfast, his meds, and brought him to Janice late afternoon to have yet another blood work done. He wasn't fasted, so that might effect the results (BUN, etc) somewhat. Will know the result tomorrow.

As you saw in Sunshade's birthday videos. He is acting completely normal, he IS being Jaffaman!! Jen the vet tech said he gets an "A for enthusiasm"; while Janice announced it to the people in the waiting room that "this is our miracle dog! He was poisoned"! I guess Janice thought it was amazing he still looked and acted fine despite what his blood works say. He was being a clown in front of everyone, and tried to play with every dog there (a little too much for some..hehe).

He weighed 55.8 lbs today, up from 54 lbs from Sat. I am giving him more food now that his stool is normal. He has been weaned off the Gastro canned food and is now on the cooked chicken/egg, cottage cheese, and chicken broth diet.

The traffic from North Vancouver back to Vancouver was very slow. So I decided to take them to Stanley Park on the way back for a walk. It was great to have both of them out again, but A LOT more work for me!! Jaffa was wearing his blue, fleece padded harness (same as the red one Sunshade wears), and not the no pull harness. Yea... so I was dragged all over the place. Sunshade was ready to walk the perimeter of the 1000 acre park, in the dark, along the sea wall, but I wasn't LOL. It was freezing!

Sunshade has a great nose, she's a great tracker. Mid way through our walk, she picked up a scent. I could tell from her body language it was an animal she picked up on. She had her nose up air scenting, going left and right, nose to the ground etc. I watched Jaffa as he watched his Sunshade with undivided attention. He was trying to figure out what she was doing. Then he started to imitate her, going left and right but not really using his nose yet. Finally, Miss Sunshade's hunting nose found the source. It was a raccoon, and they chased it up a little tree. Both of them were on leashes, wearing the harnesses made easy for pulling LOL, so I went with them..... Sunshade barked, grabbed a branch from the tree and started shaking it violently. I think she was trying to shake the raccoon off the tree of something. Jaffa watched, and decided to grab a branch too. He hadn't mastered the death shake yet, so he started chewing on it. But I guess it just didn't feel like it was the right thing to do, so he started barking. He started barking with his "big boy" bark. I don't hear that bark very often. It is quite a bit deeper, a little louder, a little more piercing than Sunshade's. I love it! The first time he barked, he startled himself. Turned back to look at me as if he was saying "that came from me me??". I told him "good boy", and he was all proud. Turned back to look at the raccoon up on the tree and did his big boy bark again!

Anyway, I literally had to work my way up their leashes while making sure I gave NO slack (or they pull forward more), and eventually grabbed a hold of the handles on the back of the harnesses and DRAGGED them both away from the tree. The poor raccoon is probably going to have a heart attack.

It's amazing how gentle and loving Sunshade is with little critters at home. That's one thing I'll never understand since she was not raised with little critters. The first time she met one was when she was 3, and that was her "Mousie". It's almost as tho she can turn her terrier instinct on and off. Off when the critter belongs to home, and is part of the pack. FULL ON when she meets them outside. Or maybe she has a very strong pack mentality?? She definitely gives her all protecting pack members.

That's the update for now, we'll keep you updated! Again, thank you all for your continual support, maybe that's why my Jaffaman is feeling so good.

Jaffa will do Sunshade's B-Day post under this post later on. So make sure you scroll down to see the little man!!



Jake of Florida said...

From Jake and JH's mom: the news sounds very promising!!! I was hoping for an update when I checked back just now.

I had to laugh as I pictured you being pulled around Stanley Park. Our boys -- a mere 25 pounds each --wear harnesses to keep them from pulling -- and I sometimes cannot keep up with them. So I was imagining the picture with two airedales who weigh at least twice as much.

I bet every head was turning in the park!!


Putter said...

Hi Jaffa! Hi!

OMG!!!!!! Jaffa! I am so happiest that you are feeling goodest ... KEEP getting betterest and betterest JAFFA!!!!! We love youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!


Putter ...:)

jaffeboy said...

It is good good to hear Jaffa Jaffa is feeling happy happy!!!

Good Jaffa Jaffa got big big bark! I like big boys bark bark 'cos I like to do my girlie girlie bark with them!

I, like Sunshie jie jie, has very good nose to spot "little thing things" running around.

Last night I shake another roden to it's death while going for nite walkies. I pounced before any one realised what I was gonna do! MaMa's not happy but PaPa say I good good girl!!!

Noah the Airedale said...

Sounds like you had a great walk around Stanley Park. Our pinkies have been there in winter too. They loved it.
Glad to hear a positive update on Jaffa. He is such a good boy.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

Kirby said...

Sounds like a great evening, after the Vet of course. Glad to hear that Jaffa is behaving normal and still following 'his Sunshade', I hope he continues to feel well, Our thoughts are still with you and will remain so until our Jaffa is doing good again!

Your pal,

Molly the Airedale said...

I have a big boy bark just like you do, Jaffa! It's so loud that I shake my head after I bark like it hurts my own ears! I'm glad you and Sunshade had fun together!

Yer friend,