Friday, February 3, 2012

Saphie Puppy Class & Training - 12 weeks old (by mum)

Here is a short video of Saphie at her puppy class. She's the youngest of them all, so big dogs (like the Rhodesian Ridgeback) still intimidates her a bit.

Helen is amazing! She doesn't speak/understand English very well, and yet week after week, there she is in puppy class with Saphie. After she gets home from the class, she takes out her dictionary, and goes through the handouts with her dictionary.

Look at all that she's managed to teach Saphie! Of course, Saphie is a pretty smart puppy with amazing focus and attention span. She reminds me a lot of Sunshade.....

All the training Helen and Saphie have done, has really helped them bond immensely. It is very obvious that Saphie loves her mom.

Sunshade wasn't feeling too well the other day (woke up nauseated), so Helen asked me to bring her over for her to do some Reiki on her. Since Sunshade was having a hard time settling down, we decided to treat her in the living room and left Saphie in the family room where her human brother Shawn and dad were both in there.

BUT, this was what happened.....

She wanted her mom!!


Mitch and angel Maggie said...

Awwwwwwww - Saphie and her mom are best friends already! She is one cute pup and smart as can be!

Love ya lots,

Sam said...

Saphie is a "mommy's" girl. I'm glad that Helen is so dedicated. My mom teaches a class where Helen and Saphie go and the instructors there all love dogs so they will ensure that Helen gets what she needs. It looks like Saphie is getting the all important socialization that she needs at this point of her life.

brooke said...

How come Sunshade has a bandage on?!

The Thuglets said...

Aww...Saphie is so cute. How fab that she is goigg to classes with her Mom.
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The Thugletsx