Sunday, June 17, 2007


Hi! I'm Princess Stella!!

My brother is Jaffa, he sometimes likes to call himself "Jaffaman" and I'm like oh you are so silly every time he says that, you know what I mean?

I was called "Ivy" when I was with my breeder, then Elaine called me "Qila", and I was like Qila is cute but I want to be called Princess Stella because I'm a little princess, you know what I'm saying?? So now I'm called Princess Stella. You can call me "Stella" for short if you want, I'm okay with it I guess...

Jaffa telled me to write on here because lots of his doggie friends want to meet me, and I was like oh my doG, thank you so much Jaffa. I mean, who wouldn't want to meet a pretty, dainty girl like me right??

So Princess Stella is going to tell all of you about Princess Stella:

I was a little afraid of loud noises at my breeders kennel because I was like I'm a princess, this is not where a princess should be sleeping you know what I mean? Princesses get to sleep on comfy beds like these,

So when I comed to live with Elaine, Jaffa and my Aunty Sunshade, I was like this is more like it you know?? I shared a comfy bed with Jaffa, but I keeped my eyes open because I'm smart, and when my Aunty Sunshade wasn't watching, I sneaked onto her big bed and I was always like WHEWWWWWWWW.. Aunty Sunshade didn't see me!!

What does Princess Stella think of Jaffa and Aunty Sunshade:

Umm... well.. Aunty Sunshade... ummmm.... I'm thinking I should start with my brother Jaffa first because Sunshade is watching right now, you know what I mean right??

Jaffa is my BIG brother. Actually, I don't really know who comed out of my doggie mum first, but I mean, Jaffa is so much bigger than I am so I call him my big brother. He is really fun, and really good to me. We like to play together, and when we get thirsty I'm always like Jaffa I'm smaller than you I have to drink first alright? And he never says no, and I drink and then I'm like oh I just finished the entire bowl and I say sorry and Jaffa doesn't really say anything because I guess his tongue is out so far that makes it hard for him to talk. And I'm like you should put your tongue inside your mouth you know what I'm saying? But he just keeps his long tongue out and keeps looking at the water bowl that is without water, and I'm like ohhh you're so goofy!!

The only not so great thing about Jaffa is umm.... hmmm... he likes to like bite the back of my neck, and chew on my long princess legs. I let him bite most of the time but sometimes I'm like I'm tired, can you stop biting me Jaffa please?? And he would be like OK OK, or SOWIE SOWIE, and then falls on top of me and rolls on me, and I'm like ohhhhh why are you so silly?? It's okay I guess because he really is a good brother.

*looks around*

Ok, now about my Aunty Sunshade. She can be very strict you know what I mean? She doesn't like me and Jaffa to play too much because she's like I'm trying to sleep here you STINKIES (I don't know why she calls us that). But sometimes she comes and she's like if you guys want to play, you better pay some attention to me and then she like shows us a toy and like drops the toy in front of us and tell us to like "CHASE ME!" So then I'm like I better go chase her so I won't like get into trouble or something, but Jaffa would be like "no no listen to Sunshade, she bark bark but no bite bite, so it's ok ok." So I'm like ok, you know her the best, so we just keep playing you know what I'm saying??

On the other hand, I'm like I want to be just like my Aunty Sunshade when I get to be 70 lbs (Sunshade: did you mean to say "grow up"?? And it's 67 lbs now okay! I'm *watching* you).

OOPS I think I'm like, CATCHED. (Sunshade: as in "CAUGHT"... OMG, what's wrong with these STINKIES' speeches??) Anyway, the reason I want to be like Sunshade is because I'm like how cool is it to have the world to be all about me you know what I mean?? I want to be able to like make everybody listen to me and like have anything I want you know??

What has been happening in Princess Stella's life:

Oh gosh.. so much has like, happened, I don't even know where to start. Hmmmm ok, so I was living with Elaine and my brother and my aunty. Then Elaine started to like take me to the big park to see a kookie lady (Jaffa: kookie lady gave me yummy KOOKIES!!) and a little kookie boy everyday. This is the little kookie boy giving me kookies!

I was like oh wow, so many kookies, thank you guys!! Some days Aunty Sunshade comed with me to like see the kookie lady and the little kookie boy, and some days Jaffa comed, and some days it was just me. At first, I was like I don't know the kookie lady so don't touch me too much you know what I mean right? And then I keeped seeing the kookie lady everyday and I was like I think I really like the kookie lady. The little kookie boy was really cool too because he gived me sticks and played tuggie with me you know what I'm saying?

When me and the little kookie boy got tired from playing, we would like take a rest together.

So everyday when I was with Elaine I was like hey I think it's time to see the kookie lady and the kookie boy!!! And when I saw the kookie lady & kookie boy from a block away I was like oh my doG I can't control my tail it's moving so fast so I just pulled and pulled to the kookie lady & kookie boy so my tail could like stop, but it was like a lot worse when I got to the them. And then the kookie lady was like I want to show Princess Stella my house, and I was like REALLY?? OMG!!! I telled the kookie lady that I would be like really good at her house and I wouldn't chew or pee or poo. So I goed to the kookie lady's house, and I was like wow, there's the kookie daddy, and kookie girl, and the kookie boy I played with many times before at the park. And then Elaine was like it's Princess Stella's yum yum time, and I was like can we please please please come see the kookie family again cause I really like them you know what I mean??

Elaine was like Princess Stella, you are not gonna believe what's going to happen!

Where is Princess Stella now:

One day, I think it was like June. 14th 2007 or something, Elaine puted me in Aunty Sunshade's car and started driving. I was like ummm.... Elaine... I'm gonna throw up alright? (Elaine: and she threw up LOL) When the car stopped, I was like thank doG, I almost throwed up again! So I was like where are we? How come its just me and no Jaffa or Aunty Sunshade you know what I mean??

Elaine was like look Stella, THIS IS YOUR FOREVER HOME!

I was like REALLY? I'm gonna go live with the kookie family????? Elaine was like YES Stella, you will get to be a real princess now!!

My own kookie MUMMY?

My own kookie DADDY?

My own kookie SISTER?

My own special kookie BROTHER???


I becomed Princess Stella on that day!

But I missed Jaffa and even Aunty Sunshade a little bit, and I was like maybe they are hiding in my new house. But I was like hmmmm... I don't see them anywhere... I don't smell them anywehre.... so I was like umm... kooki... I mean..., MUMMY where is Jaffa and Sunshade??

My mummy was like they are with Elaine, but you will still get to see Jaffa and Aunty Sunshade lots because we live only 10 mins away. I was like REALLY?? You mean I get to like have my OWN family and still get to play with Jaffa??

Oh and guess what! I have a little friend named Maggie living next door. She is a Cairn Terrier and I was like hey, we are both terriers. I play with Maggie a lot because that's what you should do with your neighbours you know what I'm saying?

I am sooooo HAPPY!! My mummy, daddy, sister and brother love me so much!! What more can a little princess want??

My mummy says Stella means "Star" in Latin, and she tells me I am a STAR all the time! So my registered name is:

"Loc Aire's Perfect Star" - aka Stella

(Elaine: First, I just want to apologize to EVERYBODY on the very late coming of this much anticipated post. Thank you to all who asked and cared about little "Qila", now known as "Stella". She is a wonderful little girl with a Paris Hilton kind of attitude except she has a lot more brains.

Stella has been at her forever home for almost 2 months now. She is doing VERY well, and SOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVED!!

Maureen, the nice lady from Jaffa's "I got KOOOKIES" post decided Stella was the dog for her and her family the moment they met. She was waiting on a litter that had the exact same pedigree as Jaffa. Her and her kids really wanted a wee pup and one that was closely related to Sunshade. However, when she read on the blog I had brought Stella back with me, she just couldn't help herself and wanted to meet Stella. Maureen and I decided to meet on the weekend that Sunshade was in Victoria with my dad, and what can I say, it was love at first sight on Maureen's end. Stella was a little skittish, and a little aloof. She didn't want to interact much with people she didn't know back then. She just wanted to stay with Jaffa and me.

There were also two other families interested in Stella at the same time, but one had a one year old baby girl and another baby due in September; the other one had never had a terrier before. They were both very nice families, but I felt Maureen would be the best suited home for Stella since Stella would be the center of the attention for sure at Maureen's house. Both her kids Aaron - 11, and Hannah - 15 absolutely adore her, and Maureen, well she's your usual Aire-Mum if you know what I mean LOL.

Even tho I knew Maureen was the right home, I didn't feel right to just "send" Stella off to a family that she didn't know. The situation would have been ok for a confident dog with proper up bringing, but not Stella. She had JUST bonded with me, and so deeply bonded that I felt it would break her trust if I just sent her off to people she didn't know. I talked to Maureen about it and she was very understanding and totally willing to do what I was comfortable doing.

We started meeting for daily walks where Maureen and her son Aaron (Stella: that's the kookie boy!!!) would be there the whole time, giving Stella treats. At first I brought both Sunshade and Stella to the walks because I wanted Stella to still feel confident with a pack member around and yet I didn't want her to pay all her attention to the other dog (that's why Jaffa didn't go LOL). I wanted her to feel confident, and yet interact with Maureen and Aaron. The daily walks lasted for about a week and a half. Towards the end, Stella was comfortable enough I didn't need to bring another dog with her. Most of the pictures posted above were taken during our daily meet ups.

The daily walks went extremely well, so well that after only 4 days, Stella would start wiggling and wagging her tail violently when she heard or saw Maureen down the road. That was when I knew she had bonded with Maureen. I then took Stella for a home visit at Maureen's house where I stayed with her for the first couple hours where she just explored and played with her "new toys". After seeing how comfortable and happy she was, I left and had her spend another couple of hours with the family before taking her home to join the rest of the Aire-pack. OH, and she played with "the-puppy-in-the-mirror"!!! CUTEST thing!!

Maureen doesn't work on Fridays, so we picked a Thursday for Stella to move into her new home. We were thinking maybe on Monday, when it was time for Maureen to go to work, she could drop Stella off at Aunty Elaine's Daycare, so she didn't have to be alone. But Stella was totally fine on her own from 8:00am - 2:00pm, and she had free roam of the first floor. She is just the perfect little angel, doesn't chew on things, doesn't need to be crated (except she seems to want to sleep in her crate at night, I guess she feels more secure), very well behaved.

She is still quite sound reactive, but at least now the tail goes down but comes right back up whereas before, the tail would go down and stays down for quite a while before she recovers.

While not as confident when it comes to sounds/surroudings, Stella is a very smart girl, kind of like her Aunt Sunshade LOL. She makes sure she gets what she needs. When treats are being handed out, Stella pushes Jaffa and according to Maureen, the Cairn Terrier next door away and makes sure she gets her very fair share of treats. Same thing with water, you pour water out for her and Jaffa, and even tho Jaffa is thirsty, he lets Stella drink first. And well, Stella drinks the entire bowl, plus the re-fill, plus the re-re-fill, re-re-re-fill, and yup, Jaffa watches while panting like there's no tomorrow....hehe! It is definitely female dominance in this Aire-family LOL. Jaffa is just a happy go lucky, easy going boy.

Maureen and I live about 10 mins away from each other, and we have been having regular "family reunions" for the pups to play with each other. They are always always SO happy to see each other and play non-stop.

Here are some videos taken on our first family reunion on June, 20th 2007 (please excuse my extremely annoying laughs.... I really need to learn to be quiet while recording...)

(Sunshade: Now before you watch these videos, I have something to say. There was a competition going on between me and the kookie boy aka. Aaron. The competition was for him to try and get the ball from me, and for me to keep the ball AWAY from him. In these videos, you will see Aaron trying to distract me in many ways (ie, pretending he wasn't looking at me while inching closer and closer, or pretending to be touching his cap, or pretending to be calling STINKY # 2) to get the ball from me.)

Now in this next video, my EVIL mum plotted with Aaron against me. She told him the secret so he kept getting MY ball! HMMMMPH! (mum: the ball belongs to Aaron and Stella LOL)

(Jaffa: me me hot hot, so me me roll roll in water bowl bowl. Jaffaman is smart smart!!)

(Sunshade: I CAN'T believe Aaron managed to get the ball away from me 6+ times!! I've had almost 8 years of experience behind me and he still managed to get the ball away THAT many times! OK, I'm going on a diet so I can be speedier during our rematch!

BE READY AARON!!!!!!!!!)


The Airechicks said...


We could not have wished better for Miss Princess Stella -

How wonderful !!!!

We've got our Airedale Happy Dance going....

Thank you for sharing with us !!!


Stanley said...

Princess Stella!!

Congratulations, your highness, on scoring such a cool furrever home!!! Your kookie boy looks like he's a blast (and you have a kookie girl, kookie mom and kookie dad too)!

I bet I know who rules the castle in your new home...

You are on your way to being like your Auntie Sunshade... very cute & extra sassy!

Goober love,

Boo Casanova said...

oh stella, i'm glad you found your forever home. only 10mins away, i'm sure you get many of aireplay with sunshade & jaffa still.

wet wet licks


jaffeboy said...

We are so happy to know that STella had found a forever home & most importantly, she gets all the love.

Jaffa is such a gentleman, giving way to the bitches. hehehe...

Molly the Airedale said...

We can see you are the happiest girl alive Princess Stella! We're so very, very happy for you!

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

This is such great news!! We are so happy that Stella is in a furever home with such wonderful people AND you still get to hang out with her!! Poor sunshade, she needs to get into some training or something!

Snowball said...

Congratulations!!! I can see how happy you are with your new Kookies Family. You are a lucky girl and Elaine has done a good job and I think she is a really great person to be thinking so much about your welfare and make sure that you feel comfortable with your new family before letting you stay there.

You are such a bootiful and smart girl, Princess Stella.


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

What wonderful news. It's so great to see Stella looking so happy and having so much fun with her family old and new.

Katy x

Faya said...

I am so happy for Princess Stella....what a nice family she has now..... Kisses, Faya

Anonymous said...

Princess Stella, what an elegant Aire-girl you are. I know you'll reign supreme in your new home.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Jaffaman,

You have been nominated for Photo of the Month over at the DWB's Bone Zone - head on over and cast your vote :-)


Toby said...

Hi Princess Stella!!!

We were wondering about you!! It's great to see that Sunshade's Mommy has found you such an amazing family of your own!!

And you still live in the same neighbourhood as Sunshade and Jaffa! What could be better than that??


Bogart H. Devil said...

What a great story, I'm SOOOO happy for all of you!!!!


Myeo said...

We are so happy for Princess Stella. Stella is a very swwet name.

Boy n Baby