Thursday, April 1, 2010

We got boxes!

Jaffaman's friend friends sent me and my Sunshade boxes, see see,

My Sunshade said said she's happy happy about boxes,

She lie lie there and talk to Jaffaman a lot a lot,

My Sunshade said her paw paw on this box, Jaffaman no no touch this box.....

And her paw paw on another one, and me no no touch another one too.......

Mummy read read box and said Jaffaman's name name on it too!!

Jaffaman happy happy,

Me got box tooooo, see see,

Jaffaman and my Sunshade each got a box!!

My Sunshade said said she open first ok ok?

I said ok ok no problemo! Me itchy itchy first!

My Sunshade look look here and there and everywere,

Jaffaman's turn! Me just see see,

Any yummies??

Ok me done done now ok ok?

(mum: Jaffa is not the tear apart and dig in type, unlike Sunshade who is always paws on!)

(Sunshade: scientific studies have shown that animals of higher intelligence utilizes their limbs more and are able to use them as tools (ie, opening pressies)? Like hoomans (who thinks they're so smart), and like me (who is smarter than hoomans)!!!)

Our nice friend friends Laciegirl and Scruffyman (Sunshade: you mean Scruffman!) and Stanny put card and red bag bag inside box, see see,

My Sunshade said said Jaffaman look cool cool with red bag bag on my neck, like this,

Do I look cool cool?? Sunshade said we put lots treat treats and bone bones and water in bag, and Jaffaman can carry coz I'm strong strong! I said said OKIE DOKIE Sunshade!

My Sunshade read card card, its got pretty Laciegurl on it, see see,

Mummy said said to Jaffaman, you read read too?

I said said OH NO NO..... its ok ok, Jaffaman no no need to read ok mummy?

Big big Mangoman, and Scruffyman, and Stanny and other friend friends said no no make Laciegurl mad mad, so me no no want to look to make her mad mad.......

Jaffaman a wittle bit scawered.....

(mum: this was the strangest thing, he was afraid of the card!! I don't think it has anything to do with smell as he was fine with the bag. Maybe its the glossiness of the cover??)

(Sunshade: he's such a weirdo. Lacie is a bootiful 9 lb gurrrl, why would anyone be afraid of her?)

Put card card away now and we see see another box ok ok Sunshade?

Me smell box, but me no no know what it is,

Pretty box from my friend friends Maggie and Mitchyman!!

Jaffaman want to see inside! Hurry hurry open ok ok?

WOW WOW!! Its a wittle Jaffaman!! (Sunshade: OMG! Mini Me in DANGER!!!)

My Sunshade said said its a wittle Sunshade......

She kiss kiss it, see see,

Jaffaman said me kiss kiss Mini Jaffaman too! (Sunshade: OH MY DOGGG... The head of Mini Me is gonna FALLLLLL OFFFFFFF sooooooon if you don't take it away!)

Jaffaman see see this, and I said said ok ok its wittle you ok Sunshade? Jaffaman's bum bum no big big like that!!!

Only my Sunshade has fatty bum bum, hehehe!

(Sunshade: It's called MUSCLES thank you very much!!)


Maggie and Mitch said...

You are a hoot, Jaffa! Sunshade doesn't not have a fat fat butt! haha
That's a very snazzy backpack you're sporting and we bet you'll do a great job hauling Sunshade's stuff for her! You're such a good boy!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Jaffa!
Sunshade and her Mini-me had beautiful bums... not fat fat butts!
I am sure you are going to love your backpack!
Kisses and hugs

The Airechicks said...


You're just too funny ....

Red is your color and you look very handsome with it on..

Have a nice time loading it up for you walk....


Animal Saver said...

Thats such a cute post Jafa!! Sunshade is so cute also. thanks for commenting on my blog!!!! P.S how old are your dogs??