Sunday, May 16, 2010

New water park park

Mummy said to Jaffaman lets go to a new park park ok? I said ok ok!! My poor poor Sunshade stay home, she no no run yet...... (Sunshade: sigh... I was home, ALONE while mum took STINKY out and D-Guy went to eat lunch with friends.....)

We drive a wittle bit far, and then I see lots of friend friends!!

Mummy took my line line off. She said be good good ok Jaffaman? I said ok ok!!

Then Jaffaman saw friend friends, and I said by-by mummy!! (Sunshade: SIGH... you did it again! You left mum behind and ran after other dogs. Who's gonna protect her, HUH?)

I see see another friend, he no no want to play. I said ok ok, me go find other friend friends!

Mummy yell loud loud, and I said long time no no see mummy, where did you go???

Mummy no no happy wif me run far far... she said you grrrrrr.... SIT-SIT!

Jaffaman said mummy no no be mad mad ok? See see my face?

Then mummy happy happy, and me happy happy too, see! (Sunshade: OMG! He's got RABIES on top of his ADHJD (Attention-Deficit-Hyperactive-Jaw-Disorder) !!!)

Jaffaman say HI HI to more new friends,

Me climbed down big big rockies to drink water,

Mummy said Jaffaman no no drink dirty water! See, good good Jaffaman listened. (Sunshade: yes, AFTER you had finished drinking.)

Mummy said come come here, me got somefing for Jaffaman. I said coming coming!

Mummy said you want this? Me said YES YES please!

See see Jaffaman is Superman!!!

Me went go see see friends in water,

I run run to say HI to a wittle friend,

I no no move to say h..ha...hii... to BIG BIG dude.... (Sunshade: OMdoG! He's got lovelies!!! Wish I was there.....)

(mum: Sunshade absolutely ADORES un-neutered male dogs, big or small. She refers to testicles as "lovelies".)

Jaffaman said to big big dude, sowie you too big big, my back will break if I play wif you.... so me no no play wif you ok? (Sunshade: did you at least give him my number???)

Good good big dude, he walked away. I said by-by, you go home now ok ok?

Jaffaman walk walk more, and LOOK! I see no no moving friends, (Sunshade: no no moving friends = CALM, NORMAL, BALANCED, RELAXED doggies. Basically everything HE's not...)

I said said no problemo! Jaffaman make you move move lots ok? (Sunshade: yes that's what he does the best - disrupts the CALM energy.)

No no moving friends MOVED! Jaffaman did magic!!

Me found another no no move friend, but mummy said in scawie sound "leeeeeeef him"... cause he's no no young like Jaffaman, and he no no want to play....

Mummy said lets go play with stickie ok Jaffaman?

I said ok ok, but me run far far and play wif other friend's stickie ok??

My friend's daddy frow stickie for my friend. Jaffaman said you no no worry ok, you rest, me swim and get your stickie for you ok? (Sunshade: Hello, welcome to the blog of the world's most A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G dog!)

Me got got stickie for my friend!!!

Jaffaman swim fast fast back, see see,

Me see see another friend wif big stickie,

I said to new friend, you look like handsome Jaffaman, but you missing the black hair, where did you leave it??? (Sunshade: that's a Terrorist from Ireland. Can't you tell? It is so obvious!)

(mum: Airedale Terrier vs. Irish Terrier!!)

Then mummy said time to get dry dry now ok Jaffaman? I said okaaay.....

We walk trail wif lots sand sand,

Good good Jaffaman run run to dry,

Happy happy Jaffaman!

Tree tree too dry, Jaffaman said me help you ok?

See, long dry dry road to go back to car car,


Mango said...

Wow! The water park totally rocks! So much action and lots of friends to play with. I like your cracker dog photo. Ha!


P.S. Tell Miss Sunshade the Mango has his lovelies for sure.

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a fun time you had and you met so many new friends, Jaffa! You're such a sweet friendly boy!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

That is the most pawsome pawk that you get to go to.
So many fwiends and you helped all of them get moving and playing and having a gweat tiem wif you. I'm so jelly. I wish I could be thewe too.
you awe such a handsome boy, i bet all the giwlie doggies in theiw bikinis went wild
smoochie kisses

kingsley said...

Hey Jaffa!!!

did you get to see Robin there??? I wonder how he got there!!!

sniffs, kingsley

Joe Stains said...

Looks like lots of fun Jaffa. I LOVE big dogs too, don't care if they have lovelies or not!