Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jump Jump Class!

Mummy said lets go to Good Good Boy Class ok ok? (mum: obedience class.) I said ok, Jaffaman is a good good boy!

Me listen to teacher talk talk, see,

Teacher said to mummy Jaffaman is good boy, he no no need good good boy class, he go to jump jump class ok ok? (mum: I had signed him up for intermediate obedience class because I wanted to work his emotional control on leash in presence of other dogs in close proximity. He usually gets too excited and playful. Well he showed up and acted perfectly. His sits, downs and stays had been perfect for a long time, so the instructor suggested that we switch to agility class instead. She thought it would be fun for him, and also a good practice for him to have to pay attention to me while being excited. I ultimately decided to stay in the obedience class, but also signed him up for agility. So he goes to class twice a week now. He's totally loving it!!)

See Jaffaman on my first day of jump jump class!!

(mum: Jaffa was AWESOME!! The jump and tire that he missed was completely my fault. I made the worst handlers' mistake; I had food in my right hand. It worked out ok while he was running on my right hand side, but when we switched to having him run on my left hand side, he kept cutting in front because he was trying to get to my "right hand" that was holding the treat!)


Mitch and angel Maggie said...

Nice work, Jaffa! Can you hear me clapping for you? I love watching your moving butt while you're waiting to get off the bench haha
You're a smart boy, Jaffa!

Love ya lots,

Sam said...

Hi Jaffaman, oh so cool. You're going to the same school that we go to and you're a rising star in both the OB and agility clases. Your mom is doing fine, another couple of classes and you'll be going to agility trials. Okay Mitch, here's the deal. Come on up with your mom and dad and we'll get you into the class as a guest and then we can all run together:)