Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mr. Hose is dead dead

MY Sunshade mad mad at Mr. Hose.... today.. she said said GRRRRRR...GRRRRRR.. I'm gonna eat eat you!

Sunshade said said Jaffaman, I need your help help! (Sunshade: "STINKY") But me no no like Mr. Hose... because he shzzz shhhhzzzzz shhhhhhZZZZZZ a lot lot (Sunshade: as in spray a lot) and me me no like it....

Jaffaman like to play play with thing things me find find, see see, like this,

(Sunshade: thing things = "garbage")

Or Jaffaman like like to play play with stickies!!

Me like like to lie in hole hole MY Sunshade made made with paw paws, see this BIG one??

MY Sunshade was brave brave, Mr. Hose dead dead, and I said said WHEWWWWWWW..... bye bye dead dead Mr. Hose!

Jaffaman and MY Sunshade took a break break

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Snowball said...


Did you help Sunshade to kill the hose?