Tuesday, April 24, 2007



They are from a nice nice lady and her peeple pups. One for me!

One for Sunshade!

Yesterday yesterday yesterday (Sunshade: as in last Sunday...) mummy took me me and Sunshade to the park park. She said said we were going to meet Maureen and her girl and boy peeple pups.

Mummy had no no camera because she had no no third arm. So I will say say what happened ok??

We got to the park, and a nice lady (mum: Maureen) and two peeple pups came over. They said said hi hi to mummy, Sunshade and me me. I said said hi hi back (Sunshade: by biting their hands!) Mummy took my line line off because I got no boo boo mussle like Sunshade. Sunshade stayed on her line line.

Mummy and Maureen talk talk a lot, Sunshade just stand stand there watching a big big dog far far away. I show show off that Jaffaman is brave brave, so I went over to see the big big dog (Sunshade: even tho mum told you to "COME"!). But the dog was big BIG, so I stop stopped in front of him (mum: about 4 feet away).

And then the big BIG dog say say GRRRRRRRR....GRRRR...WOOFWOOOOOFWOOOOF. I said said okie... Jaffaman no no brave, I want my Sunshade, so I ran ran back to Sunshade. My big BRAVE sister Sunshade, no like big BIG dog rude rude to me, so she said GRRRRR...WOOF..GRRRRR...WOOOOOOOF back. Hahaha... see see that? You mean mean big dog!!! And then everything was fine.

(mum: that was a perfect example of how Sunshade is constantly looking out for Jaffa when we're out. Both Sunshade and Jaffa saw the German Shepherd as soon as we got to the park. They were both fine and ignored the dog. The dog was about 30 feet away from us. I guess Jaffa got bored from us talking, and decided to go and meet this dog. I called him to come back, but of course, he was having his "Airedale-moment", ignored me. He walked up to the dog, albeit, very carefully, and stopped about 4 or 5 feet before the dog. The Shepherd didn't seem to like Jaffa and started snarling and barking at him. As soon as Sunshade saw what happened, from 30 feet back, she gave out her protective, warning barks too. Little Jaffa of course came racing back to Sunshade - his protector.)

So so mummy and Maureen talk talk more, and I said said ok, I'll find sticks to play play. Sunshade just lie lie down, she was no happy. (Sunshade: I was attached to the stoooopid leash, while you ran your brain out. Of course I wasn't happy.) I got bored bored, and I saw Maureen's peeple pup Aaron kneeling down, so I said said ok, I'll go play play with you. (Sunshade: play play = jump on his back, while taking a bite at his back and smearing slobber all over Aaron's jacket.) Aaron smile smiled, but mummy said said bad bad Jaffa.....

And then Maureen said said she bought treat treats for Sunshade and ME ME. Sunshade heard it, and came came over. She put her head head in Maureen's purse, and took a bag of treat treat out. Like this,

Mummy say say it's bad bad to take things from other peeple's purses, but Sunshade no care because Sunshade is always right right. I'm always wrong wrong, so I no take take treat treats from Maureen's purse.

Sunshade gave mummy, Maureen, and the peeple pups funny looks.

(mum: she was giving us the "I dare you to come chase me LOOK". She wanted to play keep away. These pictures were taken after we came home. She grabbed the bag of treats and taunted us - from inside her tunnel.)

I said said I'll play play, but Sunshade said said GRRRRR... I'll EAT YOU! I said said AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... ok I no want treats treats, you can have them....

After we got home, mummy said said Jaffa, let's go upstairs...shhhhh....

Mummy said said the treats treats have wheat wheat in them, and wheat wheat is bad bad for Sunshade, so I said I'll eat the bad bad wheat wheat for her.

(Sunshade: OMG! Is that what you guys were doing upstairs while I chewed on my lamb shank??? I thought STINKY was having his speech therapy so he doesn't talk talk like this this forever. SIGH... I totally missed out.. BTW, I could have finished a whole pack of treats in the amount of time it took you to finish one cookie.)

I had the peanut butter one first, it was soo good good. Then mummy showed me the heart heart one,

Mummy said said how much do you want it???

I said said ..... THIS THIS MUCH!!!



Mummy said said show me how much you want to eat eat it. I said said, enough my ears stand up up!!!

So mummy said said ok ok, but......


SO good good!!

Jaffaman is happy happy!

(Sunshade: Okay, you must all be a little bit confused about STINKY's story telling. I know, he made no sense. Let me see if I can tell the story better.

Back in January, mum took me and STINKY to Trafalgar Park for our morning walk. STINKY was about 10 weeks old then, with his ears glued, croco-dale teeth, and same annoying self. It was either a Saturday or Sunday (I can't remember exactly), so a lot of people were playing sports on the field.

Well one of Maureen's hooman pups were there playing soccer. Maureen saw STINKY and I from where she was standing and came over to talk to mum. She and mum clicked right away and had been e-mailing each other since. We found out that Maureen's hubby is a Physics Professor at mum's old school - University of British Columbia. You know, the school where I attended most of mum's lectures. So yes, I was in Maureen's hubby's class. However, it just proves to show you how good of a girl I was, because Maureen's hubby said he never knew there was a dog in his class. HA HA HA! Mum always sat at the back of the classroom. She was usually the last few to come in, first one to go, so only people sitting closely around us knew I was around (I yawned very loudly...). What a small world eh?? Needless to say, Maureen has been following MY blog (and STINKY's unfortunately) since then.

Maureen has had two Wire Fox Terrors (like Bussie, Butchy & Snickers, Mackie etc) in the past, and she had just recently lost the last of the two WFT's. It was and still is very heart breaking, but Maureen and her family are ready for a new dog.

What kind???

WELLLLL... after seeing ME (and STINKY) and from reading our blogs, they have decided that they want an AIREDALE!!!!!! Not just any Airedale, they want one from MY breeder!!!!

Great choice, you can't go wrong with an AIREDALE!!!!!

(mum: that's according to Miss Sunshade. Airedales aren't for everyone, I strongly suggest people who are interested to do your research and maybe meet a few ADT's before getting one.)

Yea ok mum, anyway, Maureen has been in contact with my breeder and she might just get a girl pup in July (if the breeding caught). So last Sunday, mum and Maureen and her hooman pups decided to meet again to see ME and yeah okay.. STINKY too. We all had a great time, especially STINKY. I wish I could have been let off leash, but mum wouldn't let me because I had the WRONG GAIT....GEEEZUS!

Maureen brought two bags of treats for us, one for ME one for STINKY! I of course told STINKY both bags of treats were mine. Yup, I took them from Maureen's purse, and dared everyone to come get me.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Aunty Maureen!! (Can we call you that?)

Mum got a very very nice e-mail from Maureen after our Sunday meeting, in it, Maureen said:

Hi Elaine (and the Airekids),

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with us on Sunday. As you may have guessed, I'm even more committed than ever to getting one of Sunshade and Jaffa's relatives. Sunshade has such a fabulous energy about her, so self-contained and so full of personality (not to mention gorgeous) and Jaffa is just so darn cute and friendly.

Oh my oh my, will you excuse me? I have to go look in the mirror now. I think I just love myself even more now.

*leaves the computer in search for a mirror*)

(mum: Your e-mail made my day Maureen. I love my dales, and I'm so glad they made such a good impression on you. I can't wait for Sunshade's niece to come too!!!!

Sunshade's breeder loved how Jaffa's litter turned out, so she just did a breeding between Jaffa's mom's full sister to Jaffa's dad (Sunshade's brother). So the pups from this litter will have the exact same pedigrees as Jaffa's litter, and they will be his half brothers and sisters. Sunshade's nieces and nephews.

We are not sure if the breeding caught yet as it is still early, but it would be so nice to have another Sunshade relative around. Maureen and I live only 10 mins away from each other!)

Really?? Someone for me to play play with??? Jaffaman is happy happy!!

*comes out of the bathroom where the mirror was*

(Sunshade: Oh boy oh boy..... more STINKIES???????)


Sweets-littlebigman said...

Wow Jaffa! You ate that cookie sooo slowly. I would've eaten 5 in the time it took you to eat just 1, and I'm much littler than you are. You are such a good boy! That photo of you shaking your head is cool! Your eye looks kinda freaky though! See ya (or hopefully, talk to ya) this weekend, k?


Boo said...

more stinkies!!!

it's difficult even to find a WFT here so mom said a schnauzer might be the next possible lil bro/sis for me.

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Hey Jaffa, your kookie look really yummy.
So excited for you that you might get a little cousin near you soon

~ fufu

Pacco de Mongrel said...

heart-shaped cookie?
i gv me a sudden feel of valentine.. how sweet~

Oscar Airedale said...

Could you have eaten that kookie any slower? I was drooling all over the compooter!

It sounds like you & Sunshade won Aunty Maureen's heart, & how exciting that there might be a new Airedale relative to play with soon!

Oscar x

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Jaffa, why are your ears up like that. You mean, if it is not glued, it will look like that.

Boy n Baby

Maggie said...

You're such a good boy to "wait" when mom tells you to! Mitch is not that good, trust me!
A new Airedale neighbor! How exciting! You guys are soooooooooo lucky!

Love ya lots,

jaffeboy said...

Oh those yummy cookies. Did U get to eat bhoth the bags?

Lucky lucky Jaffa


Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Jaffa,
You are so lucky to have Sunshade as a big sister protecting you! It looks like you had so much fun and all those snackies!!! Such a lucky boy!!!

I loved the picture of your ears standing up. So cute cute.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Faya said...


Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Jaffa, You really wanted those kookies huh? Gosh, I can't understand why u took so long to finish up just ONE kookie! Do you need help with the rest of the bag?

Joe Stains said...

oh boy do those cookies look good. you savor your food like I do, its better that way! I cant wait to see MORE STINKIES!!!!!

Toby said...

More Stinkies??? Where?? Wait, sorry, I am wrong. I don't think you're stinky!!! I think you're just adorable!!! Um, I mean handsome.


PerfectTosca said...

Cookie looked good there Jaf. I was biting my foot watching you eat it. I just came by to sniff around and see if it's stinky here because Sunshade warned me.