Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunshade's blog blog's birfday

Today is Sunshade's blog blog's birfday and I said said WOW.. your blog blog is older than Jaffaman!!

Sunshade said said come help help me with paper and you get to eat eat these,

I said said OK OK, Jaffaman help help with paper ok ok Sunshade?

Mummy gave gave me this treat treat...... but I no no like it...

Jaffaman no no like chocolates, just like MY Sunshade. See see, Jaffaman no no like this this,

(mum: those were carob drizzles, but I guess both he and Sunshade just don't like anything that smells like chocolate.)

Good good mummy took no no good thing things off (mum: carob),

Me me said said thank you thank you mummy!


Me me eating, and Sunshade eating and eating and eating!

(Sunshade: did you hear that bootiful "CRUNCH" I made with the dehydrated liver treat with icing??)

Me me love love it, so me said said GIMME GIMME the whole thing ok ok??

Jaffaman got a wittle bit rest and mummy said said time to eat eat again!!

See see, me got got rib ribs from cow cow,

Jaffaman was good good. Mummy said said WAIT. I said said ok ok me wait wait but HURRRRRRY ok ok?

Then mummy said said OK, go eat!!

Me me no no like to get paw paw smell like cow cow (mum: he doesn't like to touch the raw meat), so me eat eat with paw paw open open like this,

MY Sunshade no no like her paw paw smell like cow cow too, so she eat eat like this too too!

(mum: neither of them like to get the raw meat smell on themselves, so they avoid having to "hold" the bones with their paws. Sunshade will actually go wipe her face after she eats to keep herself clean.)

(Sunshade: yes, I like to rub my face against the sides of my big bed or the sofa bed!)

(mum: ................. sheets are constantly being washed and changed in this house)


Snowball said...

I have never eaten raw meat before. Its YUCKIE to have our paws stains with raw meat isn't it? Its so smart of you and Sunshade to make sure that your paws do not touch the meat when you chew on them.


Maggie said...

Those raw bones get our beards all greasy and icky but they are sooooooooo well worth it! yummy!

Love ya lots,