Monday, April 5, 2010

Second Grooming Date wif Lola

Mummy and my girliefriend Lola's mommy groom groom us together again!! Big big Jaffaman on the left, and wittle Lola on the right,

We got treat treats first in Lola's kitchen first,

Then we go on high high table. We no no like high high table, see see, our tails no up up.....

Mummy pull pull hair off Jaffaman's neckie, handsome tail, and big thigh thighs,

Lola's mommy do do the same too,

We took break break,

And we play play on the ground,

We play play on the couch tooo!

(Sunshade: I bet you were being told off here by Lola's dad, you're so embarrassing!)

No no Sunshade, you're wrong wrong. Lola's daddy love love Jaffaman, he said said "YOU are good good boy Jaffa" in the picture!

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Lorenza said...

Happy Grooming Day, Jaffa and Lola!
Kisses and hugs