Saturday, April 24, 2010

Groom my head head

Mummy said she groom groom Jaffaman's head so I no no look funny like this,

Mummy pull pull top of my head head and ears first, see see, (Sunshade: pull pull = hand strip. He gets hand-stripped in stages, where as I get clipped. The only places he gets clipped are inside of his ear flaps, around the edges of the ears, and the skirt. All that work and I still look HOTTER than him!)

Left face gone gone, (Sunshade: he meant left "cheek".)

Right face gone gone,

All done!!

See see, wittle Jaffaman, (mum: that was Jaffa at 5 months old!)

See see, big Jaffaman,

Wittle Jaffaman again,

Big big Jaffaman again,

My Sunshade when she was wittle wittle too, (Sunshade: oh my, isn't that the hottest 5 months old you have ever seen?)

Big big Jaffaman,

Mummy said show side side face,

Now look here,

Then my Sunshade said time to go go, and Jaffaman clean clean,

But me no no know how to clean clean,

Mummy you clean clean ok?

Good good mummy said ok ok, Jaffaman just sit sit,

And watch mummy clean,

Mummy said said handsome Jaffaman and pretty Sunshade take pictures ok ok?

I said ok ok, but no no flash ok?


Penny and Patches said...

You look pawsome, Jaffa! Very, very handsome!

Penny & Patches

Maggie and Mitch said...

You look so handsome, Jaffa! Your mom did an outstanding job on you! Sunshade looks like she's anxious to get going!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Nelly said...

Your Mum did a great job Jaffa. You are very handsome!

Nelly xx

Nelly said...

Jaffa! On the first photo you're wearing socks ... just like me. I wear my Mummy's socks. Are you wearing your Mummy's socks?

Asta said...

I wish my Mommi would know how to do that hand stwipping ow anything to make me pwetty like Sunshade ow you.

Smoochie smoochie kisses to both of you