Friday, May 7, 2010

Jaffaman's Happy Day

Mummy and Lola's mommy have been pull pull Jaffaman & Lola's hair together. Today mummy said said lets make Lola face pretty pretty ok?

(mum: Rebecca and I had been stripping Jaffa and Lola together, so she could learn how to hand strip Lola and I could have grooming company too at the same time. Lola was pretty much all finished except her head/facial furnishings.)

Lola no no like her hair on face to be pull pulled, so mummy hang hang her like this.

(mum: Jaffa! I didn't "hang" her! That's a grooming "noose" that most groomers use to secure dogs. I used it to prevent Lola from moving all over the table (too big for her). It also seemed to have stopped her from trying to jerk her head up. Lola had never been stripped prior to these last few weeks of stripping sessions. She tolerated having her body stripped extremely well, and had been an angel for the most part. The only spots that she didn't like to have her hair pulled at (rightfully so) were her ears/head/face/cheeks/chin. So we've been doing short sessions on those sensitive areas. Today I was just doing the finishing touch ups!)

Jaffaman said Lola you watch Jaffaman TV ok? See see, me do shows for Lola,

Lola was good good, but she said to mummy no no more please.....

She sing sing for Jaffaman. Fank you fank you Lola, it was good good, honey to my ears! (Sunshade: he meant "music" to his ears.....)

Lola said me me is funny, she laugh laugh like this,

Her tongue grew very lonnnnng, see see,

My pretty girliefriend, Lola,

Mummy said said Jaffaman handsome too!

I said fank you fank you, me is cool dude, (Sunshade: *faints*....)

See see, Jaffaman on left left and Lola on right right before we got hair pulled,

Handsome Jaffaman on right right, pretty Lola on left left now!!!

We look left left,

Mummy said laugh laugh Jaffa and Lola!! Lola said AH-HAHAHAHAHAHA, me said hehe..hehe..

Treat treat time now?

My Sunshade said we are good good, so she ask mummy for treat treat for us, we just wait wait there. We said OK OK, fank you Sunshade!!

Jaffaman looked at my pretty girliefriend Lola.......

And I said said - pretty Lola, you MARRY cool dude Jaffaman ok ok?

Lola said OK OK, she love love me too!!!

We shared our first pupperoni stickie together as hubby and wifey,

(mum: Rebecca was telling me that during the 4 days that Jaffa stayed with them, an old lady who lived in their building asked if Jaffa and Lola were "husband and wife" LOL!)

(Sunshade: let me set the tone for the next segment of pictures.


All Hell broke lose.......

(Sunshade: Lola had "divorce" written all over her face in that last picture!)

My Lola no no happy, she no no want to talk to Jaffaman,

I said ok ok, me can give you time to calm calm ok?

Jaffaman used to it, I live with 1,2 moody girlies at home. (Sunshade: EXCUSE ME? You live with ONE moody gurrrl at home that walks on two legs.)

(mum: Excuuuuuuuuse me Sunshade?)

Me waited, and see see, I knew it!

I said ok, me play ball ball first ok?

Me run run first too ok?

Then Lola pull on Jaffaman's meat meat on my face.... but me no no care, me let Lola do anyfing! (Sunshade: he meant she was biting on his cheek skin.)

She said said STOP, she want to talk NOOOOW like this,

Me no no want to be in trubble.....

(mum: Lola is very clever, she KNOWS she can get away with murder with Jaffa, so she takes full advantage of that. She also knows that she shouldn't try her tactics with the older girls, Faye and Sunshade, so she is respectful towards them. Growing up with Sunshade being the alpha girl, Jaffa has learned to let the girls get their way if you know what I mean.. LOL)

I got got a stickie, Lola wanted it too,

Lola said said to me,

I said ok ok Jaffaman get you some soon ok ok? Finally, Lola happy happy, she smile, see see!!

Me me and wittle Lola 1,2,3,4,5,6 months ago,

(mum: those pictures were taken back in November. Lola was only 5 months old then.)

Jaffaman and my wifey now,


Maggie and Mitch said...

We just love that picture of you and Lola as husband and wifey sharing your pupperoni stickie together, Jaffa! Your hAirecuts look beautiful!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Airechicks said...

Congrats & Good Luck Jaffa & Lola!!!

Great pictures!!

Asta said...

Oh Jaffa
COngwatulations!!!!! you and youw wifey Lola make the most bootiful couple! I know you can wesolve those stickie diffewences and be happy togethew! Youw Mom gives the most fantastic aiwecuts..I wish she could teach mommi to give me adecent foxy cut(I hate having my haiw pulled on my face and eaws and stuff)
sigh I so love all the pictoowes of you and Lola looking so happy and womping. It was a pewfect spontanious wedding day
love and smoochie kisses

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Wow that really was a wedding!! Congrats to you Jaffa & your new little missus. We just love the wedding photos and also the first marital fight photos. Too funny. (Not to make fun of your spat, but you were funny.) Can we post one of the wedding photos on our sidebar??
BabyRocketDog and Hootie