Saturday, February 18, 2012


Look at Jaffaman in jump jump class!!! Me is Jaffasanity!! (Sunshade: are you trying to pull a Jeremy Lin aka Linsanity?)

(mum: Jaffa is doing amazing in agility and totally LOVING it! The instructor was very impressed with not only how fast he learns, but also his temperament. She said he was only the second Airedale she knew that could run agility off-leash without trying to take off to kill every single dog in sight... SIGHH.... that's a very bad rep for Airedales. OK, all you Airedale owners, go sign your dales up for agility classes!! I had started stripping his back, hence the patch of missing hair.)


Mitch and angel Maggie said...

Awesome job, Jaffa! We watched your video two times! You're so smart and handsome too!

Love ya lots,

MTWaggin said...

Great job Jaffa and Mum!!! You two are going to rock at agility!

julandmatt said...

Jaffa! you should have your on moniker! Jaffasanity! LOVE that!

You dig great with your agility. We are very impressed!
violet and company

Kari in Vegas said...

Great job guys!

Stop on by for a visit

Sam said...

Hi Jaffaman, boy, your evil mum's right - you are good at agility. Your mum is doing well too. Great handling E.