Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pretty Emma

Mummy said a pretty girlie friend is coming to see handsome Jaffaman!! See see, pretty Emma beside handsome Jaffaman,

I said Jaffaman bring toy for you to play ok Emma??

Toy Simba, you want to play play?

Emma said ok ok!!

Me showed Emma a stickie, I said Jaffaman chew chew first ok?

Then me said let's run up up and down down the living room ok Emma?

She said ok ok!!

YAY!! Jaffaman is winner!! Me run run over finish line first!!

(Sunshade: omg you're out of control without me there keeping things in check! Did the neighbours downstairs come up and yell at you guys???)

Then Emma hungry hungry... Jaffaman said you check counter, it's ok ok, my Sunshade no no here,

Me me is gentleman, see, me check Emma's mommy's pocket for food food for Emma!!

And then Emma brother and Emma mommy said we calm calm down,

Jaffaman said you scratch my bum bum ok Emma brother, and me calm calm down,

Emma brother is a good good pillow,

He's my best best friend!! (Sunshade: everyone is your best friend *eyeroll*!)

Emma want to go on table to get pretty pretty,

(mum: Back in October, I attended the Tradex Dog Show. I met a few Airedale acquaintances, and Emma's mom, Heather was one of them. Heather overheard my name and came over to ask me "are you Sunshade and Jaffaman's mum?". She introduced herself, and told me all about her Emmadale, who was her third Airedale. She also told me that her son Anthony had been a faithful follower of Sunshade and Jaffa's blogs for years. We've kept in touch since then. Today, Heather decided to make the 1 hour drive over to where I live to have Emma groomed + a playdate!! It is quite a drive, and I'm honoured that they're willing to drive all this way over for a groom! Anthony came too, he was hoping to be able to meet the SuperDALE in pawson. Unfortunately, it would have been too many dogs in a small apartment, so Sunshade slept in at home. He did get to meet Jaffa, and as you can tell from the pictures above, they hit it right off the bat!)

See see, Emma ready ready!

Jaffaman said me want to be handsome handsome too mummy, see, me got on table too,

Mummy said we take picture, but me no no get groom groom today,

Mummy said Jaffaman still handsome handsome wif long long messy haire..... do you fink so??

Emma was half done done, and Auntie Helen came wif wittle Saphie, see,

Saphie was wittle bit scawed, but she was good good, she no no jump or bite bite,

(mum: Saphie desperately needed to have her ears glued down again. I had arranged for Helen to bring Saphie over while Emma was here because Heather and Anthony really wanted to meet her. The glue we got didn't work (long story, will talk about it in another post), so she just ended up staying for the socialization, which was excellent for a pup her age.)

Me no no love Saphie, but me still nice to her. Me love love Emma lots. Emma was nice to Saphie too, so Saphie tail came up up,

(mum: Jaffa was pretty aloof towards Saphie, definitely not the same enthusiasm as when he meets full grown Airedales LOL. I guess he still isn't too keen on puppies, and I guess Saphie doesn't resemble a full grown Airedale yet! I had stripped most of Saphie's puppy fuzz out, so she was a little slick looking.)

Pretty Emma all finished, see see,

Mummy said we take picture all together ok ok? Jaffaman, my girliefriend Emma, and wittle Saphie all said ok ok! We good good kids!

Just Jaffaman and wittle Saphie (mum: Uncle and niece!),

Wittle Saphie said she want to be just like pretty Emma, see see, (mum: I love this picture.....)

Emma brother and Emma mommy came back, we all said HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI!!!

Wittle Saphie and Jaffaman love love Anthony. Me love love from behind, Saphie love love from the face, see,

Then Saphie did this and everybuddie said she cute cute,

But when Jaffaman did same same to Anthony, mummy use scawie voice and yell OOOOOOOFFFFFFF..... Me no no understand... Jaffaman is still cute cute and a baby too.... (Sunshade: that's your problem! You weight 70 lbs and yet you still think and act like a STINKY!)

(mum: we really had an awesome great time, and Emma was a dream to groom, such a good girl! I'd have to say, the most hilarious thing that happened on this day was when Anthony said to me "Jaffa is totally like how he writes on the blog!". Like I have said before, for those that don't understand the writing style, you have to meet Jaffa in person, and then you will go AH-HA!! Anthony blogged about his day with the dales on his blog, you can also read his letter to his Amie Dog, his first Airedale.

Thank you Heather, Anthony and Emma again for coming all this way!! In case you were wondering where the beautiful girl Emma came from, she is from Joanne Helm of Indus Kennel in Victoria, BC (was in Calgary).

More pictures of Emmadale can be seen on the Squaire Dog Facebook Page.)


Anonymous said...

Emmadale is a celebrity now! And I guess I am by proxy! Ha! Pretty neat! Thank you Jaffaman!

Mitch and angel Maggie said...

You have such excellent taste in AireGirls, Jaffa. Emma is just gorgeous and I love the picture of Saphie looking adoringly at Emma too!

Love ya lots,

Sam said...

Very nice job E. Now that there's an empty shop a few doors down from MC, maybe you could open shop there.

Faya said...

I know Emma !!!!!! She is on Instagram !!!!!! Hugs and Kisses from Switzerland !